Clawtropica’s History

Welcome to Clawtropica’s history page! Ever wondered why and how this blog was made? Well, you’re in the right place!


Credit goes to Tall Cactus for this awesome graphic!


Once upon a time, there was a teenage boy that was obsessed with this game called Poptropica. His Poptropican was named Purple Claw and no one really knew him in the Poptropica community. He was a big fan of the Poptropica Help Blog and the PHB lead him to the Poptropica Help Chat, on 16 April, 2016. There, he met a few awesome bloggers and a month later he decided do make his own blog. Thus, Clawtropica was born on 13 May, 2016!


Let’s just say that Clawtropica wasn’t the best looking blog. You can blame MS Paint for that. 😛

On May 25, Purple Claw joined Twitter. Check out his account right here!

On June 13, the blog’s graphics had improved. Shaky Skunk made an awesome header and Purple Claw used a more professional theme, the Reddle theme.

header image

On June 27, after Young Singer and Shaky Skunk joined the blog, Clawtropica closed down. But we revived on July 06! And boy, it felt great!

On July 07, Lucky Joker joined the blog!

On July 11, we made a Discord server for the blog! Actually, before Clawtropica closed down, we had another Discord chat, that was, unfortunately, deleted.


On July 16, we were nominated for the Poppies 2016! The blog’s header changed a tiny, tiny bit because we added the Best Active Fan Blog Nominee badge, made by Ultimate iPad Expert:

header image1

On July 22, Purple Claw announced Clawtropica’s newest segment: The Poptropica Reviews series! But, unfortunately, Young Singer left the blog. 😦


On August 05, Hyper Gamer, Barefoot Hammer and Happy Lobster joined the blog!

On August 28, Clawtropica joined the Poptropica Bloggers Network! Check out the PBN right here!


On September 03, Lucky Joker left the Clawtropica blog, because he was too busy with the Poptropica Help Blog and schoolwork. We will miss you Lucky Joker!

On October 03, we reached 3,000 hits! Thanks for all your support guys! 😀


On November 02, G-Hopper joined the blog!

On November 25, Barefoot Hammer, unfortunately, left the blog. She will be remembered.

On November 28, Clawtropica’s first party was announced! It was a holiday/winter mushup! The party was hosted on Saturday, December 03 @ 1 PM EST – 6 PM UK time. To learn more about this party, check out this post.


On December 07, Brave Hero joined the blog!

On December 25, we announced our new fan-fiction, The Mighty Adventures of Brave Noodle. The prologue was released the next day. If you’d like to learn more about the series, just visit this page.


On December 31, Purple Claw made a list called ”My Top 5 Favorite Poptropica MiniQuests” and at the end of the post, we wished you guys a happy new year, and promised that Clawtropica will become even better!



New year, new stuff! First, Poptropica Worlds was announced on January 11. Purple Claw made an off-topica blog, and Lucky Wing joined on January 31! January was an awesome month!

Well, that’s it for now! Check back later and more might be added! 😀


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