This blog, Clawtropica, is meant to help you on Poptropica, and as well as entertain you with our awesome posts and pages. But to do that, you have to follow a few very simple rules.

  1. Stay on-topic! This is a Poptropica-based blog, and we want to keep it this way. Also, even when you talk about Poptropica, make sure you discuss on the right place. We don’t want to see a comment regarding Spy Island on an Early Poptropica Island Guide. 😛
  2. Stay kid-friendly! That means do not post/comment ANY inappropriate stuff, such as pornography, nudity, drugs, violence, suicide, swearing, etc. This blog is G-rated!
  3. Be respectful! Treat others like you want to be treated. Don’t be rude or insult anyone, even if they’ve been rude to you before. We can deal with that. Also, don’t start any drama. It’s super annoying.
  4. Don’t spam! Spamming is really annoying, so just don’t do that. For everyone that doesn’t understand what spam means, is repeating the same comment multiple times, publishing to many comments on a post/page (you can include as one whole comment!) saying phrases that don’t make sense (such as ”cbiwqbicuh cbwhc”), writing caps-only comments (like: HELLO HOW ARE YOU?) or using too many emojis.
  5. For your safety, don’t share any personal information. Sharing private stuff can be really dangerous! And we want to make sure that Clawtropica is a safe place for everyone, so please, don’t share private info such as your phone number, your home address, your school, heck, you don’t have to share anything regarding your life if you don’t want to. If someone is teasing you, let us know!
  6. Use reasonable grammar! You don’t have to be a grammar expert, just make sure we can understand you before publishing your comment. Shortcuts (”u”, ”lol”, ”idk” etc.) are allowed, but please keep then to a minimum, so we can understand what you’re saying.
  7. Don’t plagiarize! Well, you can copy something from Clawtropica, but only if we give you permission for that specific thing. Plagiarism is a crime, and you could get your site deleted if you plagiarize any of our work without our permission.
  8. Don’t ask to be an author! Sorry, but we like to choose our staff members ourselves. We want to see your blogging skills, your Poptropica knowledge, and how friendly you are towards other people. Don’t get upset; we want you to be our reader, and you’re really important to us! Also, keep in mind that you can always guest post on this blog!
  9. Have fun! Having fun is really important, because it’s the reason we’re here, to entertain you with our posts and pages! Don’t forget to like and comment often, so we can keep up the hard work! Thanks for being a Clawtropican! 😉

If you violate the rules for the first time, your comment will be deleted. If you keep breaking the rules, we’ll have to block you from commenting here, so watch out!


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