Pop 5: Most Educational Islands

Hey Clawtropicans, it’s Purple Claw, with another top 5 list!

Poptropica has its fair share of fun islands, but today we’re looking at some which I consider the most educational. And yes, I know I made a post about which Poptropica is the most educationalbut I don’t care, this is my blog and I can do whatever I want with it (just kidding, just kidding). I don’t actually have a better intro for this post, so let’s get started. 😛


Keep in mind that this list is opinion-based, so if you don’t agree with me, I seriously don’t mind, as long as you’re mature about it. Also, this list may contain spoilers, so read at your own risk!


Counterfeit Island is really well-made, with lots and lots of art, a really exciting mystery, and a super cool villain (#BlackWidowFTW). Also the Balloon Boy gag started on that very island, so you can blame that for the new Poptropica Worlds trailer.

The most educational thing about this island were, of course, the art pieces at the art museum. That’ll probably help you a bit in class, in case a teacher that lame asks you about a painting and who made it, and you know that because you saw it on Poptropica, you’re in luck! If you didn’t get that info from Pop, well… kudos to you. If you didn’t know the answer at all… then… you’re on your own. 😛

Ugh, I’m getting way of track here; let’s just continue with the next item, shall we?



You’ll probably disagree with me on this one, but just listen to me first, okay? I’m aware that this island is hated by, like, most of the community because of its glitches and it’s overall grossness, but it can still be educational, right?

Basically, on this island you travel through a person’s body, to kill a deadly virus. On your journey there, you see different parts of a human’s body, such as your heart, your brain, and you learn how dangerous deadly viruses can be. Does that look educational to you? I think it does.

But I have to agree, this island isn’t really that well made. The bright colors sometimes hurt my eyes, and it’s extremely hard, and can get a bit annoying at times. Still wouldn’t call it a bad island, though.



Red Dragon Island is one of Poptropica’s most popular islands, and for a good reason. It’s visually great, the story is really interesting (even though it’s a sponsored island), the platforming is fun and not too frustrating, and it’s also pretty educational.

It’s a really beautiful island which introduces us to good ol’ ancient Japan and its culture. From Sumo battles, to helping random strangers, writing Japanese symbols, catching mythical river demons, cutting Bonsai Trees (that’s sorta educational, right?), too learning and fighting Japanese dragons; this island has everything!



While Time Tangled is a bit… overrated, there’s no denying it’s one of Poptropica’s most educational islands. I mean, what else could you expect from an island where you go back in time to bring everything in order to the past, so the future can be fixed?

You go to Mount Everest, in Ancient Greece, and in all sorts of places to repair your past, but while you’re doing that, you actually learn something. The new SUI version doesn’t have those Fact Monster bubbles I mentioned in a previous post (thankfully), so it’s a bit less educational that way.

But, there’s a glitch (special thanks to Tall Melon for reminding me!), when after you get your time watch by your older self, you go to the Main Street’s common room, and then choose a time era, and voila! The whole island will be a non-SUI!



Ah, Mythology Island! I was intrigued while playing this island, not just because of the wonderful storyline and the visually great graphics, but because I learned a whole lot about Greek Mythology too!

As some of you might know, I was born in Greece, but Greek Mythology is lightly mentioned there, for some reason (what is this education system). I did learn something about it in the third grade, I think.

Everything about this island is educational, and really fun at the same time. The museum of Olympus (the place where you learn about the Gods, such stalkers we are), Aphrodite’s minigame where you’re supposed to answer correctly the Gods’ names, meeting all the mythical creatures, and the whole island is an amazing overall educational experience; it’s so well-thought!


I congratulate Poptropica for making islands that are both educational, and really fun at the same; they can appeal to everyone! 😀 Well, anyway, thanks for reading this post, and I’d like to hear your thoughts on the comment section below (please)!

 🐾 Purple Claw 🐾


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