TMAOBN (Fan-Fiction)


The Mighty Adventures of Brave Noodle, or TMAOBN for short, is a Poptropica Fan-Fiction written by the owner and current administrator of Clawtropica, Purple Claw. This fan-fiction is currently on-going and under construction. Check below to learn about the characters, and read the chapters.



  • Brave Noodlebrave-noodle

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Specie: Poptropican

Personality: Ironic, nerdy, and lazy.

Bio: A blue button trapped his in another realm, and he has to find his way home. Fate has other plants for him, though…

  • LizaLiza.PNG

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Specie: Aquandy

Personality: Cool, swaggie, calm and adventurous.

Bio: She’s Brave Noodle’s best friend, and she used to live all alone in Cheesedonia. She’s been in many hard situations in the past, but she doesn’t want to think about that, so she tries to be a fun person.

  • Creepy ShadowCreepy Shadow.jpg

Age: Unknown

Gender: Unknown

Specie: Unknown, but he used to be a Poptropican

Personality: Mysterious, suspicious.

Bio: A dark creature made of dust, darkness, and weird magic. Brave Noodle’s mysterious friend…

NOTE: Keep in mind that their bios might not stand out right for the newest chapters, but I’m leaving it that way because I don’t want to spoil the story for new people.

Update Posts

Update posts are really important: there are sneak peeks, and lots of other stuff!


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