You’re Invited: Clawtropica’s 1st Birthday Party!


Guess what? Our one year anniversary is this Saturday! We’re pretty excited to see this blog becoming one years old, so that’s why we’re having this party! It’ll be hosted in our Poptropica Discord chat and there will be multiverses, mini-contests, and so much more! We really hope you can all come and join us! If you want to learn more, read the details below:

Who? Everyone is invited! I’d wish we could invite the whole world! But, that’s impossible… 😛

When? On Saturday, May 13 @ 1 PM EST – 6 PM UTC time. (If you don’t live in any of those places, check a time converter to see what time will it be where you live!)

Where? On our Discord chat of course! The Clawtropica Chat!

Why? To celebrate this blog’s birthday, of course! This is going to be grand!

Theme? The theme is purple! Make sure your Poptropican has at least one purple thing on them, whether it’ll be a shirt, hair color, skin tone, or whatever you like, as long as it’s purple! Also, don’t forget to bring your crazy party spirit!

We’ll create multiverse rooms, so we can play games, chat, and, of course, lag things up with bubblegum and fart guns! I’m ready for the party; you can see my purple shirt in the logo! We highly hope you can make it, and if you can’t, it’s okay, because there will be recap post including all the crazy things we’ve done!

-Purple Claw


Meltene: The Finale

This is the final chapter of ”Meltene”. Let’s thank Teen Arachnid again, for writing this awesome fan-fiction. 🙂


“Metal Trio, attack!” G-Hopper demanded. The Metal Trio shot bronze, silver, and gold putty at the the heroes’ feet. The heroes couldn’t move their legs.

“Ugh, we need to find a way to get out of this,” said Tall Cactus.

“Maybe you can shoot water at it, causing it to go away somehow,” UiPE suggested.

“Okay, let me try it,” Tall Cactus. She shot water at the putty, and they still could not get out of it.

“Wait,” Yujo said, “maybe if we combine water, rainbow, light, and air, we could remove it!” So, they tried Yujo’s idea. Somehow, it worked.

“Team, crawl into this tunnel, now!” Jackie demanded.

“Follow them!” G-Hopper yelled.

1 1/2 minutes later…

“Where are we?” Yujo asked.

“Oh no,” said Jackie, “we took a wrong turn in the tunnel. We’re at the rooftop battle arena.”

“Excellent! Our plan worked!” Ringmaster Raven yelled with joy.

“What plan?” Burt asked.

“The secret plan that Black Widow, G-Hopper, and I came up with. Black Widow, bring out the machines!” Raven answered.

“Okay, honey!” Black Widow yelled.

“You see, I’m G-Hopper’s secret godfather,” Raven explained.

“What are those machines gonna do?” Purple Claw asked.

“They will suck anyone with powers into it,” Raven answered.

“Wait, so you’re turning against us?” asked Speeding Spike.

“Correct!” Black Widow yelled!

“Well, you’re gonna have to fight us first!” Perfect Sky yelled back.

“Team, attack!” Tall Cactus demanded.

“Well, it’s gonna be hard to beat my ghost powers and Ringmaster Raven’s dark powers,” Black Widow said.

“She’s right, we can only do this if us villains team up with you guys,” Burt said to Tall Cactus.

“Then let’s call a truce and take down those other villains,” she replied.

“Team, attack!” Burt and Tall Cactus demanded in unison.

About 3 minutes have passed. So far, Short Feather, Crusher, Perfect Sky, Director D, UiPE, Speeding Spike, and Slanted Fish have been sucked into the machine.

“Guys, we need to get them out of there!” Purple Claw yelled.

“What if we- what’s the fudgeball is that?!” Yujo yelled.

All of a sudden, a bright figure floated down from the sky.

“Greetings, it is I, Skinny Moon, goddess of the moon,” she said.

“Mom, tell G-Hopper to stop being evil!” Jackie yelled.

“G-Hopper, stop this at once!” Skinny Moon demanded.

“Never!” G-Hopper replied.

“Well then, I’ll to teach you a lesson,” Skinny Moon said.

Suddenly, the machines bursted, and the once-trapped powered people were set free.

“Now guys, attack!” Skinny Moon, Burt, and Tall Cactus yelled.

“Ghosts, help us!” Black Widow demanded.

“What’s going on?” Yujo asked.

“The ghosts, they are attacking us,” Captain Crawfish answered.

“But we can’t fight back,” Slanted Fish said.

“WHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Ringmaster Raven yelled.

Suddenly, a inferno-like figure appeared out of nowhere.

“Take that!” he said. The powered person shot fire out of his hands at the three villains, causing them to blast off.

“Oh no, we’re blasting off again!” the three villains yelled.

“Wait, why are we saying ‘again’?” G-Hopper asked.

“It’s an Easter Egg,” Raven replied.

“Guys, I know who that guy is… it’s Happy Panda!” Perfect Sky yelled.

“No way!” UiPE said.

The huge team surrounded Happy Panda, cheering and crying tears of joy.

“Wait… you were dead!” Purple Claw said.

“Skinny Moon revived me,” Happy Panda replied.

“Yes, and sadly, I’ll have to take away all of your powers,” Skinny Moon said.

“Wait, where’s Silva and Bucky?” Tall Cactus asked.

“Only time can tell,” Skinny Moon said.

“What does that mean?” Tall Cactus asked.

“Well, look at the time! It’s time to take away your powers and erase your memories of this event. Bye!” Skinny Moon said.

The heroes wake up in the school basement, and Silva and Bucky are nowhere to be found. Find out next when our journey continues! 😉

Meltene: Chapter 9


“Hello, hot thing,” Purple Claw flirted. (PC’s note: WTH?!?!)

“Pssst, stop flirting,” Tall Cactus whispered to Purple Claw.

“But she’s hot, even though she is cold,” said Purple Claw.

“Anyways, I hope that fall didn’t startle you too much,” said Jackie.

“Nah, I’m used to falling in Hollywood stunts,” Bucky replied.

“Why is your brother evil?” UiPE asked.

“You see,” said Jackie, “Our mother, Skinny Moon, the goddess of the Moon, said that on my 18th birthday, I would be appointed the queen of all the elements. My brother, G-Hopper, was mad, because we are twins, and he’ll turn 18 the same day I do. But my mother says she picked me because I was created .001 seconds before him. My brother wants to get his revenge by destroying the moon, causing its pieces to fall on the Earth, destroying everything on it. But he couldn’t do it alone, so he hired the villains to help him.”

“Wow, we have to stop him!” said Slanted Fish.

“But how?” asked Mr. Silva.

“Oh, oh, I know!” yelled Perfect Sky.

“What is it?” Tall Cactus asked.

“We can destroy the moon so he can’t!” she stupidly said.

“Girl, you need some help,” said UiPE.

“Sorry, but I hit my head when I fell,” Perfect Sky explained. Suddenly, there was banging on the entrance to Jackie’s hiding place.

“Aw fudge, they found us!” Yujo yelled. Right after she said that, the entrance opened, and in came the villains.

“Time to be… destroyed! WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” G-Hopper yelled.

Will the heroes survive, or will the villains be successful? Find out on the next, and long, chapter!

Meltene: Chapter 8


About a minute has passed, and everyone was still in the black hole. All the villains were trying attack the heroes, but it was impossible due to the gravity of the black hole. About 30 seconds after that, they all landed in an icy palace. Then, four dark figures appeared.

“Hello, I’m G-Hopper, the Ice Prince. And I have given y’all your powers! You’re welcome,” said the Ice Prince.

“Uh, this dude and I don’t have powers,” Mr. Silva said.

“SHUT UP! Oh, sorry, I don’t know what has gotten into… into… ME!” G-Hopper said.

“He has a problem,” said Yujo.

“Okay, a little birdie told me some of y’all aren’t villains,” said G-Hopper.

“For the millionth time, I’m not a bird! I’m a bird-boy!” yelled Ringmaster Raven.

“Whatever. And a little spider told me…” said G-Hopper.

“I am not a spider!” yelled Black Widow.

“Whatever. Anyways, meet my fellow evil makers,” said G-Hopper.

“I’m Speeding Spike. I’m the one who made all the light-blue lightning, and I have lightning powers,” the fast villain said.

“I’m Black Widow, and I have Ghost powers. I’m basically the new Hades,” she said.

“And I’m Ringmaster Raven, and I have dark powers,” he said.

“Moving on. If you guys are true villains, destroy the non-villains, now!” G-Hopper demanded.

“No!” screamed Slanted Fish. All of a sudden, the floor opened under the heroes, causing them to fall for what seemed like forever. But really, it was only for five seconds.

“Hello, who are you?” a humble voice asked.

“Don’t attack us, please!” yelled Yujo.

“Nonsense,” the voice said, “I’m a good guy. I’m Jackie Frost, sister of G-Hopper, the Ice Prince.”

What will one May IotM be? (voting has closed)

Hey there, Poptropicans!

It’s Happy Lobster, with some not-so-new news, but, as per usual, with a new month around the corner, comes two new Islands of the Month. Also as conventional, first-time finishers receive 500 credits for finishing an IotM, and replays of IotMs will earn you a still somewhat decent 300 credits.

As of yet, the first May IotM is to be announced, but second IotM will be either Nabooti or Twisted Thicket.

Twisted Thicket vs Nabooti.jpg

However, like for February, there was a poll to vote for either of the two islands as the second May IotM – which sadly ended last Thursday, April 27. Hopefully you got your valued vote in before then!

But since May arrives in a couple of days’ time, you can find out both of its official IotMs soon (#NabootiFTW!).

See you soon!

Meltene: Chapter 7


“Finally, we are here!” yelled Perfect Sky.

“Hey birds, sit the bamboo box down here,” Purple Claw said.

“Oh, I forgot that was with us,” said Yujo.

“So, what should we do now?” asked Mr. Silva.

“We need to find somewhere to hide,” said Tall Cactus.

“That’s right, because the other villains could be coming here any minute,” said Bucky.

“Well, you’ve already been spotted by one,” said a villain.

“Aw fudge, who goes there?” asked UiPE.

“I’m El Mustachio Grande, but you can call me Grande,” said Grande.

“Well, Grande, you’re going in this box, with the rest of your fellow criminals,” said Tall Cactus.

“Haha, with my volcano powers, nothing can stop me!” Grande yelled.

“Did he just say volcano powers?” asked Yujo.

“Everyone, duck!” Tall Cactus yelled.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” yelled Grande as he shot lava out of his hands.

“The only powers that could possibly beat his is UiPE’s powers and Tall Cactus’s powers,” said Bucky.

“Run behind the rock, then we can come up with a plan,” said Tall Cactus. Five seconds later…

“You guys got a minute to come out before I blast you to bits!” yelled Grande.

“Hmm,” said Tall Cactus, “here’s the plan. Yujo and Purple Claw, get Bucky, Mr. Silva, and the bamboo box to safety. Perfect Sky and Slanted Fish, you guys shoot light and rainbows at Grande’s eyes. While he is being blinded, UiPE will use his wind powers to blow away any lava he shoots out. Then, I’ll drench him with water. Once he passes out, we’ll put him in the bamboo box. Got it? Let’s go!”


Five minutes later….


“Quick! Open the trap!” yelled Tall Cactus.

“Oh no! The villains are escaping!” Yujo screamed.

“Look,” yelled Bucky,” more villains are coming! Look over there!”

“We’re doomed!” yelled Slanted Fish.


All of a sudden, I giant black hole formed in the sky. It started to suck everything and everyone in the desert into itself.


“Guys, I can’t see with all this sand moving around!” yelled Purple Claw.

“The Ice Prince is too early!” yelled Mr. Silva.

“Guys, help! I’m being pulled into the black hole!” yelled Perfect Sky.

“Let it take you!” Tall Cactus yelled.

“Are you crazy?” Perfect Sky asked.

“If we go in the black hole, we can put a stop to this madness!” Tall Cactus explained.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” everyone screamed.

Meltene: Chapter 6


“Ugh,” said Perfect Sky, “are we there yet?”

“We still got 4,000 miles to go,” Bucky replied.

“According to my calculations,” Mr. Silva explained,” we have been traveling for two days, and we have one day left. So, we traveled 2,000 miles a day. We would have to double our current speed to get to the Meltene Desert before the Ice Prince gets there.”

“My powers can carry us this fast,” said UiPE.

“Then make us go faster!” yelled Perfect Sky.

“If I go any faster,” said UiPE, “I could pass out, causing all of us to fall to our deaths.”

“Wait,” said Purple Claw,” I have an idea.”

“What is it?” asked Tall Cactus.

“In class,” Purple Claw explained,” we learned that the Peregrine Falcon can fly up to 200 miles per hour. If I summon flocks of Peregrine Falcons to carry us to the Meltene Desert, we would be there in 20 hours, giving us 4 hours of freetime.”

“Brilliant!” yelled Mr. Silva.

“Okay, but I’ll have to sing to summon them,” Purple Claw stated.

“Everyone, cover your ears!” Slanted Fish yelled.


“What the fudge was that?” asked Yujo.

“It was me singing my favorite song,” Purple Claw answered.

“That was stupid,” said Yujo.

“Oh, oh, CASH ME OUSSIDE, HOWBOW DAH!” yelled Purple Claw.

“Stop fighting!” Tall Cactus demanded.

“Guys, look! The birds are coming!” Slanted Fish yelled.

“Good, I can rest,” UiPE said with relief.

20 Hours Later…

“Guys! We are here!” yelled Bucky.