Theory Time: The Most Dangerous Villain

Poptropica is a world filled with so many characters, but among them, there are a few with an evil attitude. I’m talking about the villains, of course! What would Poptropica actually be without these annoying but yet lovely little faces (I’m looking at you, Dr. Harvey Hare). In this post, I’m going find out which is the worst and most dangerous of them all (or, at least, I’ll try).


Please notice that this post contains spoilers about Islands that you may, or may not completed. Read at your own risk!

Almost every Poptropica Island has its own villain. Heck, a few Islands have more than one! I’m not going to talk about every single one of them, because there’s a an Island that literally re-introduces us to four of the most infamous and dangerous villains ’til that time…

Super Villain Island was released on 2012 and it quickly became one of the most popular Islands, and I can see why. 😛 Anyway, on this island, we get to see Dr. Hare (my son), Black Widow, Binary Bard, and Captain Crawfish! Their infamous crimes could’ve lead to some really, really bad stuff…

  • If Dr. Hare wasn’t stopped, there would be no more carrots (is that a bad thing?), and he could rule Poptropica by mind-controlling everyone.
  • If Black Widow wasn’t stopped, she would be really rich (by stealing art pieces and then selling them).
  • If Binary Bard wasn’t stopped, the princess would’ve never be saved (I’m starting to think this has something to do with Mario games).
  • And… if Captain Crawfish wasn’t stopped, he would still be terrorizing the seven seas.

These crimes are really bad, but honestly, Poptropica has had some even darker villains…

Zeus was first introduced in Mythology Island, and then came back on Super Villain Island. His plan from the very beginning was to rule Poptropica, and trust me, you don’t want him as a ruler, never ever. On Super Villain, he disguised himself as a scientist, and gave your Poptropican the mission to travel through the villain’s dreams and find their totems. But from the second he stole the totems from your Poptropica, he went nuts and starting destroying everything!


From this point, it seems like the baddest Poptropica villain is Zeus, but let’s keep in mind that this island was released in 2012, and the last REAL original Poptropica island was released in late 2015, so, of course new islands came out that also introduced us to great villains.

During 2012-2015 one major villain was Myron Van Buren (the cannibal). He was introduced in Survival Island and he’s a huge creep. He almost tried to kill Poptropica’s only hero (our Poptropicans) just for the sake of it!


From that, you can say that he’s the baddest and most dangerous villain, since if our Poptropican was killed, the world of Poptropica would be a total mess. But wouldn’t every villain be after our heroes? Didn’t Zeus also try to destroy our players? Same thing for Captain Crawfish. MVB might be freaky, but so are the other villains, just not as weird as him (also he’s my son).

Another interesting bad guy is Ringmaster Raven. He was introduced in Monster Carnival Island, and his plan was to turn everyone into a monster. Even though that didn’t work, he still managed to do that to the carnies. That a horrible crime, but, believe me, it’s nothing compared to what a more recent villain was doing…


The literal monstrosity

Before I get to the worst villain of all time, I just wanna let you know that I didn’t include Octavian, since he only looks really villainous in the graphic novels, and I only wanted to include villains from the game. I also didn’t include villains from adverstisement islands.

The worst villain ever should be a person who their master plan is disaster. A person who doesn’t even care about mankind or life itself… And that person is… The deadly Omegon!


I could go on and on on why Omegon is the most dangerous villain EVER in the world of Poptropica, but I believe we all know why: he wants to put the entire humanity in slavery. Whenever he appears, he gives me the chills. He’s so creepy l. Also, when I played the Reigh of Omegon, I honestly didn’t know what to expect from him. I adore his villainess!

Well, what do you guys think? Which is the worst villain of Poptropica for you? I’d love to read what you think on the comment section below! That was PC, signing out ’til next time!

🐾 Purple Claw 🐾


10 thoughts on “Theory Time: The Most Dangerous Villain

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  2. Huh? Myron isn’t the WORST villain, because he’s the BEST!!! He’s the only one to not have some huge plan, Director D wanted the world to be bald, Zeus wanted to take over, Dr Hare tried to mind control everyone, Holmes make humans second class citizens, Myron just wants to hunt and kill you. Why? Because he felt like murdering someone.

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