Poptropica Review: Time Tangled Island

Hey there, Clawtropicans! It’s me Purple Claw, and today I’m going to review Time Tangled Island! The reason why I’m doing this, is because Time Tangled is one of January’s IofMs. Please notice that this post contains spoilers, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, make sure to play this island before reading this review! Now, let’s get started, shall we?



A malfunctioning time machine has messed up history! It’s your job to go back in time and set things right in this online virtual world. Because if you don’t, who knows what the future will hold?

Time Tangled Island is Poptropica’s 3rd Island in chronological order and it released on 2008. It wasn’t a Sound Updated Island (SUI) back then, but it became one in late 2013. It’s not a really hard island, but it takes sometime to beat without a guide. By the way, if you’re having trouble beating this quest, feel free to check out our guide, written by our dearest Shaky Skunk!


When you land on the main street of Time Tangled Island, go right and you will be able to see a building that looks like a clock (it’s a lab actually) and a lady that’s happens to be a scientist. She’ll tell you to come inside, because there’s huge problem going on in the lab. In there, you’ll see a future machine and (guess what?) you have travel in it to see how the future of Poptropica is going to be like. Well, if you want my opinion, this ”future” looks really bad. And we have to fix it. (What did you expect?)


In there, you’ll also see yourself but 50 years older. He’ll tell you that’s the future is ruined and then give you a watch to repair the past so the future can be saved.


Then, all you have to do is repair the past by putting each object on the correct timeline. That’s basically it. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy the gameplay a lot, since the actions you do are pretty much the same: you have to ask one or two questions, find the missing object, and give it to its owner. That’s basically it.


I love the design Time Tangled! It’s just so amazing! Even though each time period has the same art style, they look so different! I also love the fact that most objects have some kind of texture.


And that’s not all! Just play this island, and you’ll see even more of these!


My favorite part on this island was the music. Why you might ask? Well, because each time period has a unique soundtrack! And my favorite one was… ALL OF THEM!! I simply can’t chose!


Well, the time has come, Clawtropicans. I give Time Tangled Island a…

…2.5 out of 5 stars!


Time Tangled is okay, but it’s not the best. Without the soundtracks and the cool art, I would have rated this island with a 1/5 stars. It’s not very challenging, it has a poor storyline and gameplay, and it’s kinda boring…

But, without Time Tangled, Poptropica Islands wouldn’t have improved at all! This island was the start of something new. We have to be in the dark to shine, right?

Well, anyway, I hope you enjoyed this island review! Stay tuned because I’m writing another review for Arabian Nights Island, which is also one of January’s IotM. Well, that will be all! 👏👏

-PC out! pc-emoji


10 thoughts on “Poptropica Review: Time Tangled Island

  1. I remember before i made my account I would always make random poptropicans because I do not know how to save them. And I didi not know that you have to beat islands and that stuff so mostly I was just wondering around. I remember when i went into the time machine I had no idea what do to and I was 6 years old so everytime i would go into the time machine and into the future i would be stuck and have to make a new poptropican 🙂

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