New Poptropica Worlds Island

Hi everyone. I am here to tell you about Poptropica Worlds newest island, 24 Carrot! It is basically the same island with a couple of tweaks. NOTE: Below has spoilers about Poptropica Worlds version of 24 Carrot. Do not continue reading if you don’t want to be spoiled.

On Poptropica Worlds, there is no multiplayer option so far. Therefore, the theater common room is replaced by a carrot museum. In Poptropica Worlds version, you will need to get a ticket from the museum to give to the lady in the diner in exchange for milk.

In this version, there is no Smelter Room. Instead, when you fall you are in a part of the vents where the Drone Ears is. One huge item that doesn’t exist in this version is the Carrot Transporter. Also, the hair colorizer in the diner is gone.

The biggest difference is the mini-game at the end of the island. In Poptropica Original version, you moved the rabbot to hit four meteors. In Poptropica Worlds version, the rabbot sends droids that you are to shoot with lasers from the factory.

Here is the trophy you get for completing 24 Carrot.
That’s all for today! Be sure to complete this island! Until next post everybody.
-Hyper Gamer

A brand-new universe is waiting to be discovered – Poptropica Worlds

Poptropica means the absolute world to me (bad pun fully intended), but I’ve been super busy studying for finals, and unfortunately, I will still be busy until the end of the next week, so that means no posts until then (I won’t even be able to post on the PHB either). I only managed to write this post, since it’s SUPER major news. Enough rambling, let’s just go ahead!

Poptropica Worlds is out! You probably know that by now, because it wasn’t only released on the Google Play Store, but a few players got to beta test the game. I was one of them, but the game glitched out for me and I still can’t play it online, but at least I got to download it!


Poptropica Worlds has a lot of potential, and I’m looking forward to future updates, such as:

Explore Crisis Caverns! Poptropica Worlds’ first island challenges you to unravel the mysteries that lie in the caves of Crisis Caverns. In this adventure, you must stop a deadly supervolcano that threatens Poptropica! Dive deep into the earth and explore areas (and maybe even civilizations) that have yet to be discovered. What challenges will you face? Find out and earn 500 coins when you complete this island — coins you can use to deck out your house and your Poptropican!

Decorate your own Home! You’ve been asking for it — now it’s here! In Poptropica Worlds you get your own fully customizable House on Home Island. Whether you have a more elegant taste or you’re a sports nut, we give you the ability to come up with a unique décor that speaks to you. Check out the store and see all the options for personalizing your home!

Play on-the-go or on your computer! Now you can have a seamless gaming experience between your web and mobile devices. Whatever you play on, wherever you are, you get the same game and the same character. (And of course, Poptropica Worlds is free to play, just like Poptropica!)

Customize your Poptropican! With more options than ever, you can create an avatar that truly shows off your unique style and interests. The possibilities are endless!

Check out the Home Island! Your very own unique home base will be an extension of your Poptropican that reflects the adventures you choose within the game. Explore your very own House, take a swim, and be sure to find the Captain (arghhhh). He’ll tell you how to earn those precious coins that let you buy cool stuff for your House and create awesome outfits for your Poptropican!

Import your account! Have a Poptropica account already? No problem! You can import your username, password, avatar name, and membership status to Poptropica Worlds. With more customization options than ever, you’ll be able to create an even more detailed Poptropican that resembles your original one!

As of now, the custiomization option is really limited, since there are only a few outfits and no customizer. Also, PC is not PC without his aviator hat. 😥

I’ll make another post regarding my thoughts about Poptropica Worlds when I get out of this school mess. Until then, I’m out.

-Purple Claw

What will one May IotM be? (voting has closed)

Hey there, Poptropicans!

It’s Happy Lobster, with some not-so-new news, but, as per usual, with a new month around the corner, comes two new Islands of the Month. Also as conventional, first-time finishers receive 500 credits for finishing an IotM, and replays of IotMs will earn you a still somewhat decent 300 credits.

As of yet, the first May IotM is to be announced, but second IotM will be either Nabooti or Twisted Thicket.

Twisted Thicket vs Nabooti.jpg

However, like for February, there was a poll to vote for either of the two islands as the second May IotM – which sadly ended last Thursday, April 27. Hopefully you got your valued vote in before then!

But since May arrives in a couple of days’ time, you can find out both of its official IotMs soon (#NabootiFTW!).

See you soon!

Behind-The-Scenes: Wimpy Sketches For Your Favorite Bardwalk

Hey there, Clawtropicans!

It’s me, Purple Claw, with some behind the scenes info about – you guessed it – Wimpy Boardwalk! This exciting little Island, along with Wimpy Wonderland are April’s Islands of the Month, which means everyone gets extra credits! Yup, even non-members!


As you probably know, if you complete one of these islands for the very first time, you’ll get 500 credits! And if you’re a pro on the Wimpy islands and you’ve already beaten them; no worries, you’ll be getting 300 credits for re-playing them! Enjoy the credits and as well as the sketches you’re about to see below, searched by the lovely Skinny Moon. 😛

Skinny Moon was kind enough to show us a couple of early sketches about the beach and the arcade of this boardwalk. Let’s check them out!

The first image might be uncolored, but it looks a LOT like the current beach. The arcade had quite a makeover, since the roof, font, and the inside of the arcade changed. Also, a little shirt stand was added, named ”TeeTime”. First designs aren’t always final designs, and the second and third image (and some other sketches you’re about to see) can confirm that.

Hmm, the images below showcase the early design of each game stand, and how much they changed during the production of this island. I personally prefer the current design, but the early ones aren’t bad at all!

The first image looks more like a carnival, the second one looks medieval time-themed, and the third one seems to be a mix of both. 😛

And last but not least, I’d like to show some sketches about the fun (and dangerous) rides of Wimpy Boardwalk:

The early sketch is really stunning in my opinion, by looking how complicated and filled it is. The background is what amuses me the most. Again, the ”Fun House” hasn’t changed a lot, but it’s nice to see all these awesome sketches and see the differences between early and finished designs!

Well, what do you think? Which place changed the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below! I’ll see you soon, and don’t forget to earn these extra credits!

-PC out!

Poptropica Worlds Sneak Peeks – Oh, and I guess I’m back for good.


Trust me; I wasn’t pranking you – I seriously considered leaving, but I really love Poptropica to do that. And from the info I’ve gotten from someone who wants to remain anonymous for the new Poptropica, I’m pretty sure this ”Poptropica Worlds” is going to be pretty neat.

First of all, I’d like to apologize. I’m sorry I made you cry, but I’m not quiting. Poptropica is my home. The community is my home. This blog is something I created with my whole desire, and for like, two days I realized how much I missed blogging. I’ll hopefully be here for as much more time I want to, to make this community a better place. I’ve inspired a lot of cool people to start their own blogs, and I want to keep blogging because it makes people (including me) happy.

I feel stupid, because I’ve considered leaving back in June, but I came back after a few days. I’m just really glad I’m back. Y’all are awesome.

Many bloggers received VIP access to a couple of sneak peeks for Poptropica Worlds, and I was lucky enough to be one of them! They’re awesome, and I’m really excited to share them with you guys!

THE PROVIDER OF THE BEHIND-THE-SCENES INFO RIGHT BELOW IS CLASSIFIED. I’ve only got permission to share this info with you guys. Please don’t ask me who gave me access to these sneak-peeks.

1. Houses

Yup, houses are confirmed on Poptropica Worlds. Heck, you can even customize your own! There’s a list of items you can use:


These are absolutely beautiful! I love the idea of houses! I’m really excited!

2. Crisis Caverns

You guessed right Poptropicans! Crisis Caverns is confirmed by the Creators. Here’s what they said about it: ”Crisis Caverns, our grandest island adventure yet, with astonishing underground mysteries and creatures you have to see to believe.”


3. Running Animations


Very interesting! I can see how great Poptropica is improving, and that’s definitely a good thing. We also got to see our lovely Mr. Bob the Worm! These pics are also from Crisis Caverns.

5. Really Stunning Places??


Whatever this is, it’s the greatest thing my eyes have ever seen. I mean, just look at it! All I can say is that the Creators are doing such a great job, and I simply can’t wait for Poptropica Worlds to launch.

I’m really excited to re-join the blogging community (even though I left for like two days), and I’ll hopefully be blogging for a long time. See you around!

-PC out!

(I’m so stupid)

April’s Islands of the Month

Hi everyone! I am here to tell you about March’s Islands of the Month! April is Wimpy Kid Month! In celebration of Wimpy Kid Month, the creators have selected Wimpy Boardwalk and Wimpy Wonderland as Aprils IOTM! This means that both islands will be open to all members during April! If you haven’t played these islands yet, go and play them because starting next month they will again be locked for members only.

If this is your fist time completing these islands, you’ll earn 500 credits per island. If you’re replaying these islands, you get 300 credits per island! If you are having trouble with the islands below are the walkthroughs. The first one is for Wimpy Boardwalk Island and the second one is for Wimpy Wonderland.

Until next post everybody.

-Hyper Gamer

News, Sneak Peeks & An Apology

Howdy, Clawtropicans! It’s me Purple Claw with some fresh (well, they’re actually not fresh anymore) and… an apology.

I’m sorry I couldn’t post the latest chapter of TMAOBN this Sunday, and I’ve got the perfect excuse: I got grounded. I also apologize for being so inactive this month, but I really needed a break from blogging because school has literally been killing me! Anyways, I’m back, and I’m glad, glad, glad!

Well, you might have noticed a few awesome gold cards and costumes in the store (or just read the Creators’ Blog). Well, they’re actually patched cards, but they’re back for only a limited time. Check them out!



Personally, I really enjoy the Twin Power! I now have a twin brother following me everywhere I go now! Wait… What if he’s evil? What if he wants to take my place? Oh no!

Twin: Ha ha ha! This blog can be mine now!

PC: Bro, I’m not in the mood right now; I have to finish this post. So anyway, me and my twin brother were bringing the apocalypse to the world of Poptropica until we saw this beauty:


Hmmm, what could this Movie Theater possibly be? Skinny Moon didn’t make a post about it yet, so everyone is doing their own theories, and it’s time to do mine…

Well, it can be something as great as a place with animated shorts, or it could be something as simple as a place to view ads, just like other awesome bloggers mentioned. Whatever it is, just don’t get too disappointed — I’m sure the Creators have some other pretty great stuff in store, like Poptropica Worlds, for example.

Now that I’ve mentioned Poptropica Worlds, Skinny Moon posted a sneak peek about it, featuring a room! Yes, a room. And it’s… something:

Poptropica Worlds sneak peek.jpg

It’s still a pretty interesting room, but it’s kinda awkward. Like, why is the a basketball basket on a room that looks medieval time-themed? Well, I think this sneak peek is from Poptropica Realms. It makes sense. It’s much more detailed than the original Realms, though. Who knows? I might even be wrong. I’m just glad we got this sneak peek. 😆

I also wanted to share with you some behind-the-scenes art from this month’s IotM, Super Power Island! The sneak peeks were posted two days ago, but I just had to share them with you guys! Since I’m too lazy to talk about each one, I’ll just showcase all of them below. #GoLaziness

Awesome sketches, don’t you think? I love Super Power Island, and this is why I made this poll about a week ago. Since I’ve been busy, I didn’t have time to reveal the answers, but I will, right now!

And here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, ladies and gentlepoptropicans. The best Super Power Island villain is…


Sadly, it’s not Guzma; sorry Shaky. 😛 It’s actually Sir Rebral! Let’s applause for his achievement! Second place gets Betty Jetty (of course she does), and Copy Cat takes the bronze! Let’s applause for them too!

Now, let’s take a moment of silence to say goodbye to an…. interesting game called Club Penguin. This game has been around for more than a decade, and it closed down yesterday so a new game would launch, Club Penguin Island. Which is an app-played game. Good game, CP staff. Oh well, you can still find the original game online — it’s remade by fans! There’s also free membership! And old items! And other stuff! You can always reach the game right here.

Also, a Discord user known as Noveen is trying to find someone who speaks Japanese, to translate an audio track for her. So, if you’re interested, don’t forget to reach her! Well, thanks for reading this post! Again, sorry I was inactive, and I’ll try to be more inactive next month. Thanks for sticking with us!

Purple Claw out!