Crisis Caverns Island Guide



Unravel the mysteries that lie in the caves of Crisis Caverns. A deadly supervolcano threatens Poptropica as we know it! To stop it, you must start an adventure taking you deep into the earth and explore areas that have yet to be discovered.

Video Guide

Island Guide

Walkthrough & screenshots are by Purple Claw. Special thanks to Happy Lobster (for the GIFs) and the PHB.

As you land on the main street of the island, you’ll automatically talk to a park guide, and she’ll give you a visitor’s button. She states that this button will let the bears that you’re a visitor, and not supper. I still don’t get what’s so funny about that though…


Now, exit the screen to your left, and keep going left, using the geysers as platforms to finally reach to the Crispin Cave. You can talk to the park guide, Stanley, but it’s not necessary – you can just head inside!

In there, all you have to do is grab those Elk Antlers, and then you can just head out!


Now, go all the way right to the main street, and enter the Visitor’s Centre museum. There’s also a sign informing us about some lost antlers, and what a surprise! We have a pair of antlers! Inside, you can learn all about how supervolcanoes and geysers work, and the disappearance of Dr. Crispin Vincent.


Go to the top floor and talk to ranger Rick. After that, go to your inventory and give him the antlers you found inside the cave. He’ll thank you and make you a junior ranger for the day! He’ll also give you a badge to show off. 😛

Exit the Visitor’s Center, and head to your right. You’ll see two professors talk and stuff. Just skip whatever they’re about to say, and when they’re done, show them your Junior Ranger Badge. They’ll give you a magnetic belt. Your quest begins here.


Now, exit the screen to your left, exit the main street to your left again, go ALL the way to the left on the geyser area, and enter the Crispin cave once again.

Now, go to the bottom, and you’ll see two ladies stuck behind a rock, and you have to be the one who saves them!

Anyway, drag the rock and push it to the left, where’s a hole in the shape of a square, just like our rock! The old ladies will leave immediately, without even thanking you! 😦

Next, hop up near the entrance where there’s a ledge above. Jump onto it and you’ll see more magnetic square rocks. Jump up and click-hold the rock to get attracted to it, then jump to the tent site and go to the right.


On this scene, you’ll see some more square holes, needed to be filled with more square rocks. Keep filling the holes with the rocks you find, until you make it to the way down.


On your way, you’ll find another big magnetic rock you need to click-drag onto to make it past the wide area.

After that, go down, and you’ll see a spring. All you have to do in pull the rock above to cover it, and then you may proceed.


As you go to your right, you’ll see a rope. You can’t climb it, unfortunately, but you can pull-drag on the square magnetic rocks to get up. There, you’ll see some miners, but you don’t really have to talk to them. Just go on.

Anyway, just keep going, and the screen will zoom out, showing you a ledge you can jump to on your right. You’re not required to, but you can use the belt to make the jump.

Once you make it all the way right, you’ll find another rock, which you should push downwards – and you’ll see a… drumroll… drill machine!! Get on the rock and jump to examine it, and then you’ll fall. (yay)


You’ll land in a place with beautiful pink crystals. But, unfortunately, three parts from the drill are nowhere to be found, so you have to find them!

To get the battery, jump on the mushrooms on the right. To find the engine, drop down and go right, and drop down again and head left. Finally, to find the drill bit, go back a little right and up, where you’ll see another square rock. Pull it down and use it to stop the mud spring, then go down and to the right until you reach it.


Then go all the way to your left, and use the mushrooms to jump higher and higher, until you reach the broken drill machine. But, hey, now that you have the missing pieces, you can fix it! Just click on the machine!

The machine will drill you in the next area, which is full of traps! The golden statue is one, for example. Anyway, drag and pull and rock on your left, to all the way to the right, so you can make the jump!

Then, open the stone gate by click-dragging to the right. Once you’re on the other side, move the nearest rock right so it’ll hold up the large platform that’s about to crush you. You can proceed now.


Jump down and you’ll be at a slope. Then, you’ll see a rectangle-shaped rock, and use your belt to move it towards you, so you can just on that, instead of falling in the magma. But by the time you do that, a giant boulder will come your way to crush you, so, as fast as you can, jump on the rock, and then drop down.

Go to the right, but watch out for the magma! Hop up and push the rock down. Push it onto the floor platform by the gate to raise it, allowing you into the next area.


In the next area, there’s a sliding puzzle which the image of a sun. All you have to do is envision it as it originally was and put it back into place after it shuffles itself. Remember that each piece only moves in one direction – wherever the blank spot is.


When you’re finished, a gate will open, leading you to a room where – what a surprise – your drill machine is located! Click on it, and some creepy-looking mole people will show up and take you to their king…


The King and Queen aren’t happy to see your presence, but still, the queen will give you a chance to prove that you’re not against their kind. What you wanna do is use the button the park guide gave you since the beginning of the island.


The King and Queen will explain to you the war between them and their enemies, the chthonians, and how their war could make the supervolcano erupt once again.

But, suddenly, a chthonian worm kidnaps King Mondo, and your goal is one: to run for your life!

You’ll appear in another area, where you have to run fast and dodge multiple obstacles. Keep in mind that the yellow tentacles on the ground are actually chthonians, and will disturb you for a second of two, so whenever you see those yellow tentacles, remember to jump! There are also checkpoints that save your progress.


You’ll find yourself back where you met the king and queen. Talk to Bondo and she’ll open a gateway, leading to a volcanic room, where the chthonians probably live.


In this room, run across the platforms which will fall as you step on them, and jump down. Then, you’ll see a moving platform. What you want to do is jump on it when it reaches your side and don’t move till it reaches the other side. Then go down.


Now go up some geyser platforms. At the top, keep going forward and down, dodging any chthonians that get in the way. Keep in mind that at the bottom, wait for the chthonian to leave, so you can pass and go inside this door:


In the next area, you have to jump on some more moving platforms. Be careful – this is much harder than the previous one! The run over to your right, and talk to the tied-up king Mondo, and he’ll tell you to return the chthonian egg that caused the war in the first place!


Go back out from the way you came by passing the magma platforms again. When you reach the first volcanic room, climb the rope to your right and keep going up, then run left and head back to the throne room. Take the Egg, then go all the way back to King Mondo and click ‘’Use’’ on the egg.

Fortunately, the chthonians will let King Mondo free, but, oh no! The supervolcano is going to erupt either way! The King and Queen are going to seal the earth, but that means they’ll be trapped here forever. But, being the place where they truly belong, they tell you to run; and at the same time, the mole people are going to seal the earth!


They’ll run off, and you’ll have to leave through the newly opened hole where the king was freed. Quickly run through the obstacle course of cave settings, using your powers to move rocks to help you jump to places as needed. The magma will start to rise higher and higher, so move quickly before it gets to you!


Eventually, a geyser will erupt! It’ll send you back to the Old Reliable where the scientists gave you the magnetic belt. The Scientists say that the supervolcano isn’t going to erupt after all – which is good news for everyone!


Since you’ve been such a big help, you’ll be awarded with a trophy to put in your house and 500 coins! You completed Crisis Caverns Island! Hooray!



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