Theory Time: Answering your questions, Pt.1

Hello Clawtropicans, Purple Claw here and welcome back to Theory Time! 😀


Yep, it’s time to answer the questions you asked us!

Our first question comes Shaky Skunk –


My theory:

We can’t actually compare the size of BB’s ego to the size of his fanbase. 😦 BB is really really selfish, but so many people like him, including me. I don’t know why he has so many fans, through, but hey! Everyone loves weird people! 😛

Our second and final question comes from D.Vampi –


My (and Shaky Skunk’s) theory:

My dear friend (and Clawtropica author), Shaky Skunk thought that one medallion equates to a $100-$1,000 and I think that’s correct. We also thought that a medallion’s value depends on how hard an island is.

Well, that was it Poptropicans! If you wanna see more of the Theory Time segment make sure to ask questions for us, the Clawtropica authors, to theorize!

-Purple Claw 230252187152809985


14 thoughts on “Theory Time: Answering your questions, Pt.1

  1. Very interesting theory, I wish I could sell my medallions to become the richest girl in the world😂 JK, it’s not worth it to sell the rewards from your accomplishments, except if the reward is something dumb, then maybe it is a little😝

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