Theory Time: Does Realms Take Place In Poptropica?

Welcome to the first part of my new segment: Theory Time! Well, of course this segment contains theories! Today’s question is if Realms takes place in Poptropica. So let’s get started!


Does Realms take place in the Poptropica?

Now that’s a great question! And the great answer is… is… is maybe one of these here:

  1. Realms doesn’t even take place in Poptropica.
  2. Realms is a forest in Poptropica full of bubbles that in those, there are different dimensions & worlds.
  3. Realms is a Poptropica island.

Well, NONE of these answers are correct. The correct answer is the world of Poptropica is one of these bubbles we see in the Realms menu.

In fact the whole Realms menu is called “Poptropica”. Or to be more exact “Poptropica Realms”. I know how mind blowing my theory is but just think… The Realms of Poptropica… The worlds/dimensions of Poptropica!

Maybe our bubble of the “Poptropica Realms” has taken the name “Poptropica” because it is the main Realm bubble! People may say that Asgard is the main Realm, but it is not. In Geography we learned (or learning) that the capital city of a country is the biggest city in the country (that happens most of the times). That’s how it works in “Poptropica Realms” too! Think of it Poptropica (our Realm) has more than 40 islands and that means it is a huge place. But the other Realms are smaller. They don’t have all those islands! Also, Poptropica has things other realms don’t have like: technology, a language, schools, museums, books, magic and lots of other stuff.

There is only one thing that can ruin this theory: “How can Poptropica be the main realm if the realms can’t communicate with each-other?” Good for you, because I know the answer! (Well, at least I think I do!)

Many years before people had the ability to travel from a realm to another without any problem! Why? Because the magic of the Svadilfari’s power was stronger and all around the place! And because every realm had a little piece of the magic of the Svadilfari! And maybe people thought of making Poptropica the main realm. That’s how our realm (Poptropica) got it’s name!

And that was my theory if our dearest “Poptropica Realms” take place in Poptropica. Hope you like it and if you have a question about Poptropica why don’t you ask here? That way I will have more theories to share with you! I’ll see you guys soon and until then:

-PC out!




12 thoughts on “Theory Time: Does Realms Take Place In Poptropica?

  1. Theory Time! Conspiracy Central! Idea… er… items…?
    I don’t know about ya’ll but this is some good eatin’, I mean… readin’ right here! Sorry, im hungry. :3

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