Theory Time: A Response to Tall Cactus


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Hey there, Clawtropicans! Purple Claw here!

Yesterday, Tall Cactus made an interesting post on her blog, the TCPB, with the title ”What if…” and in it, she listed a few questions that anyone could answer and theorize on their blogs. As you guessed it by now, in this post I will answer Tall Cactus’ questions that she asked in this post. Now let’s get started, shall we?

”What if the sponsored islands are different realms?”

I don’t think so. I think each island is stuck in its own time period. But, the citizens in sponsored islands with different art style are the descendants of creatures from other realms.

”What if only the people on Home Island (and Mocktropica) know that they are in a game and everyone else is brainwashed?”

I think that no one in Poptropica knows they’re in a game. Also, I believe Mocktropica is just a dream.

”What if your Poptropican ran away from their parents to explore the world and is constantly hopping from island to island to not get caught?”

I don’t think so. Just read this theory I made in December for my answer.😉

”What if restarting islands erases everyone’s memories?”

Wow. I find that really possible! 😀

”What if Poptropica is just a dream?”

That might be true, but you can never be sure about that. Anyway, Shaky Skunk made a theory about that on the PSB, so feel free to check it out.

”What if the Booted Bandit is your Poptropican, but from an alternate future?”

Hmm, that might be it, or it could be your Poptropican’s evil twin. >:)

”What if some of the islands don’t actually take place on islands, but on the mainland?”

I don’t think so. Poptropica is just a world full of islands, LOL.

”What if some islands take place on the same landmass? Maybe even one, bigger island?”


”What if all the islands in Pop were already discovered and colonized, but you just dandy find them yet?”

I wanted to do a theory about this someday, but since you asked it, I’m answering right now: Yes. That’s it.

”What if all Poptropicans have realistic names, and players just have names like Tall Cactus to keep them safe online?”

Poptropica is a place full of possibilities, you never know.

”What if there is some villain out there that glued everyone’s fingers together and to their hand so Poptropicans hands are stuck as circles? (this one was more of a joke question, lol)”

Oh my god, TC you’re killing me! 😆

”What if Poptropica has a tropical name even though many islands aren’t even in the tropics is because the first islands discovered were, and they just kept the name? (for example, the ancient capital of Poptropolis was tropical)”

It’s just a name, not a big deal. But again, you never know.

”What if those monkeys who made your climb in Monkey Wrench Island were actually people in costumes? (also a joke question)”

Nah, they’re just monkeys. Really smart monkeys. A A A EE EE!

”What if Dr. Hare isn’t actually a doctor/doesn’t have a real doctorate degree?”

I’m sure my son, Dr. Hare, has a doctorate degree, but after he got his degree, he started doing dangerous scientific experiments and that messed up his mind. Even though he believes he’s a pink bunny now, I still love him with all my heart.



”What if the Booted Bandit started the trend of Poptropicans wearing shoes in the upcoming New Pop?”

That might be it, since he was the first one ever in Poptropica to wear shoes.

”What if the New Pop answers all of these random questions, or more?”

Maybe; ya never know. That’d be pretty awesome. 😆

I hope you enjoyed this short post! Stay tuned for my next post, which is going to be about Clawtropica’s upcoming fan-fiction! 😉

-PC out!


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