Meltene – A New Fan-Fiction!

That’s right, Clawtropicans! I’m pretty excited to announce a new fan-fiction, which is made by the AWESOME Teen Arachnid (Happy Panda) — Meltene!


The fan-fiction is based on the city of Meltene placed in the world of Poptropica, which features many Poptropica villains and community members. Unlike TMAOBN, this story is an intro and 10 chapters long, but it’s freaking awesome! And just so you know, TMAOBN isn’t over – it’s just on hiatus and it’ll continue after we’re done with this fan-fiction. The chapters of Meltene will be published twice a week, on Monday and Friday.  Here’s the prologue/idea:

Happy Panda and his five friends were walking back to their neighborhood from school. They hoped that it wouldn’t start to rain on them, because the clouds were dark grey. As they approached their neighborhood, it started to rain ice. But then, the emergency sirens started going off. They started running for their houses, but then an earthquake happened. The ground in front of them started to split in half. The six friends ran as fast as they could in the opposite direction. The light blue lightning was striking every tree down in their site. Something wasn’t right.

After about five minutes of running for their lives, the six friends ran past the road that leads to the Meltene City Jail. They stopped at the beginning of the road for some rest, when all of a sudden, light blue lightning struck the jail. Somehow, the prisoners were escaping. But something looked different about the prisoners. Captain Crawfish looked gold. Black Widow looked almost transparent. After they saw the powered prisoners, the friends ran towards the school. But ironically, light blue lightning struck the school. But instead of running away from the school, the friends ran towards it. Most of the school’s entrances were blocked by trees that have fallen down, but the outside entrance to their classroom wasn’t blocked. When they ran in, they saw their teacher, Mr. Silva, passed out on the floor. In the corner, their classmate, Slanted Fish, was crying. They asked her what was wrong, and all she did to answer was point to the other corner. Standing their was Short Feather, the school’s bully. But he looked different. He had rocks sticking out of his face. His body looked like dirt. He stepped forwards, and somehow shot dirt out of his hands. Slanted Fish screamed, and then shot rainbows out of her hands. The collision of dirt and rainbows caused the five friends to fly out of the classroom. The friends tried getting off the ground, when all of a sudden, they were struck by the light blue lightning.

Pretty interesting, don’t you think? This story is true gold and I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading it! Don’t forget to stay tuned for the very first chapter of Meltene on Friday!

Just like Teen Arachnid, you can do guest posts too! Just make sure it’s Poptropica related, and it’s not really short. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to stay tuned for chapter 1, coming out this Friday!

-Purple Claw


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