Popping List: Poptropica’s Biggest Moments

Poptropica Worlds is coming soon, and that means it’s time for a new era on Poptropica’s history. Even though the original Poptropica won’t get shut down, it won’t be updated again, so that’s why I’m making this list. Excited? Keep reading!


HEADS UP: This list is opinion-based, so if you don’t agree with what I’m saying, I don’t mind as long as you’re mature about it. If you have a different opinion than me, I’d love to hear! Just share your thoughts in the comment section below! Let’s get into the list, shall we?

10. Membership


You probably disagree with this one, but I have to admit: I wasn’t even thinking of adding it into this list, since I don’t have Poptropica membership myself. But, thinking about membership made me realize that Poptropica wouldn’t even exist without it. Poptropica is a business, after all, and it needs money to keep existing.

9. The Poptropica App

I don’t even have the app on my mobile device; I only used as a backup when I was on vacation. But, it turns out the app isn’t so bad after all! Not everyone has a computer, and thank goodness the creators thought of the app, so everyone can enjoy this awesome game! There are lots of negative stuff I can say about the app, but I’m keeping it for another post. But hey, at least the app is getting a huge update along with the desktop version. 😉

8. The Island Hopper Sweepstakes


That was one of the most fun contests on Poptropica! To bad it was for the US peeps only. 😦 Anyway, the ticket hunting was still great, and the reward was fun itself! The winner was supposed to have a video call with the founder of Poptropica, Jeff Kinney, even though it hasn’t been uploaded on YouTube yet. As Skinny Moon said, the call has already been done, but before uploading it on YouTube she must do some edits and stuff. I’ve never heard of an edit that would take so much time to finish; the call was done one year ago! 😛

7. It being the 5th most searched video-game term on 2010


(special thanks to Tall Cactus)

On 2010, it was revealed that Poptropica was the 5th most popular searched term for the videogames category. That’s a pretty darn awesome achievement!

6. The Dream Island Contest

Hosted in 2013, the Create Your Dream Island contest is my personal favorite contest, even though I didn’t enter since is was for US only. And I didn’t even play Poptropica. Yeah… The winning island idea was Arabian Nights, which is one of my top 3 absolute favorite islands!

5. Their graphic novels

The Mystery of the Map graphic novel wasn’t so well-made, and I could say the same thing about the island bassed off it. The Lost Expedition was great, though. I can’t wait for the release of the Secret Society! 😀

4. Poptropica’s Nintendo games

Even though Poptropica Adventures and Forgotten Islands are really underrated, they’re really fun! I played Adventures once on my friend’s Nintendo, and I had a really awesome time. Most good stuff are underrated in this world…

3. Poptropica Realms

Originally named Poptropica Labs, then Poptropica Lands; Poptropica Realms is one of the greatest, most fun Poptropica bonuses. It’s like Minecraft, but in 2D. The graphics are stunning, the soundtracks were amazing, the visuals are awesome; what else can I say? It was just awesome!

2. Sound Updated Islands (SUIs)

I know that the majority of players hate Sound Updated Islands (SUIs), but I seriously don’t mind them as long as they’re not glitchy. They have sound effects! And music! The screen is larger! Admit it, SUIs made Poptropica a whole better game, even though they’re still tons of bugs to fix!

1. Poptropica Worlds

Remaking a whole game isn’t an easy job – there are tons of stuff to do – and when I say tons of stuff to do, I really mean it. There are graphics, stories, extras, bonuses, and of course, islands to be remastered. For anyone thinking Poptropica Worlds is going to be bad, just calm down! The Creators don’t want to ruin our favorite game, because it’s their favorite game too! Changes are for the best, am I right?

Anyway, thanks for reading! What do you think of this list? What’s your opinion? What topping list should I do next? Tell your thoughts in the comments! Also, keep in mind that you can always do guest posts, here, on Clawtropica. That was your friend, Purple Claw, signing out!

-PC out! 


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