Twitter Brings Us Skinny Moon To The PHC Summer Party

That was a long title!

So, hello guys! PC here with some fresh, awesome Poptropica community news. So let’s get started, shall we?

  • Skinny Moon is on the PHC?!

Yes, people. The Poptropica Creators finally came to the ultimate Poptropica fan universe. That means we get to hang out with a creator! Isn’t that great?


  •  Our old Poptropica is safe! Well kinda…

A Poptropica youtuber, PoptropicaPerfectSky which is also on twitter asked Skinny Moon about the Poptropica 2.0. Here is what she said her:


Our old Poptropica is safe, kinda (as I said once :D) So the all-new Poptropica will not change EVERYTHING as many people thought.

My dear friend Shaky Skunk, asked a question too:


When Skinny Moon answers I will retweet that on my timeline. So stay tuned!

  • The newest PHC party is on Monday!

I don’t have much to say here because Mighty Gamer did it on this PHB post.

The only thing I have to say is that I’m really exited for this party! I never have been there before and that could be a great experience for me!

  • Idk’s sneak peeks.

PHC member and glitcher idk found…guess what? Crisis Caverns Sneak Peeks! You can check them out right here.

That’s for today guys! This was the Purple Claw, sign off until my next post.

May the purple power be with you!

-PC out!



15 thoughts on “Twitter Brings Us Skinny Moon To The PHC Summer Party

  1. Hey, glitchers gonna glitch and haters gonna hate. Idk did that for you guys (the public) so you shouldn’t call him a “spoiler alert” but instead you should be grateful. Also, Slinny Moon is just worried that people are going to get really excited and then become disappointed because not everything behind the scenes actually makes it to poptropica. So that’s that.

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  2. haY Pc! ( HeHE that should be your rappa name :3 ) How long has u had dis awesum blog rite here? Wait I need to talk English…
    How long have you had this blog? :3

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