Theory Time: Pop 2.0 Thoughts And Theories

Hello guys! Purple Claw here with a half theory-half truth about the ”All New Poptropica”. If you haven’t heard about it yet you are a bigger weirdo than I am, but whatever, here is what the creators posted on their blog on the cursed April 25th.

I personally do not think that’s so ”poptastic’, but at least the current Pop won’t disappear when the new Pop launches! (So that means TWO Pop websites!!!) Also the Poptropica 2.0 is going to be built with Unity, that unfortunately doesn’t work for Chrome browser.

Anyway, enough truths! Let’s get to the theory part! ‘Cause it is time for:


That means even more talking! 😛

Poptropica 2.0 Thoughts And Theories. 

(Sorry if this theory turns out to not be so creative but it is still a theory, so sit down and listen!) 😛

Recently (Or not so recently) we had three sneak peeks in the Daily Pop! The creators are on fire! 😛 Well anyway, the first one is about a spinning wheel. Which is revealed now on Poptropica. Read this post if you don’t understand. But what’s with the two others?!?

The second one introduces…well, a poptropican. But to be honest he doesn’t look like a normal poptropican…Don’t believe me? I have proof!

  • This poptropican has shoes. Very, very strange.
  • His legs. They are very thick.
  • His eyes. Just look at them! They are more realistic!
  • The sleeping bag thingy isn’t like the way other bags are on poptropicans:

Oh, wait I was wrong. Don’t count this one. P.S.: STOP LICKING MY OWL!!

  • And final, see the difference yourself:

Maybe a few of the reasons were trash for you, but they really looked different on me! (Maybe because I am a weird, but whatever).

Now about the third sneak peek… Here comes the special delivery! LOL, just kidding! 😛 What can you say about that? Hmm… Isn’t it obvious?


It is so 24 carrot-y…Is Dr.Hare gonna come back?

I think yes. In the new Pop. Maybe they will remake 24 carrot island! Maybe not, I don’t know. I don’t have much proof about that. But I am 80% sure that Dr.Hare is coming back! Thank god! I LOVE YOU DR. HARVEY HARE!!! 😛

I hope you liked my theory guys! That was PC, signing off until my next post!

Purple Claw out!

P.S.: I am thinking of making this a segment. Please tell me your thoughts in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Theory Time: Pop 2.0 Thoughts And Theories

  1. Interesting theory! I totally did not notice that in the second Daily Pop pick, the guy’s legs are actually, well, thick! And, he’s wearing boots. The boots he’s wearing are also noticeably better designed than the boots that the Booted Bandit wears in EFPR Island. I mean, the Daily Pop pic guy has laces on his boots, unlike the Booted Bandit. The facial features, as you said, are also definitely different. If that’s what the new Poptropica characters are going to look like, that’s actually pretty cool! In regards to the Dr. Hare theory- I’m not sure they’d “remake” 24 Carrot, but Dr. Hare being featured in a new Poptropica island would be awesome. Great post, PC! 😀

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