Friend Finder


Hey Claw-Tropicans! Welcome to Clawtropica’s Friend Finder page! Wanna friend other poptropicans?  Want your username added here? Either way, you are in the right place! 🙂

Blog Staff Usernames

Purple Claw: Donatloul

Young Singer: NachaaRules!

Shaky Skunk: BigYummyCandyApple

Lucky Joker: julian0608

Hyper Gamer: 17312043

Barefoot Hammer: Juiceboxz

Happy Lobster: topkop88

G-Hopper: Wheze4

Brave Hero: smartcute5

Viewer Usernames

Tall Cactus: macandcheese520

Captain Hare: dr.hare0724

Perfect Sky: stupiddirectord

Bendy Flyer: testingmom2014

Smart Flame: LMSEC

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