The Mighty Adventures Of Brave Noodle: Prologue

Note: Before I start I want to let you know that the prologue is a little lame, but the actual chapters are going to be more interesting. Anyway, if you missed the announcement, click here.


On the prisoner realm, the place where Poptropica Realm’s baddest villains live, exists a creature made of darkness, called Creepy Shadow. No one knew if he was a villain or not, he just called the prison a home. One day, a wormhole appears  and throws out a teenage boy from another world…

Creepy Shadow: Hello, little friend.

Brave Noodle: Where am I? What just happened?

Creepy Shadow: There are many things you don’t know, there are many things you’re going to discover…

Brave Noodle: What the heck are you talking about?

Creepy Shadow: You’ll find out soon enough…

Brave Noodle: Why do you always talk with riddles?

Creepy Shadow: Why do you make so many questions?

Brave Noodle: Look, I was finishing my homework, and then I received a package with this weird thing in it, and when I touched it, a crazy wormhole sucked me into this miserable place! How can I not ask questions? How can I not be curious about this place?

Creepy Shadow: Well, you are in the prisoner realm. This realm is full of bad Poptropicans who broke the law.

Brave Noodle: That means that you are a villain too, right?

Creepy Shadow: Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. By the way, I’m Creepy Shadow, how about you?

Brave Noodle: My name’s Brave Noodle and I really want to get home.

Creepy Shadow: Then why don’t you try to use that thing again?

Brave Noodle: Good idea! *tries to press the button* It’s not working! What do I do now?

Creepy Shadow: Then, I guess you have to stay on this realm… Maybe even forever.

Brave Noodle: *sigh* I will miss my family and friends…

Creepy Shadow: I never had a family. Or any friends. But the truth is, you can never miss something you never had, I feel bad for you.

Brave Noodle: I can be your friend. *smiles*

*then, a deep voice is heard by a villain known as Zeus*

Zeus: Did I miss anything important? *says sarcastically*

To be continued…


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