Friend Finder


Friends on Poptropica has been a thing since 2012 — and people are still loving it! If you don’t have many friends on Poptropica, feel free to add these usernames, or if you want other people to friend you, you can request to be added in the comment section below!

Blog Staff Usernames

Purple Claw: Donatloul

Young Singer: NachaaRules!

Shaky Skunk: BigYummyCandyApple

Lucky Joker: julian0608

Hyper Gamer: 17312043

Barefoot Hammer: Juiceboxz

Happy Lobster: topkop88

G-Hopper: Wheze4

Brave Hero: smartcute5

Poptropica Help Blog Authors (excluding Clawtropica authors)

Slanted Fish: slantedfish

Brave Tomato: 1313cookie

Spotted Dragon: ooolala13

Slippery Raptor: gabz1113

Silver Wolf: Classified

Viewer Usernames

Tall Cactus: macandcheese520

Captain Hare: dr.hare0724

Perfect Sky: stupiddirectord

Bendy Flyer: testingmom2014

Smart Flame: LMSEC

For more fun, check out our Other Stuff page!🐾


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