6 + 2 Awesome Moments on Worlds, Feat. Dr. Hare’s Revenge for all & Livestream #5

Hey there, good players of Poptropicans!

It’s Purple Claw here bringing you all an abundance of Poptropica news!

To start off, the new mini-game Dr. Hare’s Revenge is now open to all! It’s still in beta, which means it’s not quite finalized, and you can leave feedback in a survey that will pop up after you finish a zone in the game.


Dr. Hare’s Revenge was released for members only as a beta two-and-a-half weeks ago. Also, if you’re playing from your mobile device, you get to try a new control scheme, with a virtual joystick and jump button!

The basic gist of this game is that you have to stop Dr. Hare from getting his revenge by going to different types of areas called zones and collecting all the carrots. There are four zones, each one consisting of 10 levels each. After you finish the first zone, you’ll be asked to fill out a quick survey, which will help the Creators gauge players’ thoughts on this game and plan out what to put out next on Poptropica!

Over on YouTube, Poptropica uploaded a video titled 6 AWESOME Moments in Poptropica Worlds where Gentle Lion (a newer narrator we’ve been hearing more from) shares his 6 favorite moments from Worlds. Check it out:

Here is his list of awesome moments, summarized below:

  1. The Carrot Museum: It’s a great place to learn more about carrots, their origins and what they do.
  2. The journey to the lair of the mole people: On Crisis Caverns Island, you’ll come across a civilization of mole people, who are in a war against the chthonians.
  3. Finding hidden quests: You don’t always have to follow a single path! You should try to talk to every person you meet and have an eye on the hidden quests that aren’t required, but are fun!
  4. Infiltrating 24 Carrot Island’s factory: This island is all about sneaking in the factory and prevent Dr. Hare from mind-controlling everyone in the world of Poptropica
  5. Escaping the center of the earth: Even after you put an end to the war the mole people have against the chthonians, the supervolcano is going to erupt anyway so you have to hurry up and get out of the underground as fast as possible!
  6. Adventures you make yourself: the ways you can costumize yourself, decorate the house, and adventure is unique and different from anyone else’s.

Over here, we have a sneaking suspicion that Gentle Lion may be the mystery blogger over at the Creators’ Blog, since his character in this video (and recent videos and blog posts) wears the same sunglasses as the blond guy we saw in earlier screenshots.

His voice in the videos suggests he’s pretty young, which may explain his inexperience with writing. Again, this is just a theory, not proof — but he is doing a great job on these videos, so we hope to keep seeing more of them!

In other Pop YouTube news, another new-ish Creator, Stephanie, hosted livestream #5 this Friday, October 20 at 3 PM EST. Catch the archived video below:

In this episode, Stephanie spent more time decorating her house, this time exploring the members-only house expansion (extra room) feature. She’s spent the last couple of livestream episodes talking about houses, so personally, I’d like to see something new next time. I really wish they made more stuff about Poptropica Original, since there’s way more content over there.

Regardless, I found the video pretty interesting, and I’m glad the quality of each livestream keeps improving. It looks like the videos are starting to be more consistent, too, so perhaps we can keep expecting them on Fridays at about 3 PM EST. Whenever they’ll be, we can be sure to expect a new livestream every week!

Last but not least, Poptropica Comics are back! Check out the newest adventures following Oliver and Jorge on an island of nice people, then werewolves, then a sneeze-inducing moon over on GoComics (which got a redesign back in January):

The Poptropica GoComics site now has an About page, which introduces the comic and cast. Unlike the graphic novel series, Mya is not part of the comics.

comic boys

There is also a mobile app for the Pop comics, but it doesn’t seem to be updated, and the FunBrain page for Pop comics has strangely disappeared. But on GoComics, a new comic strip has been coming out every few days or so, so hopefully that keeps going!

Anyway, thanks for reading this post! What do you think of these updates? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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A Decade Full of Adventure — Happy (late) Birthday Poptropica!

Hey there Clawtropicans, it’s Purple Claw, and yes, I know I’ve been inactive (I majorly apologize), but I’ll keep that topic for another post. Trust me; it’s pretty interesting. 😉 With that said, let’s get pop in, shall we?

Marketing_image_10th_birthday2 (1)

So, as always, the Creators released a birthday costume to celebrate their tenth birthday, and the iconic animal for this celebration is a creepy monkey! The creators said that it will also be added to Poptropica Worlds, and it did, but it got deleted, but now it’s back again!


pic by Fishy ^^

The creators also threw a party (I wasn’t invited), and they seemed to have some fun, so I’m sharing a couple of images here, but feel free to check out the original post, by cliking here.

Hmm, I’m a tad disappointed. Not with the birthday updates, but that post. It doesn’t say too much about their birthday, and it seems kinda… bland… Don’t get me started with that title…

I’m sorry unknown blogger, we appreciate your effort to make new posts for us, but you’ll have to try better than that. Check out Skinny Moon’s post about Poptropica’s 9th Birthday — it may not have been the best birthday party (or at least, as good as the last one), but the post was really good. At least she knew how to hyperlink.

This tenth anniversary was actually nothing special…. Or, at least, until you realize a freaking membership contest happened!! (Just a heads up, the contest is now closed)


I won’t get into the details, but you can read the rules and all that jazz right here. While I do agree that this is a really good business idea, giving just 1-month membership to everyone is, well, a bit of a waste of time, at least for me (it’s just one month). That’s why I didn’t finish my piece in the first place.

So, the contest is over now (because I’m always late), but congrats to all the winners! That includes Gentle Spinner, Hyper Gamer (a Clawtropica author!), Fearless Lizard, Young Cloud, Maroon Jumper (AKA Lilly from the Pop Blog!), Thirsty Seal, Friendly Grape (love the illustrations!), Wild Bubbles, Striped Dolphin, AND Jumpy Coyote (Yujo from the PHC!). You can check their entries here. ^^

Soo… I haven’t read all of them yet, and they’re all really good (what do you expect, they’re the winners) but I really, really like Lilly’s entry. It’s a pretty interesting idea, and I hope if becomes a full island one day.

I’m sorry for everyone who couldn’t finish their entry in time, or that didn’t have any ideas.

There are also some other less major news, such us Poptropica finally being active on their YouTube channel (I knew subbing to them was worth it). They’ve made two livestreams and one top five list, and they’re very interesting, if I have to say so myself.

The one playing is named Stephanie, a Creator we’ve never been introduced to before. She’s a really nice person, and some people think it may also be the new social media person, though it might also be an artist or a writer or whatever. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Even though there have been some issues with echoes and the recording, I recommend checking out those videos, because they’re pretty cool.

Well, thanks for reading this huge post! I’m glad to be back, and I hope you’ll find my future posts interesting and if you have a suggestion for anything, please comment below! Thanks for reading, and happy October!

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Poptropica is such an amazing game that I can see myself playing it as a grandpa (if Pop is still alive by then).

Reviewing the Rebooted: CP Island vs Worlds

Hey Clawtropicans, it’s your friend Purple Claw!

A couple of days ago, I decided to install Club Penguin Island on my phone, and later on I though: ”Hey, I should compare this with Poptropica Worlds, since I have nothing better to do they’re both reboots of original popular virtual worlds.” So here you have it.


You may have read the other comparison I’ve written about half a year ago about Club Penguin with Poptropica; if not you can read it here. In that post, I said that Poptropica was better than CP (which still is, in my opinion), but when I look back at it, I have to admit that Club Penguin was pretty cool, there was a lot of potential in that game (you can only miss something when you lose it).

Anyway, with that said, let’s get started!


Club Penguin Island is interesting… to say at least. It’s just like Club Penguin, but… ugh… with smaller space & built with CGI, which makes me want to throw my phone in the fire and watch it burn with a dying passion (that didn’t happen, fortunately). Let’s just say… we’re not off to a good start… But, for real, it’s not really the best game ever, and neither it is the worst.

I wouldn’t care about the CGI animation if it was an original game, but this is a sequel to a popular game, and it’s made by DISNEY. FREAKING DISNEY. The masters of animation! How could they make this game look so… crappy?! Well, if you’re wondering the same thing; don’t worry – I have the answer. They were lazy. That’s it.

The space is also an issue – I mean, there are some cool things, like all the hidden Easter eggs and the spectacular underwater place (forgot its name, going to talk about it below), which happens to be my favorite thing in the entire game, but… after you discover everything, there’s pretty much nothing to do, and you’ll get bored eventually, even as a member.


Only FOUR freaking areas…

The Underwater Cave is simply stunning – there’s just so much beauty over there, which makes it the best place in the whole island! The art is very pleasing, and it’s really fun discovering all the cool hidden stuff. It’s also a really great way to earn coins. The best part of the game. Period.

The game is fully pay-to-play. I’m not even kidding, non-members can’t even wear clothes (so many naked penguins…). A big part of CPI are the missions, which isn’t a bad thing, but, oh no — all of them are members-only. And here I thought the original Club Penguin was bad… The worst thing is that CPI has only one mini-game, but guess what? Members-only! What else did could you expect from the most greedy company in the world?


We’ve got to have MONEY!

As of now, Club Penguin Island is horrible and I give it a W for Waste of time (except from the underwater treasure thing; that was incredible!), I don’t know if this game will improve or not, but as of now, it’s failure — its rating on Google Play is 2.6 stars (what a surprise!), so I’m not the only one who hates it.

By the way, if you miss the old game, you’re in luck, because you can still play it! Some fans re-made the original game and it’s AWESOME – you get free membership! It’s called Club Penguin Rewritten, and you can check it out right here. ^^



Pop Worlds definitely isn’t the best game ever, or, at least better than the original, but it does have some potential. Please notice that I might be a tiny bit bias (since this is a Poptropica-based fan blog), but I try to see both the positive and the negative side of things. Let’s get started!

There’s far too little content. With a total of two islands (excluding Home Island), there isn’t much to do on Poptropica Worlds after decorating your house until there’s nothing else to add, making the perfect outfit, etc. I believe that won’t be an issue in the future, since new content is being added really frequently (also, it’s September, which means Poptropica’s birthday month!).


The game is too glitchy and takes a bit too much to load. While most of the annoying glitches have been fixed (Bleachy Boy is gone), but there are still a few. But what annoys me the most is how laggy the game is. It takes so much time to load, and it slows down my computer a lot. I really hope this issue will be fixed.

The art direction is pure gold – I don’t think you can disagree with me on that one. Since the creators use Unity instead of Flash, it gives the backgrounds a more deep and realistic look. The lighting and shading also deserves to be praised.


Some new features are great – houses, buying individual costume parts on the store, the new and really helpful closet and the quest log are great! They make the game much cooler and they’re a great addiction to PW.

Non-Members don’t have as much freedom to buy everything – but no, the game still isn’t pay-to-play, and the creators said they want to keep the fun experience for everyone. You can read this rant I wrote, Lilly’s rant on the Pop Blog, or this PHB analysis written by Fishy.


I’m not 100% happy with Poptropica Worlds, but I can see the improvement the creators are doing, so kudos to them! But my rating as of now is E for Eh, could be better. Hope to see more stuff in the future.

I really miss the old CP and Poptropica, but we can still play them, at least. While I don’t have high hopes for CPI, I do thing Pop Worlds is going to improve, since it pretty much follows the old formula that made Poptropica so nice (like sugar and spice) in the first place.

And last, but not least the creators released a new follower, on Poptropica Original! Look at it; it’s so adorable!!


It’s… It’s just on the app. 😀

I’m officially scared right now. The post also came with two typos (update ‘you’ app), and seemed a bit rushed (#BringBackSkinnyMoon). I don’t know what to expect from Poptropica’s 10th anniversary anymore… That is if we get more crap like that.

(I still think the follower is cute, though).

We Have Freed the 15!

Still needs work.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Yeah, finally posting. Well, I have good news! We freed the 15 items for Poptropica Worlds! If you don’t have any clue what I’m talking about, here’s a link to PC’s blog post about it! (If I didn’t break it.) Anyways, instead of just the 15 items, they’ve given us 21! Some are:

  • A shark sculpture that looks like it came straight from Shark Tooth
  • A baseball (I ain’t sporty. That’s SB.)
  • Possibly a tropical-themed lamp?
  • A shower (Subtle hint creators.)
  • A microwave (for our Ramen, right?)
  • A mechanical thing that’s either a thermostat or weird gameboy for your wall.
  • A really fancy chandelier
  • A cool art desk. (Which I added. Cause I’m me)

Other items also include three wallpapers, two beds, two bedside cabinets, a window, an ironing table thing, a Skullduggery picture to hang on the wall (more foreshadowing??), an inguana pet, and a new modern cozy couch!

This is crazy cool. This honestly makes me think that they’re gonna update a heck of a ton more now! (Or they’re stalling. Oh hush little pessimist in my head!) Anyways, I bought the statue and was gonna put in my little art corner. The only setback was….


Ignore the hair, I had a dying incident. *Sigh*

It’s freaking huge. Into the corner with it! Where it will fit since I don’t do much on the bottom floor. Erm, anyways. So I would recommend going out and buying the stuff! And that’s it for now tonight! Lucky Wing signing out – bai guys!

Escape Cryptids with the #FreeThe15 Challenge

Hey there, good players of Poptropica!

It’s me, Purple Claw, with some interesting news — the unknown Creators are hosting another challenge (there was also the visitors’ center challenge that we didn’t post about, but you can check it out here) that you should all know about! Let’s get started, shall we?

FreeThe15_1080x1350 (002).jpg

So basically, the Creators are releasing 15 new house decor items, and we have to be the ones that have make that happen, through the power of social media!

Random Viewer: Um, Purple Claw, what do you mean by that? We’re just plain fans! And why don’t you post more often?!

I’m glad you asked! Well, the Creators are giving us an opportunity to release some new sweet house decor items, but what we have to do is… uh… post pictures of the Ice Cream Machine inside our houses for some reason, by using the hashtag #FreeThe15. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Poptropicans must post a picture of the Ice Cream Machine from the Home Decor Store placed into their Pop Worlds Home.

Step 2: Don’t forget to use the hashtag #FreeThe15 in your entries so we can find it.

Step 3: Tag your friends and get them to post! We only release the 15 items if we get enough people to share their Ice Cream Machine in their Home and tag with #FreeThe15. The more people who enter, the greater the chances of unlocking these items!

Remember, this is a race against the clock- we need enough people to post with the hashtag by Monday to unlock all 15 items. The more Ice Cream Machines you have & pictures you post, the better! These items would be available for ALL PLAYERS, and we need EVERYONE to participate! Good luck, Poptropicans!

There’s a positive and a negative side to this. First of all, it’s free items, baby! Everyone loves ’em! But on the other hand, it kinda popped out of nowhere… Don’t get me wrong; I love Poptropica challenges but this one just felt so… random. In my opinion, I think that they should’ve just added them without making this contest, but maybe the Creators want to increase the activity on social media, so there’s that.

If you want those items to be added, please post the picture of your ice cream machine along with the #FreeThe15 hashtag on your social media pages, or if you don’t have any social media, I can share yours on my twitter page, if you just DM me on Discord.

Yesterday, another post was published on the Creators’ blog, talking one of Poptropica’s most popular Poptropica islands, that being Cryptids island. It’s well-known for its mythical creatures and its extraordinary adventure. The post was pretty interesting, but the thing that stood out the most was this little drawing of Nessie:

Cryptid_Island_1200x627 (1).jpg

It’s really nice, I really like the detail on the ocean (I wish I would draw like that), but it doesn’t quite look like the ordinary Poptropica style. Hmm…

Anyway, Cryptids is one of my favorite islands, and I really want it to be remastered for Poptropica Worlds, so I kinda hope (even though the chances are really low) Cryptids will get remastered for Poptropica Worlds. So I guess #CryptidsForWorlds..? I don’t know. XD

Anyway, thanks for reading this post! I’ll try to post more and stop being too lazy – but until then, I’m out!

🐾 Purple Claw 🐾

Rant: Poptropica’s Hunger for Money

EDIT: The creators commented on our post! Click here to see their comment! Thanks for understanding, Poptropica!

Me: Hm, let me see what’s on the official Poptropica blog today!


Me: Oh that sounds awesome! Just let me log in…

*realizes everything is members only*


I was working on the recap post of Sarah Snooty’s Birthday Party, but NOPE! No fun and silly post today. Instead, you have this rant! Isn’t that awesome? I bet it’s what you were looking forward today even though I said on the Clawtropica Chat that the recap post was coming out today! 😀


We’ve got to have MONEY! – Poptropica

Alright, I’m done being sarcastic. Anyway, believe it or not, ALL of these updates were freaking members only! (Except the summer outfits, only half of them aren’t)

Let’s get started with the 2 color changing outfits. They look amazing, but too bad! Money takes priority! Members only!

Next up we have a house expansion which is summer themed, and just looks amazing! Well, it’s members only! Do you think Club Penguin, ugh.. I mean Poptropica Worlds would give such amazing items for free? Ha!

Also, let’s not forget the item we’ve all wanted since PW released… drumroll please…drumroll plays… it’s the colorizer! It’s back guys!! Oh, but wait it’s changed a bit! But it still works! For members only! Have you forgotten about the bleached people, Poptropica?!

But wait — the Creators aren’t all for money! They still gave us some… outfits. Really, Creators? After all these awesome updates you also throw some garbage out of the window, just so you can prove that you appreciate all your fans. What are we, 4?! We can obviously see your hunger for money…

Oh, but wait! There’s one last thing! I saved THE WORST for last! The house expansion also comes with a glitch, but unlike the new room and items, the glitch is for EVERYONE!

They literally RESET MY ENTIRE HOUSE! I’m not even kidding! I spent HOURS working on making the perfect house, and all my hard work is gone! 😡

I understand that Poptropica is a business and you guys need money, but seriously?! SERIOUSLY?! I’m fine on making non-members play the islands a month later, I resisted with the members-only islands, I tolerated the fact that non-members couldn’t save their costumes, but making all the cool things members only, and resetting our houses is just stupid, mean and a super selfish act!

What’s next, Creators? Making HOUSES members only? Making all the islands members only? Making the WHOLE GAME members only?!

That last paragraph was meant as a joke, but I honestly don’t know what to expect anymore from you guys. I’m really disappointed in you, and instead of giving excuses, try LISTENING to us for a change. I didn’t wait a whole year for this thing. And neither did anyone else.

I’m done.

Rant over.

New Poptropica Worlds Island

Hi everyone. I am here to tell you about Poptropica Worlds newest island, 24 Carrot! It is basically the same island with a couple of tweaks. NOTE: Below has spoilers about Poptropica Worlds version of 24 Carrot. Do not continue reading if you don’t want to be spoiled.

On Poptropica Worlds, there is no multiplayer option so far. Therefore, the theater common room is replaced by a carrot museum. In Poptropica Worlds version, you will need to get a ticket from the museum to give to the lady in the diner in exchange for milk.

In this version, there is no Smelter Room. Instead, when you fall you are in a part of the vents where the Drone Ears is. One huge item that doesn’t exist in this version is the Carrot Transporter. Also, the hair colorizer in the diner is gone.

The biggest difference is the mini-game at the end of the island. In Poptropica Original version, you moved the rabbot to hit four meteors. In Poptropica Worlds version, the rabbot sends droids that you are to shoot with lasers from the factory.

Here is the trophy you get for completing 24 Carrot.
That’s all for today! Be sure to complete this island! Until next post everybody.
-Hyper Gamer

A brand-new universe is waiting to be discovered – Poptropica Worlds

Poptropica means the absolute world to me (bad pun fully intended), but I’ve been super busy studying for finals, and unfortunately, I will still be busy until the end of the next week, so that means no posts until then (I won’t even be able to post on the PHB either). I only managed to write this post, since it’s SUPER major news. Enough rambling, let’s just go ahead!

Poptropica Worlds is out! You probably know that by now, because it wasn’t only released on the Google Play Store, but a few players got to beta test the game. I was one of them, but the game glitched out for me and I still can’t play it online, but at least I got to download it!


Poptropica Worlds has a lot of potential, and I’m looking forward to future updates, such as:

Explore Crisis Caverns! Poptropica Worlds’ first island challenges you to unravel the mysteries that lie in the caves of Crisis Caverns. In this adventure, you must stop a deadly supervolcano that threatens Poptropica! Dive deep into the earth and explore areas (and maybe even civilizations) that have yet to be discovered. What challenges will you face? Find out and earn 500 coins when you complete this island — coins you can use to deck out your house and your Poptropican!

Decorate your own Home! You’ve been asking for it — now it’s here! In Poptropica Worlds you get your own fully customizable House on Home Island. Whether you have a more elegant taste or you’re a sports nut, we give you the ability to come up with a unique décor that speaks to you. Check out the store and see all the options for personalizing your home!

Play on-the-go or on your computer! Now you can have a seamless gaming experience between your web and mobile devices. Whatever you play on, wherever you are, you get the same game and the same character. (And of course, Poptropica Worlds is free to play, just like Poptropica!)

Customize your Poptropican! With more options than ever, you can create an avatar that truly shows off your unique style and interests. The possibilities are endless!

Check out the Home Island! Your very own unique home base will be an extension of your Poptropican that reflects the adventures you choose within the game. Explore your very own House, take a swim, and be sure to find the Captain (arghhhh). He’ll tell you how to earn those precious coins that let you buy cool stuff for your House and create awesome outfits for your Poptropican!

Import your account! Have a Poptropica account already? No problem! You can import your username, password, avatar name, and membership status to Poptropica Worlds. With more customization options than ever, you’ll be able to create an even more detailed Poptropican that resembles your original one!

As of now, the custiomization option is really limited, since there are only a few outfits and no customizer. Also, PC is not PC without his aviator hat. 😥

I’ll make another post regarding my thoughts about Poptropica Worlds when I get out of this school mess. Until then, I’m out.

-Purple Claw

What will one May IotM be? (voting has closed)

Hey there, Poptropicans!

It’s Happy Lobster, with some not-so-new news, but, as per usual, with a new month around the corner, comes two new Islands of the Month. Also as conventional, first-time finishers receive 500 credits for finishing an IotM, and replays of IotMs will earn you a still somewhat decent 300 credits.

As of yet, the first May IotM is to be announced, but second IotM will be either Nabooti or Twisted Thicket.

Twisted Thicket vs Nabooti.jpg

However, like for February, there was a poll to vote for either of the two islands as the second May IotM – which sadly ended last Thursday, April 27. Hopefully you got your valued vote in before then!

But since May arrives in a couple of days’ time, you can find out both of its official IotMs soon (#NabootiFTW!).

See you soon!

Behind-The-Scenes: Wimpy Sketches For Your Favorite Bardwalk

Hey there, Clawtropicans!

It’s me, Purple Claw, with some behind the scenes info about – you guessed it – Wimpy Boardwalk! This exciting little Island, along with Wimpy Wonderland are April’s Islands of the Month, which means everyone gets extra credits! Yup, even non-members!


As you probably know, if you complete one of these islands for the very first time, you’ll get 500 credits! And if you’re a pro on the Wimpy islands and you’ve already beaten them; no worries, you’ll be getting 300 credits for re-playing them! Enjoy the credits and as well as the sketches you’re about to see below, searched by the lovely Skinny Moon. 😛

Skinny Moon was kind enough to show us a couple of early sketches about the beach and the arcade of this boardwalk. Let’s check them out!

The first image might be uncolored, but it looks a LOT like the current beach. The arcade had quite a makeover, since the roof, font, and the inside of the arcade changed. Also, a little shirt stand was added, named ”TeeTime”. First designs aren’t always final designs, and the second and third image (and some other sketches you’re about to see) can confirm that.

Hmm, the images below showcase the early design of each game stand, and how much they changed during the production of this island. I personally prefer the current design, but the early ones aren’t bad at all!

The first image looks more like a carnival, the second one looks medieval time-themed, and the third one seems to be a mix of both. 😛

And last but not least, I’d like to show some sketches about the fun (and dangerous) rides of Wimpy Boardwalk:

The early sketch is really stunning in my opinion, by looking how complicated and filled it is. The background is what amuses me the most. Again, the ”Fun House” hasn’t changed a lot, but it’s nice to see all these awesome sketches and see the differences between early and finished designs!

Well, what do you think? Which place changed the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below! I’ll see you soon, and don’t forget to earn these extra credits!

-PC out!