Theory Time!


An amazing segment, that contains Poptropica theories with a bang! Over here, we theorize & analyse the world of Poptropica, and even answer you Poptropica questions! Enjoy! 🙂

  1. Does Realms Take Place In Poptropica?
  2. Pop 2.0 Thoughts And Theories
  3. Is it dead?
  4. Answering your questions, Pt.1
  5. A Theory Time Special: Our Poptropican’s Backstory
  6. Is Balloon Boy Still Alive?
  7. A Response to Tall Cactus
  8. Why Galactic Hot Dogs Island is both good and bad
  9. Theory Time: The Most Dangerous Villain
  10. And more to come!

For more fun, check out all of our Segments!🐾


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