Meltene: Chapter 6


“Ugh,” said Perfect Sky, “are we there yet?”

“We still got 4,000 miles to go,” Bucky replied.

“According to my calculations,” Mr. Silva explained,” we have been traveling for two days, and we have one day left. So, we traveled 2,000 miles a day. We would have to double our current speed to get to the Meltene Desert before the Ice Prince gets there.”

“My powers can carry us this fast,” said UiPE.

“Then make us go faster!” yelled Perfect Sky.

“If I go any faster,” said UiPE, “I could pass out, causing all of us to fall to our deaths.”

“Wait,” said Purple Claw,” I have an idea.”

“What is it?” asked Tall Cactus.

“In class,” Purple Claw explained,” we learned that the Peregrine Falcon can fly up to 200 miles per hour. If I summon flocks of Peregrine Falcons to carry us to the Meltene Desert, we would be there in 20 hours, giving us 4 hours of freetime.”

“Brilliant!” yelled Mr. Silva.

“Okay, but I’ll have to sing to summon them,” Purple Claw stated.

“Everyone, cover your ears!” Slanted Fish yelled.


“What the fudge was that?” asked Yujo.

“It was me singing my favorite song,” Purple Claw answered.

“That was stupid,” said Yujo.

“Oh, oh, CASH ME OUSSIDE, HOWBOW DAH!” yelled Purple Claw.

“Stop fighting!” Tall Cactus demanded.

“Guys, look! The birds are coming!” Slanted Fish yelled.

“Good, I can rest,” UiPE said with relief.

20 Hours Later…

“Guys! We are here!” yelled Bucky.

Behind-The-Scenes: Wimpy Sketches For Your Favorite Bardwalk

Hey there, Clawtropicans!

It’s me, Purple Claw, with some behind the scenes info about – you guessed it – Wimpy Boardwalk! This exciting little Island, along with Wimpy Wonderland are April’s Islands of the Month, which means everyone gets extra credits! Yup, even non-members!


As you probably know, if you complete one of these islands for the very first time, you’ll get 500 credits! And if you’re a pro on the Wimpy islands and you’ve already beaten them; no worries, you’ll be getting 300 credits for re-playing them! Enjoy the credits and as well as the sketches you’re about to see below, searched by the lovely Skinny Moon. 😛

Skinny Moon was kind enough to show us a couple of early sketches about the beach and the arcade of this boardwalk. Let’s check them out!

The first image might be uncolored, but it looks a LOT like the current beach. The arcade had quite a makeover, since the roof, font, and the inside of the arcade changed. Also, a little shirt stand was added, named ”TeeTime”. First designs aren’t always final designs, and the second and third image (and some other sketches you’re about to see) can confirm that.

Hmm, the images below showcase the early design of each game stand, and how much they changed during the production of this island. I personally prefer the current design, but the early ones aren’t bad at all!

The first image looks more like a carnival, the second one looks medieval time-themed, and the third one seems to be a mix of both. 😛

And last but not least, I’d like to show some sketches about the fun (and dangerous) rides of Wimpy Boardwalk:

The early sketch is really stunning in my opinion, by looking how complicated and filled it is. The background is what amuses me the most. Again, the ”Fun House” hasn’t changed a lot, but it’s nice to see all these awesome sketches and see the differences between early and finished designs!

Well, what do you think? Which place changed the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below! I’ll see you soon, and don’t forget to earn these extra credits!

-PC out!

Meltene: Chapter 5


“This… this can’t be,” said Yujo.

“We must avenge him!” yelled Tall Cactus.

“But how?” asked Bucky.

“Perfect Sky and Purple Claw, go get Burt and Crusher,” Tall Cactus demanded.

“Yes ma’am,” they said in unison.

“Yujo, Bucky, and UiPE, go get what’s left of Ned, Crawfish, and Director D, then put them in a new bamboo box trap.”

“We’re already on it!” the three said in unison.

“Fishy and Silva, you will help me in a moment. First, I got to talk to Burt and Crusher,” said Tall Cactus.

“Here comes Burt!” yelled Purple Claw. Weirdly, Burt was being carried by a pack of pigs.

“Yujo! Summon your vines to tie around Burt!” yelled Tall Cactus.

“Okay,” Yujo replied.

“Burt, who are you working for?” asked Tall Cactus.

“What makes you think I’m working for someone?” Burt asked.

“Because you didn’t give yourself powers, the light blue lightning did,” Tall Cactus replied.

“Well, I’m never gonna tell you,” Burt said.

“Purple Claw, howl for some wolves,” Tall Cactus demanded.

“No! Not wolves! They are almost as terrifying as Nokkens!” yelled Burt.

“Then tell us who you are working for!” yelled Tall Cactus.

“Not trying to be rude,” Bucky interrupted, “but it is ‘whom you are working for’.”

“Shut up!” yelled Tall Cactus.

“Okay, I’m working for the Ice Prince. He wants revenge on his sister, or something like that, so he gave us some powers,” Burt answered.

“How do I get to him?” Tall Cactus asked.

“What I’m about to tell you may sound complex,” said Burt, “but it really does work. The Ice Prince told me. Three days from now, at 7:00 PM, he wants all his powered villains to go to the Meltene Desert. There, he will take us to his lair, where we will help him take over the world.”

“Okay, Perfect Sky, you know what to do!” yelled Tall Cactus. Perfect Sky used her powers to lift up Crusher and use him to crush Burt.

“Put these two fools in the bamboo box,” said Tall Cactus.

“Hmmm, the Meltene Desert shouldn’t be that far away. That’ll give us time to come up with a plan,” Slanted Fish stated.

“Darling,” said Mr. Silva, “the Meltene Desert isn’t near Meltene City. It is 8,000 miles away from us!”

“Then why is it called Meltene Desert?” Slanted Fish asked.

“Because,” Tall Cactus said, “In 1882, the first mayor of Meltene City took a trip to Tokyo to make a trading agreement. Not know that he could cross the Pacific to get there, the mayor went in the opposite direction. It would take him many, many months to get to Tokyo. On the way there, he went up Mount Zeuseus. When he got to the top, he could see the mountain beside it, Mount Aleousus. However, between the mountains was a desert, never touched by a single Poptropican. He made a home there, and never returned. Eventually, someone found him. The desert became so popular, they named is the Meltene Desert.”

“Great history lesson,” said Perfect Sky, “but now, it’s time for a road trip.”

Poptropica Worlds Sneak Peeks – Oh, and I guess I’m back for good.


Trust me; I wasn’t pranking you – I seriously considered leaving, but I really love Poptropica to do that. And from the info I’ve gotten from someone who wants to remain anonymous for the new Poptropica, I’m pretty sure this ”Poptropica Worlds” is going to be pretty neat.

First of all, I’d like to apologize. I’m sorry I made you cry, but I’m not quiting. Poptropica is my home. The community is my home. This blog is something I created with my whole desire, and for like, two days I realized how much I missed blogging. I’ll hopefully be here for as much more time I want to, to make this community a better place. I’ve inspired a lot of cool people to start their own blogs, and I want to keep blogging because it makes people (including me) happy.

I feel stupid, because I’ve considered leaving back in June, but I came back after a few days. I’m just really glad I’m back. Y’all are awesome.

Many bloggers received VIP access to a couple of sneak peeks for Poptropica Worlds, and I was lucky enough to be one of them! They’re awesome, and I’m really excited to share them with you guys!

THE PROVIDER OF THE BEHIND-THE-SCENES INFO RIGHT BELOW IS CLASSIFIED. I’ve only got permission to share this info with you guys. Please don’t ask me who gave me access to these sneak-peeks.

1. Houses

Yup, houses are confirmed on Poptropica Worlds. Heck, you can even customize your own! There’s a list of items you can use:


These are absolutely beautiful! I love the idea of houses! I’m really excited!

2. Crisis Caverns

You guessed right Poptropicans! Crisis Caverns is confirmed by the Creators. Here’s what they said about it: ”Crisis Caverns, our grandest island adventure yet, with astonishing underground mysteries and creatures you have to see to believe.”


3. Running Animations


Very interesting! I can see how great Poptropica is improving, and that’s definitely a good thing. We also got to see our lovely Mr. Bob the Worm! These pics are also from Crisis Caverns.

5. Really Stunning Places??


Whatever this is, it’s the greatest thing my eyes have ever seen. I mean, just look at it! All I can say is that the Creators are doing such a great job, and I simply can’t wait for Poptropica Worlds to launch.

I’m really excited to re-join the blogging community (even though I left for like two days), and I’ll hopefully be blogging for a long time. See you around!

-PC out!

(I’m so stupid)

Meltene: Chapter 4

“Uh…. guys,” said UiPE, “The Ned Water is leaking out of the bamboo box trap!”

“What? That is impossible! My calculations said it would work!” Bucky screamed.

“Uh oh,” said Happy Panda, “Ned’s coming out of the trap! Mr. Silva and Bucky, get off the box, now!” But it was too late. Ned escaped the box and threw the two smart people off the box, causing them to fall closer and closer to their death.

“I’ll get them!” yelled Slanted Fish.

“UiPE, initiate secret Plan B!” Happy Panda.

“On it!” replied UiPE.

“Happy Panda, I got Mr. Silva and Bucky,” said Slanted Fish.

“She caught us right before we hit the ground,” Bucky added.

“Okay, Fishy, can I call you Fishy?” asked Happy Panda.

“Whatever,” said Slanted Fish.

“Fishy,” said Happy Panda, “get those two to safety, while me and UiPE take down-”

“Gotcha!” yelled Ned.

“No, let him go!” screamed Slanted Fish.

“This so-called “Happy Panda” is about to become UNHAPPY!” yelled Ned.

“Not on my watch!” Happy Panda replied.

“Oh yeah, whatcha gonna do?” Ned asked.

“Wait… you’re talking slang,” said Happy Panda.

“Oh, now that I’m a villain,” said Ned, “I got to start talking like one, #yolo #swag  #waterbottleflipchallenge #hashtag #fitness #blessed #instapic #instagood #nofilter #cashmeoussidehowbowdah #wcw #thankfulthursday #streaks #selfie #ootd #instafood #likeforlike…”

“The only thing you’re talking like is a teenage fangirl,” roasted Happy Panda.


“But seriously,” said Happy Panda, “guys, take cover!”

“I’ll cover them with my rainbow shield!” yelled Slanted Fish. Then, like she said, Fishy covered the team with a rainbow shield.

“Prepare to explode!” yelled Happy Panda.

“What the-” Ned replied. But Ned was too late. Happy Panda set his body on fire, causing Ned to explode. The explosion caused Burt Diamond and Crusher the Bronze to pass out.

“No! Happy Panda!” yelled Tall Cactus.

“Guys, he’s falling!” Perfect Sky added.

“Guys, use your powers to catch him!” Mr. Silva demanded. Then, the powered teammates used their powers to catch Happy Panda, and bring him to the top of P. Murt Tower.

“Guys, he’s dead,” said Purple Claw.


Hey, people it’s me PC, and I have to say something really important.

I’ve lost interest and, as you probably guessed, I quit blogging. 😦

Look, it’s not you, it’s me. I just don’t feel like blogging anymore. School is getting more difficult, everything’s changing, and I’m wasting my childhood with blogging… Blogging was great when I had fun doing it, but now, it has become a chore.

Even though I’m quiting, this blog won’t (probably) become dead. G, LW, Hyper, BH, and HL, please take care of this blog. I’d really appreciate that. You can invite new authors, you can make whatever Poptropica posts you want. Or you can just close this blog. It’s your choice.

Just a note: I’m NOT quiting the community. At least not yet. I still want to be here when Worlds comes out, and if it’s good, I might even come back. But don’t put your hopes up.

I’m sorry this is happening. I remember making this blog like it was yesterday. But I have to move on…

Take care, Poptropicans.

P.S.: The Mighty Adventures of Brave Noodle is cancelled. The Meltene chapters will keep publishing.

And for probably the last time,

PC out 😥


Meltene: Chapter 3


“Guys, we’ve been walking around the city for five hours! When are we going to relax?” Tall Cactus complained.

“Well, I not walking. I’m flying,” said UiPE.

“Can’t you make us float around or something?” asked Tall Cactus.

“Oh, yeah,” said UiPE. Then, he made the whole team float around.

“When do you think we will find Slanted Fish?” asked Happy Panda.

“According to my calculations,” said Bucky, “let’s see. Carry the fifteen. Multiple by π. Add 5525. Uh, approximately… never. She could be anywhere!”

“Well, she might be up there,” said Mr. Silva. He pointed to a rainbow path in the sky, and it ended at the top of the P. Murt Tower.

“Ok, I’ll float you guys up there!” said UiPE.

“Wait! Let me get them up there,” said Purple Claw.

“How are you gonna do that?” asked Yujo.

“Watch this,” said Purple Claw, “LALA LALA LALA LEE!” Then, a swarm of pigeons came out of nowhere and took the team to the top of the tower.

“That was weird,” said Yujo.

“Hey, look! There’s Slanted Fish!” yelled Perfect Sky.

“Go away!” yelled Slanted Fish.

“We aren’t bad like Short Feather. We’re good guys,” Happy Panda explained.

“Y-you are?” asked Slanted Fish.

“We aren’t!” yelled some guys behind her.

“Who are you guys?” asked Happy Panda.

“I’m Burt Diamond, and I’m made of Diamond. And meet my Metal Trio. Captain Crawfish the Gold, Director D the Silver, and Crusher the Bronze!” said the villain.

“Hello, hello, hello!” the Metal Trio sung in unison.

“They’re also a barbershop trio at the Meltene City Prison,” said Burt.

“Uh, technically Crusher is copper, because copper is a bronze metal,” said Bucky.

“Shut up! Now, get them!” yelled Burt.

“Wait! You gotta give us time to make a plan!” yelled Happy Panda.

“Yeah, that’s what happens in a lot of movies,” Tall Cactus added.

“Fine, Metal Trio, slowly walk towards them!” Burt yelled.

“Okay guys,” said Happy Panda, “here’s the plan. UiPE will take Mr. Silva and Bucky, and they will fly back to the smoothie shop and get the bamboo box trap. Purple Claw will summon as many birds as he can to distract Director D. Yujo will summon plants to attack and possibly trap Burt. Tall Cactus will go to Crusher and just spray him with water until UiPE comes back. I’ll attack Captain Crawfish with fire until he melts, then go melt Director D. Slanted Fish and Perfect Sky can help when and if needed. When UiPE and the other two guys come back, they will pour the Ned-Water onto Crusher. Then, we will put the four villains in the box with Ned. Got it? Attack!”

About a minute as passed, and the plan is working. Captain Crawfish and Director D have melted, Burt is tied up in a lot of vines, and Crusher is still being drenched in water. When UiPE, Bucky, and Mr. Silva came back, something bad happened. What happens next? Stayed tuned to find out!