Interviewing… A Girly Lime!

Hey there, Clawtropicans! Purple Claw here!

You’re probably confused by the title, aren’t ya? 😛 Well, I’m actually interviewing Ylimegirl!


Ylimegirl, also known as Ylime or Emily, is a teenage girl with a name that has too many ways to pronounce (why-lime? ee-lime?). Anyway, she’s a fun person with a cool personality. She’s also a former PHB author, and now she blogs at her own WordPress blog, that you should definitely check out! Now let’s get started with the interview, shall we?

PC: Hey, Ylime! Can you shortly describe yourself to us?

Ylime: Hello in return! I’m a slightly-awkward 16 year-old who tends to enjoy things marketed at younger target demographics.

PC: When and how did you discover Poptropica?

Ylime: It’s the most embarrassing thing, but for the life of me I can’t remember how I stumbled upon it! It was at some point during fifth grade, when pretty much everyone at my school was playing it, so it’s probable that either my friend told me to play or I decided to start playing since I saw other people playing it.

PC: Can you tell us what do you think about the upcoming Poptropica Worlds?

Ylime: Hang on, I should rewatch the trailer again before talking about it. … I think the idea sounds really neat and the characters design/layout look really dang neat! The animation for the trailer is a little choppy and “meh” though, maybe it’ll be different in the game. I’ve heard a few people mention the legs being too long, but I’m they look proportional to me! My one worry is that it’s in Unity, which doesn’t work with Chrome last time I checked, which is my browser of choice. Suppose I can’t really say much else since we don’t have much else to go on yet! Heh.

PC: What is your favorite food? What about your favorite color? 

Ylime: My favorite meal-food would be Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (I’m healthy), my favorite dessert-food would be dulce de leche ice cream (I’m healthy), and my favorite candy-food would be twix bars (I’m healthy). I like the colors in the blue/purple/pink region of the spectrum. 

PC: When did you join this fandom?

I was reading Fierce Moon’s blog back in 2011, but I didn’t really start being active in the community or anything until about two years ago when I made my first edit to the Poptropica Wikia Wiki.

PC: Do you enjoy being in this fandom?

Ylime: Yes! Everyone here is super nice and fun to talk to, and I’ve met so many lovely people here. It can be frustrating how little content we’ve been getting as of late, but I sure love the community.

PC: Do you enjoy blogging? What is the thing that inspired you to make your own blog?

Ylime: I wouldn’t be doing something like blogging if I wasn’t enjoying it – I don’t like to do things I don’t enjoy, unless it’s something I have to do, like school or sleep or shower or something. Hey, that’s some nice alliteration right there! At any rate this means that yes I enjoy blogging. I made my own WordPress blog since I’d been “blogging” over on my tumblr for years (I still do, it’s mostly memes and anime), but I realized I didn’t have much of a way of talking about things I liked in a proper format other than on the PHB, which I probably wasn’t going to be on forever – plus, I wanted to talk about non-Poptropica things. One quick URL grab later and Ylimegirl’s WordPress Blog was up and running, a slow run it may be.

PC: Is there anything you want to say to everyone that’s reading this post?

Ylime: Don’t look at my tumblr if you’re unprepared for teen content. Please be careful. (Another reason I made my WordPress: so younger fans could keep up with my mess of a life, heh)

PC: Thanks for the interview Em! Is there anyone you’d like to thank?

Ylime: No problem! Oh, this could be a while, let’s see… My parents, for raising me, my older sister, for helping me, my younger brother, for being my friend, my first cat, for tolerating me picking him up, my fourth cat, for being super playful, our current cats, for all being freaking adorable, caramel, for tasting so dang awesome, my elementary school teachers, for helping me learn things, the counselor at my school, for helping me stop saying the “th” sound as a “f” sound, my grandparents, for bringing us to New Hampshire every year, my other grandparents, for bringing us to Lake Tahoe every year, my parents (again), for bringing us to Disneyland (nearly) every year, my grandfather, for spotting the cool house we live in right now, my middle school math teacher, for making me interested in math for the first time in my life, my middle school science teacher, for helping me grow as a person, my therapist, for helping me discover myself, my dad (again), for having that old 80’s Rubik’s Cube that got me into the mess, the local library, for having all of those books I enjoyed, the elementary school librarian, for being such a sweetheart who let me organize books for her for fun, that parent volunteer, for teaching us origami every Tuesday at lunch in the library, my dad (third time’s the charm) for giving us lots of lego as kids, my mom, for doing the hardest relentless job in the world (being a stay-at-home-parent) every single day, my mom (again), for giving us barbie dolls as kids, my dad (fourth time’s the…. hm.), for getting us faster internet over the years, google, for attempting to give us free wifi but failing massively, Disney, for making some pretty awesome films, Pixar, for also making some awesome films, Dreamworks, for making a few films i enjoyed a little, barbie, for making some great films some mediocre ones and some terrible ones, my dad’s cousin or whoever, for getting married in mexico so i was able to visit that country, the elementary school administration, for setting up the eye test we did in 3rd grade that led to the discovery that my left eye was nearsighted, my mom (third time’s the charm) for letting me get various fanceh electronics like a 3DS and an iPhone, Jeff Kinney, for making a good game and a mediocre book series, and you all, for being such a great welcoming supportive wholesome community! There, I think I got everyone, phew.

… That last one was long! 😆 Thanks again Emily for letting me interview you! That sure was fun! Anyway, before I end this post, take your time to answer this poll:

I’m closing this poll on January 20th so make sure to vote as fast as you can!

-PC out!


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  1. Hi would you mind stating which blog platform you’re working with? I’m planning to start my own blog in the near future but I’m having a difficult time choosing between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design and style seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something completely unique. P.S Apologies for getting off-topic but I had to ask!

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