Hopping Right In!

*hop, hop, hop* Oh, hello!

I’m G-Hopper, known as Cuddly Brain on Poptropica, but you can call me G, and I’m glad glad glad (totally from Our Discovery Island) to say that I am Clawtropica’s newest author!

I currently work on Cuddly Knuckle’s Poptropica Blog and own a blog called the Brainy Pop Blog.

Well then, let’s get into a bit about me…

I’m just a normal boy from America who loves Poptropica. I love the colors blue and orange, and I like to play Minecraft and Pokemon Go. My username on Poptropica is Wheze4 if you’d like to add me. I’m usually the shy or nerdy part of groups, but I’m really happy to be here, on this amazing blog!



I hope you all like me! Anyways… see ya!


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About Ren

Any pronouns, level 14. Poptropica blogging since 2016, friendly neighborhood PHC mod. Musician-author person of sorts. Have a beautiful day guys, gals, & nonbinary pals. 🙆

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