Clawtropica Chat


The Clawtropica Chat is an awesome Discord server for the Clawtropica blog. There are so many things to do there! Just click here to join the fun!

The Rules

1. Please, no inappropriate stuff. That includes pornography, nudity, drugs, suicide, swearing etc.

2. Don’t bully, annoy, fight or insult others. If someone is bothering you, contact our staff members immediately.

3. No spamming on any channel other than #clawbage . Bring phrases like ”aadjh wqkjeifeg” on #clawbage too.

4. Do not beg for anything, or ask to be promoted to a higher rank. No means no.

5. Do not scam or hack other members. If you do that, you’ll be banned until further notice.

6. For your safety, do not share any personal info such as your phone number, your full name etc.

7. Stay on-topic and make sure you chat on the right channel.

Any breaking of these rules, (Depending on their seriousness) can result in a kick or even a ban. If someone is breaking the rules, contact us immediately.

The Channels

#main_chat: Chat about anything as long as you don’t break the rules.

#poptropi-chat: Chat about anything Poptropica related!

#art-stuff: Share drawings, fan-fictions, poems etc. In other words: anything you call art!

#help-theories-gaming: Ask for help here! Theorists and Gamers are welcomed too!

#clawbage: This is the right place to spam. Please, do not crash this channel.

#staff-chat: The place for mods, admins and authors to chat!

We hope you enjoy the Clawtropica Chat! If you have any suggestions, contact our staff members.

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