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A Poptropican Summer


Happy summer (and winter to those below the equator), Poptropicans!

Summer is a great season in Poptropica, with many events leading up to the school year. This is how to play, the summer way! As we go, I shall create some things related to summer, incorporating Poptropica. Let’s start the road trip!

Islands of the Summer

Many islands in the world of Poptropica contain vacation-like elements, such as the following: Reality TVShark ToothNabootiPoptropiConMonster CarnivalWimpy BoardwalkBack LotPoptropolis Games, and Skullduggery.

Reality TV- well, takes place on a tropical island? Doesn’t it just scream vacation to you? It also has a large mountain, which are common on islands, coconuts, and turtles. From statues to palm trees, RTV whips you into a televised vacation. In Shark Tooth… a shark. It also takes place in a tropical location, which gives the feel of traveling the world during the season. Shark attacks are very common at this time, considering it is the summer time. Moving on to Nabooti, it just gives me the feel of traveling the world again.

PoptropiCon, a decent episodic island, is also a good one due to being based off of San Diego’s ComicCon, which mostly commences in July, a summer month. Monster Carnival is also fitting because a good time for carnivals is usually during times of fun and sunshine. Simply, carnivals are select for midsummer nights. Also, have you noticed the beautiful sunsets in this island? Oh my gosh, they’re amazing along with the scenery.

Wimpy Boardwalk? It’s… a beach. Do I have to explain this one? Just a beach, a boardwalk, both are summer elements. Anyways, moving on! On Back Lot, we have more amazing sunsets, and that’s just about it there. Over with the Poptropolis Games, it’s very appropriate for the occasion of the Summer Olympics. Which, obviously take place at this time!

To finish it off. Skullduggery Island also gives the feel of traveling the world. And ships, boats, sandy shores, vast oceans? This is something alright! Also… you thought it was over, but there’s one last island: Crisis Caverns. A Poptropica Worlds island! (Yes, even more world travel.) Many Americans and others around the world head west to Yellowstone National Park, which Caldera State Park is mostly likely based off of, having geysers and supervolcanoes. To make this not long, moving on!

Sandy Store Cards

Many store cards also give summer feels, many of them. Poptropica Worlds also has some summer outfits, along with the original Poptropica’s.

Some things in the store for the summertime are an Ice Cream costume, Spray TanScuba GearMythology Surfer, Tiger SharkHammerhead Shark, several Pirate costumes, the Big Burger costume, the Hot Dog outfit, FireworksSilly Streams, the Poptropican-sized Beach BallMeteor Shower, a Pufferfish costume, a Diving Suit, the Burnt Orange Tan PowerHeat Wave, and the Beach Umbrella. These all represent our current season.

The Events

Oh, I said it. A great part in the community itself is our summertime events. Don’t you know what I’m talking about? Yes, yes, none other than the Poppies! The annual awards, hosted by the PHB! As you know already, the blog you’re reading right now, Clawtropica, was nominated for Best Active Fan Blog. Now that voting’s closed, we can only hope y’alls voted for us!

Oh, um, also, yeah, me, myself, G-Hopper, was nominated for Best MPIP! Thanks to all the nominators and all the support! Now consider the following:


Trash photo editing provided by a G-Hopper without a computer, outside of his home state. (We hope you did what the image said!)

New updated and probably more socially acceptable photo editing by Purple Claw, with Adobe Photoshop, inside his room.

Enjoy your summer (or winter), Poptropicans! We sure hope you have tons and tons of fun!

P.S: Sorry for the inactivity! This summer has been filled with family time, life and all. Let’s hope for more posts by me!


Poptropica Worlds FAQ: Answers!

Heyo Hop-tropicans! Today, Skinny Moon made a post on the Creator’s Blog where the FAQ on Poptropica Worlds were answered! Shall we get straight into it?

Will Poptropica be shut down when Poptropica Worlds comes out?
No. You will still be able to play Poptropica when Poptropica Worlds debuts.

Can my Poptropican play Poptropica Worlds?
Yes! Your Poptropican can play both Poptropica and Poptropica Worlds.

What can my Poptropican bring from Poptropica to Poptropica Worlds?
You can port over your Poptropican’s basic look and name.

Will there be a Poptropica Worlds app?
Yes, and Poptropica Worlds is cross-platform. That means when you play through some of an Island in the app, you can continue it on the web, and vice versa. If you change your Poptropican’s look on the web, they’ll look the same on the app.

Will you put any new Islands on Poptropica?
All new Islands will be released for Poptropica Worlds only.

Will Poptropica Worlds have some Islands from Poptropica?
There will be a mix of remastered Poptropica Islands and brand new ones in Poptropica Worlds! They won’t be released all at once — remember, it took 9 years to build all those Islands on Poptropica — but you can look forward to lots of cool stuff in 2017!

Is it true I’ll have my own house in Poptropica Worlds?
Yes, when we launch Poptropica Worlds you’ll be able customize the inside of your very own home. As the year goes on, we’ll be rolling out more features and customization options.

Can I customize my Poptropican?
Yes, you’ll still be able to customize your Poptropican’s hair, skin color, and clothes — and you’ll be able to pick your own first and last name!

Will Poptropica Worlds have memberships?
Yes, and membership will give you access to lots of awesome members-only stuff!

Will Poptropica Worlds have multiplayer features?
Yes, but not right away. One of our first priorities: Giving you the ability to invite friends to your house.

Will there be other things to do in Poptropica Worlds besides playing Islands?
Yes! You’ll have to wait and see what we have in store for you…

By the way, what’s taking so long for Poptropica Worlds to come out?
We care very much about our players and take your blog posts to heart. We want to make the game as good as we can for EVERYONE — that means people who play on mobile and on the web. And perfecting all of those platforms takes time.

And one more thing: It drives me crazy that Poptropica only goes up to age 15. Can you fix that in Poptropica Worlds?
We hear you and yes, you can pick your age in Poptropica Worlds!

Wait! One more question! Will Dr. Hare still be in Poptropica Worlds?
Oh yes, and he’ll be badder and schemier than ever!

These answers to these many questions sure makes my mind create what it could like. (Yes, I’m that kind of person who creates pictures in his mind.) Houses… remastered islands… everything! So hyped for Poptropica Worlds! I love it all! But the pic… looks very different than the trailer. Nice to see that. It looks really new and shiny.

Sorry if this post was short! I was in a bit of a hurry, since I’ve got lots more work to do!


The trolls have come to Pop!

Well, hey Hop-tropicans! I’m back with a brand new ad! The ad is for the movie Trolls… let’s get started!

This ad has a building for it, and you need to check various islands for this ad, as there are many other ads. *Recommended Island: Spy Island

You’ll come to a mound (building) with Branch and Poppy standing outside. Of course you’ll walk in, right?


This advertisement building is none other than an amazing common room! Inside, you can find Hair Whip (which is next to Poppy), and a dummy with a costume depending on the gender. For boys: Branch. For Girls: Poppy.


I’ve been troll-ified!

Oh, and there’s this little guy who makes sparkles fall on your screen if you click him. 😛


Well, this was a quite trolly Poptropica ad! The colors, costumes, all that stuff, I’d give this ad an…


The readers: why is he rating an ad? 

Me: Because I can. I am now an… advertisement critic!

Well, uh, I guess this a bit of a weird ending. -runs away-

Top 5 Fun But Random Things To Do

NOTE BY PC: This post marks something really important about this blog, it’s our 100th post! And who doesn’t love Top 5s or our friend, G? 😛


Hello everybody! G is back, and I’m doing a Top 5 list! This list has things to do for fun, and are just a bit random. I hope you try this stuff, as I really enjoy these random activities!

5. Play the Nabooti minecart game againscreenshot_83

To actually play this game, you must go to the Diamond Mines on Nabooti Island. The goal is to ride that minecart while dodging obstacles, like ducking to not hit your head, and jumping over spike thing-majigs. This game is quite fun, but if you don’t agree, of course you don’t have to play it again!

4. Find random NPCs with the same color hair and skin on old islands like Early Poptropica


 Yeah…this is pretty funny, just imagine your hair being the same color as your hair! It just looks so ugly…that girl’s hair just doesn’t cooperate with her skin. Same goes for this guy. Although it’s weird, the fun part is to make fun of these weirdo NPCs! Right?

3. Go crazy with your flying power on Super Power Island


I’m sure most of you love to do this. Having the power of flight…you can do the impossible! There’s also little clouds that look like farts when you fly, so there’s a bit of comedy there. Take that, Mocktropica safety person! Now we don’t fall off of buildings!

2. Play around with your horse on Wild West Island


Yee haw! Yee haw! Nothin’ like ridin’ this guy for fun! You can go fast, jump gracefully, and “trample” people! 😛 This horse is so beautiful, and can reach pretty nice heights! The animation is really amusing! Keep ridin’ this cool horse!

and number 1… drumroll, please

Ba dum, ba dum, ba dum, ba dum…Number 1 is…

Robbie Rotten! JK, JK, saying “number 1” just made me think of that.

The real number 1 is…

1. Mess with the power lines on Spy Island


YES. I LOVE THIS. I have done this for a while now, and I’ll teach you how to do this amazing trick! First, obtain the Grappling Bowtie, then when you’re own the power lines, aim down. This will bring you down to the ground, taking the line with you! The best part is jumping up, and walking around. This is by far my favorite random thing to do.

Well, that’s it, guys! My first list went pretty well! I hope you all enjoyed, now goodbye!

-Hops away-

Moana Ad: Lego Edition

Hey Hop-tropicans! G is back with a new advertisement!

The advertisement is Lego Moana, and all you have to do is watch a video!


After you watch it, you’ll get the prize called Crazy Kakamora.


When you press the spacebar while equipped, the Kakamora will go crazy across your screen!


It’s actually quite satisfying, and remember, don’t judge an ad prize by it’s card.

What do you think? Anyway, goodbye everyone!

Beach Party, meet App!

Waddup everyone! G is back bringing you a short post regarding the Poptropica App!

The new store items that were added recently have come to the Poptropica App! And I heard-they’re FREE!


These items will be listed now with their genders.

Spray Tan! (for everyone)

White Terrier (for everyone)

Tabby Cat (for everyone)

Tropic Beachwear 1 (male)

Tropic Beachwear 2 (male)

Scuba Gear (for everyone)

Tropic Outfit 1 (female)

Tropic Outfit 2 (female)

Have fun with your new stuff, app players!


DS = Dabbalicious Sushi

Story of Dabbalicious Sushi

One day, at school, we were making team names. One group had a great name, none other than Dabbalicious Sushi. One member LOVED sushi, all the others were so dabbalicious.


Hopping Right In!

*hop, hop, hop* Oh, hello!

I’m G-Hopper, known as Cuddly Brain on Poptropica, but you can call me G, and I’m glad glad glad (totally from Our Discovery Island) to say that I am Clawtropica’s newest author!

I currently work on Cuddly Knuckle’s Poptropica Blog and own a blog called the Brainy Pop Blog.

Well then, let’s get into a bit about me…

I’m just a normal boy from America who loves Poptropica. I love the colors blue and orange, and I like to play Minecraft and Pokemon Go. My username on Poptropica is Wheze4 if you’d like to add me. I’m usually the shy or nerdy part of groups, but I’m really happy to be here, on this amazing blog!



I hope you all like me! Anyways… see ya!