Top 5 Scariest Characters in Poptropica

Hey guys! It’s me, Purple Claw with another Top 5 list! It has been a while since I made a Top 5 List, so it’s time I revive the series…

Most of Poptropicans are harmless and good, but not everyone is that way…Some of them are weird, creepy and scary! On this Top 5 List, I will feature a few of the scariest Poptropicans ever existed!


5. Count Bram

Count Bram is a vampire on Vampire Curse Island. And he’s a psycho. He kidnaps Katya, thinking she’s her dead wife and then tries to kill you! Now tell me, who does that?!? He is also really, really spooky.

4. Zeus

Zeus is just freaky. He always appears out of nowhere and has an ugly face. He tricked us by taking the five rare items for himself, to rule all of Poptropica. On Super Villain Island he tricks us again by stealing the four totems of the four most dangerous Poptropica villains. No one likes you, Zeus. You have done too many bad things, at least I hope you learned your lesson.

3. Binary Bard

Boy, where do I even begin?
That guy looks like an evil clown ready to murder you. Sorry Binary Bard fans, but that’s the truth. He kills his own pet ( Rip Merlin 😦 ), attacks planets for fun, makes experiments that are both illegal and unnatural and kidnaps princesses. Scary!

2. Ringmaster Raven

At first I thought Ringmaster Raven was a good person, that would actually help you though Monster Carnival island, but I was so wrong! That guy turned everyone into a monster! I mean, who does that?! Which Poptropican can be worse than Ringmaster Raven? Well it’s…

1. Myron Van Buren


First, he obliges you to hunt with him on the big hunt. Then, he locks you in a room that looks more like a prison. And at last, he explains us that the quarry for the hunt is going to be you! Eek, MVB is a cannibal.

Well, that was it, Poptropicans! Hope you enjoyed my Top 5 List! That was PC signing off ’til my next post

-Phantom Claw

19 thoughts on “Top 5 Scariest Characters in Poptropica

  1. Technically, Van Buren isn’t a cannibal… though I do see where you’re coming from there.

    After reading the details of what Van Buren does to you, it relates to the story “The Most Dangerous Game” (as noted on the PHB), and I found a couple of excerpts from the story, in one, a character asks if there’s cannibals on an island they’re passing, and the other replies with “Even cannibals wouldn’t live in such a God-forsaken place.”; in the other, it describes a different character as having a smile that showed “red lips and pointy teeth”, which is what some people visualize a cannibal to look like; in yet another excerpt, the red lipped, pointy-teethed guy does the same kind of thing as Van Buren.

    Just a quick thing I noticed. I would tell more, but I’ll spare you the details. Besides, I need to get to work on something for the Pop community.

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      • It wasn’t a post. If you go to the guides section on the PHB and click on Survival, usually it should show you some fun facts about the island at the bottom of the page, before the comments. If you want to actually see the story Survival Episodes 4-5 are based on, just Google “The Most Dangerous Game PDF”. That’s how I was able to get it on my school iPad.

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      • Actually, now that I see it, I can technically just copy what it says:

        “Starting from Episode 4, the story is loosely based on the 1924 short story “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell. In it, big-game hunter General Zaroff intends to hunt humans who end up on his island, much like Myron Van Buren of Survival Island. The story is referenced in a newspaper clipping found on the wall of Van Buren’s trophy room, which says: “Myron Van Buren, the last descendent of the legendary Van Buren hunting family, continues his family’s quest to seek out ever more *dangerous game.*”

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