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Our official hangout, the Clawtropica Chat, is an awesome chat server hosted on Discord, where you can chat about Poptropica, share your art, or anything you’d like — as long as you’re following out guidelines! So, what are you waiting for? Come and join the party!

Our Guidelines

Stay out of trouble by following a few very simple rules!

1. Stay kid-friendly! That means do not post/comment ANY inappropriate stuff, such as pornography, nudity, drugs, violence, suicide, swearing, etc. This chat is PG-rated! (minor curses are allowed)

2. Be respectful! Treat others like you want to be treated. Don’t be rude or insult anyone, even if they’ve been rude to you before. We can deal with that. Also, don’t start any drama. It’s super annoying.

3. Don’t spam! Spamming is really annoying, so just don’t do that. For everyone that doesn’t understand what spam means, is repeating the same comment multiple times, posting too many comments one after another (you can include as one whole comment!) saying phrases that don’t make sense (such as ”cbiwqbicuh cbwhc”), writing caps-only comments (like: HELLO HOW ARE YOU?) or using too many emojis. You can only spam on #clawbage and absolutely nowhere else.

4. Do not beg for anything, or ask to be promoted to a higher rank. No means no. Sorry, put we like picking our stuff ourselves, and asking to be one isn’t going to get you anywhere.

5. Do not scam or hack other members. If you do that, you’ll be banned until further notice. Respect other people’s privacy & don’t tease them and/or stalk them at all!

6. For your safety, don’t share any personal information. Sharing private stuff can be really dangerous! And we want to make sure that Clawtropica is a safe place for everyone, so please, don’t share private info such as your phone number, your home address, your school, heck, you don’t have to share anything regarding your life if you don’t want to. If someone is teasing you, let us know immediately!

7. Stay on-topic and make sure you chat on the right channel. Below, you can find the channel list and learn what each channel is about. Thank you.

Any breaking of these rules, (Depending on their seriousness) can result in a kick or even a ban. If someone is breaking the rules, contact us immediately.

The Channels

Here’s a channel guide for anyone who’s confused!

#main_chat: Chat about anything as long as you don’t break the rules.

#poptropi-chat: Chat about anything Poptropica related!

#art-stuff: Share drawings, fan-fictions, poems etc. In other words: anything you call art!

#help-theories-gaming: Ask for help here! Theorists and Gamers are welcomed too!

#clawbage: This is the right place to spam. Please, do not crash this channel.

#staff-chat: The place for mods, admins and authors to chat! It’s private, though!

Our chat is moderated, but if you don’t wish to join, you can chat below — but please keep it Poptropica related!


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