The Mighty Adventures Of Brave Noodle: Chapter 1




Creepy Shadow: Oh no! It’s Zeus! Run!!

Brave Noodle: What will happen to you?

Creepy Shadow: Just go!

Creepy Shadow magically disappears

Brave Noodle: Wow!

Zeus: *sees Brave Noodle running as fast as he can* Where do you think you’re going?! I ain’t done with you!

Brave Noodle: *keeps running* Ugh! Where am I going now?! *starts crying*

Zeus: * while flying* What brought you here? Who are you? What do you want in my kingdom?!

Brave Noodle: The only thing I want is to go back home, I don’t want anything to do with you!

Zeus: You can’t. There’s no leaving this realm until you get your punishment. *shoots a lightning bolt at Brave Noodle*

Brave Noodle: Ugh! *falls*

A couple of hours later…

Brave Noodle: Where am I?

Random prisoner: You’re in Zeus’ dungeon, silly! And you’re in luck: I’ll be your cagemate! Get it? Ha, ha!

Brave Noodle: Yeah, unfortunately… Anyway, who are you?

Random Person: I don’t know! Zeus punished me 10 years ago and made me crazy. Well, I don’t think I’m crazy anyway. Am I silly? I like yogurt rainbows, by the way!

Brave Noodle: Not silly at all.

Guard: STOP TALKING! Zeus will be here any second now, and he wants pure silence!

Brave Noodle: Um, okay…

*Zeus arrives*

Zeus: Well, well, well, we meet again, my friend.

Brave Noodle: We never were friends. *stares madly at Zeus*

Guard: Don’t be rude to our majesty!

Zeus: Don’t worry, I can handle that. You can have the day off.

Guard: Really? Thanks! *runs away*

Zeus: As for you… You’re getting burned! *looks at Brave Noodle and prepares to shoot a lightning bolt*

Silly Person: Don’t hurt him!

Zeus: What do you want?

Silly Person: Don’t hurt him! What did he even do?

Zeus: He stepped in my kingdom!

Silly Person: It’s not your kingdom! This is a prison for bad villains!


Brave Noodle: Wow, rude.

Zeus: I’ve had about enough of this! Prepare to get hurt, BOTH OF YOU!

*Suddenly a blue light comes out of Brave Noodle’s bag, he opens it and finds that crazy button that trapped him in this world, he presses the button and then a wormhole appears*

Brave Noodle: Um, sir, would you like to come with me?

Silly Person: Nah, I’m good. I’m too crazy to feel pain anyway.

Brave Noodle: As you wish. Well, bye! *smirks and jumps in the wormhole*

Zeus: Where are you going?! I haven’t finished with you! *yells madly*

*The wormhole leads Brave Noodle to another world*

Brave Noodle: What’s this place? Where am I now? Why wasn’t the watch working before? What’s going on? Where am I going now?? I’m freaking out!!!

*Then, a girl comes up to Brave Noodle*

Girl: Dude! Why are you talking to yourself?

Brave Noodle: I’m freaking out! I can’t understand anything in here! Where in the world am I?!

Girl: You are in Cheesedonia, man!

Brave Noodle: So, everything here is made of cheese?

Girl: Yup! By the way, I’m Liza, what about you?

Brave Noodle: My name’s Brave Noodle!

Liza: He, he! Nice to meet you!

Brave Noodle, smiling: Now let’s eat! I’m starving!

Liza: Sure! It’s almost lunch time! *smiles back* What should we eat? A house or flowers?

Brave Noodle: Both! Flowers go first!

Liza: Sure, dude!

On the prisoner realm…

Zeus: I’m going to find you, Brave Noodle, and when I do…

Guard: Relax, dude! He did nothing bad to you…

Zeus: Oh, I know that. But there’s something suspicious about him… Something I haven’t seen in years…

Guard: And what’s that?

Zeus: SHUT UP!

To be continued…


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