About Young Singer ☕

AAAAH!! IM BACK!! I prooomise I won't leave this time. I've been such a letdown. I hope and PRAY to start an animation channel. I'd like to see your art! I need all the inspiration I can find, dm me on discord : Rae ☕ #3755 You can also add me on pop with my new account (Trying to find my old one... Heh) .Rae. The ironic thing is, Young Singer ~popped~ up as a new name. I also play minecraft.. a LOT. My in-game name is Its_Rae, and I play on Hypixel, Mineplex, and Team Extreme, but my most visited server is mc.frostrealms.net. I aaaalso have an Enjin account, which is at frostrealms.com. I think that's all you have to know about me. Keep Popping! And Crafting..? Poptropi-crafters? I don't know. Just keep playing!

A New Author?

You guessed it right, Poptropicans.

It’s me, Young Singer! I am a young girl with a dream. A dream to help people like you! I believe that this blog has to be one of the coolest and fastest – growing blogs I have ever been to. Purple Claw and I have many ideas for the future of this blog, and here is one of mine.

“My Dream Islands”
Ever wanted to make your own Island? Why not share your idea with us? Email us on the “Contact” page and make sure to make sure the following is in your entry~

✧Make sure your entry has at least 500 words. Short islands aren’t the best!
✧Make sure the material is kid-friendly.
✧Make sure to include details like your characters, scenes, and the plot of the story. You can even draw a picture, if you’d like!

It is a huge honor to join the Clawtropica Blog. I hope all of you will enjoy Purple Claw and I’s ideas, posts, and guides. You know what? I’ll make island guides. I’ll make MiniQuest
guides. Heck, I’ll even make a guide to Realms! If you have any awesome ideas, put them in the comments, please! I am looking forward to getting to know everyone. It really is an honor. I hope you all will like my posts. :3
Keep Poppin’, Poptropicans!

~YS 。◕‿‿◕。