Reviewing the Rebooted: CP Island vs Worlds

Hey Clawtropicans, it’s your friend Purple Claw!

A couple of days ago, I decided to install Club Penguin Island on my phone, and later on I though: ”Hey, I should compare this with Poptropica Worlds, since I have nothing better to do they’re both reboots of original popular virtual worlds.” So here you have it.


You may have read the other comparison I’ve written about half a year ago about Club Penguin with Poptropica; if not you can read it here. In that post, I said that Poptropica was better than CP (which still is, in my opinion), but when I look back at it, I have to admit that Club Penguin was pretty cool, there was a lot of potential in that game (you can only miss something when you lose it).

Anyway, with that said, let’s get started!


Club Penguin Island is interesting… to say at least. It’s just like Club Penguin, but… ugh… with smaller space & built with CGI, which makes me want to throw my phone in the fire and watch it burn with a dying passion (that didn’t happen, fortunately). Let’s just say… we’re not off to a good start… But, for real, it’s not really the best game ever, and neither it is the worst.

I wouldn’t care about the CGI animation if it was an original game, but this is a sequel to a popular game, and it’s made by DISNEY. FREAKING DISNEY. The masters of animation! How could they make this game look so… crappy?! Well, if you’re wondering the same thing; don’t worry – I have the answer. They were lazy. That’s it.

The space is also an issue – I mean, there are some cool things, like all the hidden Easter eggs and the spectacular underwater place (forgot its name, going to talk about it below), which happens to be my favorite thing in the entire game, but… after you discover everything, there’s pretty much nothing to do, and you’ll get bored eventually, even as a member.


Only FOUR freaking areas…

The Underwater Cave is simply stunning – there’s just so much beauty over there, which makes it the best place in the whole island! The art is very pleasing, and it’s really fun discovering all the cool hidden stuff. It’s also a really great way to earn coins. The best part of the game. Period.

The game is fully pay-to-play. I’m not even kidding, non-members can’t even wear clothes (so many naked penguins…). A big part of CPI are the missions, which isn’t a bad thing, but, oh no — all of them are members-only. And here I thought the original Club Penguin was bad… The worst thing is that CPI has only one mini-game, but guess what? Members-only! What else did could you expect from the most greedy company in the world?


We’ve got to have MONEY!

As of now, Club Penguin Island is horrible and I give it a W for Waste of time (except from the underwater treasure thing; that was incredible!), I don’t know if this game will improve or not, but as of now, it’s failure — its rating on Google Play is 2.6 stars (what a surprise!), so I’m not the only one who hates it.

By the way, if you miss the old game, you’re in luck, because you can still play it! Some fans re-made the original game and it’s AWESOME – you get free membership! It’s called Club Penguin Rewritten, and you can check it out right here. ^^



Pop Worlds definitely isn’t the best game ever, or, at least better than the original, but it does have some potential. Please notice that I might be a tiny bit bias (since this is a Poptropica-based fan blog), but I try to see both the positive and the negative side of things. Let’s get started!

There’s far too little content. With a total of two islands (excluding Home Island), there isn’t much to do on Poptropica Worlds after decorating your house until there’s nothing else to add, making the perfect outfit, etc. I believe that won’t be an issue in the future, since new content is being added really frequently (also, it’s September, which means Poptropica’s birthday month!).


The game is too glitchy and takes a bit too much to load. While most of the annoying glitches have been fixed (Bleachy Boy is gone), but there are still a few. But what annoys me the most is how laggy the game is. It takes so much time to load, and it slows down my computer a lot. I really hope this issue will be fixed.

The art direction is pure gold – I don’t think you can disagree with me on that one. Since the creators use Unity instead of Flash, it gives the backgrounds a more deep and realistic look. The lighting and shading also deserves to be praised.


Some new features are great – houses, buying individual costume parts on the store, the new and really helpful closet and the quest log are great! They make the game much cooler and they’re a great addiction to PW.

Non-Members don’t have as much freedom to buy everything – but no, the game still isn’t pay-to-play, and the creators said they want to keep the fun experience for everyone. You can read this rant I wrote, Lilly’s rant on the Pop Blog, or this PHB analysis written by Fishy.


I’m not 100% happy with Poptropica Worlds, but I can see the improvement the creators are doing, so kudos to them! But my rating as of now is E for Eh, could be better. Hope to see more stuff in the future.

I really miss the old CP and Poptropica, but we can still play them, at least. While I don’t have high hopes for CPI, I do thing Pop Worlds is going to improve, since it pretty much follows the old formula that made Poptropica so nice (like sugar and spice) in the first place.

And last, but not least the creators released a new follower, on Poptropica Original! Look at it; it’s so adorable!!


It’s… It’s just on the app. 😀

I’m officially scared right now. The post also came with two typos (update ‘you’ app), and seemed a bit rushed (#BringBackSkinnyMoon). I don’t know what to expect from Poptropica’s 10th anniversary anymore… That is if we get more crap like that.

(I still think the follower is cute, though).


8 thoughts on “Reviewing the Rebooted: CP Island vs Worlds

  1. I swear Club Penguin just keeps looking worse than… *cough* *cough* a wast land, every step they take.

    But thank goodness there are actually people who can make mods and make CP great again (not a Donald Trump reference), and yes I do have a CPR account and the game keeps getting worse and worse and better and better at the same time. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      • That’s mostly because they modded the game from what was already made, except that it’s free (looks like game) and to Disney, it’s pretty much obsolete.

        Why do I think Club Penguin Island is completely useless to Disney and the game is just there just for the sake of existing?

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