About the blog

cropped-clawtropica_logoHello and welcome to Clawtropica! This blog was found on May 13, 2016 by Purple Claw and it has been growing ever since.

This blog contains things that have to do with the virtual world of Poptropica! Here you can find Poptropica news, guides, and amazing segments written by our Clawtropica authors, or even from lovely Poptropica community members! Enjoy our awesome Poptropica blog! 🙂

Clawtropica has also got a mascot, Loud Berry (the Purple Monkey), designed by our very own Happy Lobster. Check it out:


Even though its ears are non-visible (the hair is probably covering them), he is a loud purple littlemonkey and it enforces us to also be purple ‘n loud! Isn’t Loud Berry adorable? It hopes it can be your friend! 😉

About the staff

  • Purple Claw

Role: Administrator/Owner

Username: Donatloul

Website: Clawtropica

Hello there! My name is Purple Claw and I am a teenage boy who loves Poptropica! I’m the founder and current administrator on this blog, and I’m weird, funny, chatty, and smart! I love memes, puns, animals, french fries and more! Anyway, if you want to learn more about me, please read my MPIP. Stay poppin’, my dearest friends! Have fun reading this blog!

  • Hyper Gamer

Role: Author

Username: 17312043

Website: Poptropica Fun Zone

My name is Hyper Gamer and I’m 17 years old. I live in Maryland, U.S.A. I am a drummer in my school’s matching band. I also play the piano. My favorite color is red and my favorite animal is the rabbit. My favorite Pop characters are Dr.Hare and Omegon. I joined this blog on August 04, 2016. I have my own blog, Poptropica Fun Zone. Check it out! Bye, Poptropicans!

  • Happy Lobster 

Role: Author

Username: topkop88

Website: A Quota Of Poptropica

Hi, I’m Happy Lobster, more commonly known as HL. I’m 14. I really love reading, drawing, anime, and of course, Poptropica! I’m also a member of the wonderful Seraphim tribe. I joined this blog on August 05, 2016. I hope we have fun together! Don’t forget to check out my blog, A Quota Of Poptropica. Bye, Poptropica friends!

  • G-Hopper

Role: Author

Username: Wheze4

Website: Brainy Pop Blog

I’m just a normal boy from America who loves Poptropica. I love the colors blue and orange, and I like to play Minecraft and Pokemon Go. I’m usually the shy or nerdy part of groups, but then, who isn’t? 😛 Anyway, I joined this blog on November 02, 2016. I have my own blog, run along with some other peeps, Brainy Pop Blog. See you around!!!

  • Brave Hero

Role: Author

Username: smartcute5

Website: Brave Hero’s DeviantArt

Hi! I’m Brave Hero and I live not far from the ocean in MA.  My passion is digital art, science, and definitely Poptropica. My favorite food is chocolate, which is heaven to me. When I’m not playing Poptropica, I’m probably playing Roblox, drawing Pokemon, or reading a good book. I joined this blog on December 07, 2016.

  • Lucky Wing

Role: Author


Website: Lucky Wing’s Blog o’ Fun!

I’m Lucky Wing, (I sincerely hope at least) but if you want you can call me E. I’m a 15 (Almost 16) year old girl (Shocking, I know) who lives in frigid Idaho. Besides Poptropica, I’m into Ninjago, MLP, Harry Potter, and a lot of stuff like that. I love blogging, and I joined this blog on January 31, 2017. I do my own Pop blogging here: Lucky Wing Blog o’ fun, and some off the Pop blogging here, at Luckily Bizarre.


Special thanks to former authors, Young Singer , Lucky JokerBarefoot Hammer, and Shaky Skunk for contributing on Clawtropica. They will be missed.

Credit goes to Shaky Skunk for the current header image, and special thanks to Slanted Fish for our logo design.

Important pages

Blog/Home Page – check out our newest posts right here!

Clawtropica Chat – chat with other Poptropicans from all around the world right here!

Clawtropica’s History – learn about the past of this Poptropica blog!

Contact Us – click here if you want to give us feedback, let us know something, or write a guest post!

Rules! – stay out of trouble by following our very simple kid-friendly rules!

With that said, we highly hope we help you around Poptropica and entertain you with our content, all in our blog, Clawtropica! Thanks for being a fan. 🙂

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