Rant: Islands of the Month and Credits

I simply can’t believe what the Creators did. I am super mad right now. 😡

Just read this post from Tall Cactus’ Poptropica Blog and you’ll understand…

Tall Cactus' Poptropica Blog

Hey Poptropicacti, TC here with some more news! And no, it’s sadly still not a new island, but it’s something


Yup, now when you complete an island for the first time you get 300 credits, double the amount of before. Even better, there will now be two Islands of the Month each month that will get you 500 credits for all you new players out there!

Screams into pillow.

Okay, we need to talk about this, like, now.

Why. The. Heck. Do. The. Creators. Only. Care. About. New. Players. Now. And. Can. They. Stop. With. The. Credits.

I’m once again doing one of my lovely rants, as you saw in the title of this here “news” post. Only this time, I’m not gonna go all crazy with the capital letters, because, well…

image.jpeg Uh…what was I even thinking back then…this was before New Pop’s announcement for crying out loud!


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