Theory Time: Is Balloon Boy Still Alive?

Hey there, Clawtropicans! It is I, Detective P. Claw trying to solve another case! This time, Mr. Short Feather wanted me to find out in Balloon Boy is still alive. It sounds like a weird thing to investigate, but I’m here to solve any case, not matter how strange it sounds, so, keep reading how I discovered if Balloon Boy is alive or dead…


First of all, we need to pop down memory lane…

Hmm… Let’s see… We lost Balloon Boy on Counterfeit Island by giving him a green balloon. Then, Balloon Boy flew away, and ’til this day, no one knows where he is, or if he’s still alive.


But, Balloon Boy has appeared in some other places. For example: On Counterfeit Island, after he flew away, in the middle of the gameplay, there’s a part when you have to chase the shady man that’s working for Black Widow. If you look closely, you can see Balloon Boy appearing and disappearing in the sky.


Balloon Boy has also appeared on Reality TV island, but on the televisions of the ”TV World” store.


Conclusion #1: Balloon Boy was alive for the 2-3 months after he was lost, since Reality TV Island was made 2-3 months after Counterfeit Island.

Well, that happened in early 2010, and we’re in 2017. So, how could he survive that long? Well, I, personally, think Balloon Boy is dead. No, no, don’t cry! It’s okay! It’s just my theory. There isn’t too much proof anyway, but I’ll list the facts that prove Balloon Boy is dead…

  1. No one can survive without water or food for so much time (Unless you’re the hero!).
  2. Balloon Boy can’t possibly hang on a balloon for that long! Sooner or later, the balloon’s going to deflate.
  3. Balloon Boy  hasn’t made an appearance since Reality TV Island came out.

Conclusion #2: Balloon Boy might be dead.

But still, this is Poptropica we’re talking about! And strange stuff always happen in this virtual world we all love, so who knows? Balloon Boy might be alive after all!

Well, this investigation has come to an end. Thanks for having time to read this! And, Mr. Short Feather, I hope this was the answer you expected! If not, that’s okay, you probably have your own theory. 😛

Anyway, since I am running out of theories, please suggest me stuff I can theorize about below in the comment section. Or, if you’re a great theorist, you can write your own theory and sent it to us through our contact page, or Discord. Everything works! But please notice that I barely check my email anymore.

Anyway, that’s for today’s theory! Hope you enjoyed it! Before I sign out I wanted to show you something amazing I did in my free time: Ladies and gentlemen, behold: HERE COME POPTROPICA’S FABULOUS, INCREDIBLE MUSES!!


Aren’t they beautiful?

-Detective P. Claw out!

P.S.: I’m sorry this theory turned out to be a failure. 😥 But this month is going to be awesome, so stay tuned for even better posts! 😀


13 thoughts on “Theory Time: Is Balloon Boy Still Alive?

  1. Probably the Creators might make an island where Balloon Boy is actually captured by a group of villians… That’s what I think. Proof: The Balloon Boy appears in a lot of places, for example, he appears in a Judy Moody ad. I’ll tell you more since it’s late at night.

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