70 Followers Milestone, Poppies Nomination, Graphic Updates & PARTYY!!


Me: Hey Clawtropicans! It’s me Purpl-

Sarah Snooty: Oh my God, PC! Your graphics don’t look so horrible anymore!

Me: I’m glad you noticed! I recently got Adobe Photoshop and I’ve been having so much f-

Sarah Snooty: Yeah, whatever, your titles still suck.

Me: Well… crap. 😐

Anyway, the Poppies awards ceremony was yesterday, and even though I couldn’t come, Clawtropica got third place for best active fan blog, and I also got third place as a PHB author (well that’s surprising, am I right?)! Woo! Congratulations to every winner or nominee, y’all deserve it (except Thinknoodles, screw him). Anyway, everyone who got nominated also got a really cute badge, made by my friend and PHB author SD! Check it out:


Well, this isn’t the only thing to be happy about: Clawtropica recently hit 70 followers! Freaking 70!!

I… I don’t know what to say! I mean, we’ve been inactive for most of Spring, and seeing this other milestone, just amazes me!

To celebrate, I had the idea of hosting a party on Sunday, since it’s been kinda a long time since we did the last one. It won’t be something grand, just a small party. I’m thinking of hosting it at 2PM EST, but you’re welcome to comment down below what time would you like the party to start! The party details should come out tomorrow.

Recently you might have noticed the slight improvement with our graphics, since instead of using online crappy editing tools, I installed Adobe Photoshop CS6, and I updated almost every page with new graphics, since the previous once were socially unacceptable. If you want a graphic done for you, you can just hit me up on Discord; I’m always there!


From our ”Bored” page.

By the way, special thanks to Slanted Fish for being patient enough to teach me the basics of Photoshop. I really appreciate your time. XD

And last but not least, I’m working on a guide for WordPress.com, here on Clawtropica! It’ll basically have the basic things to start and modify your blog, tips and tricks, and more! I don’t know when I’ll be done, but here’s a lil’ sneak peek:


Well, that’s it for now! Thanks for everything, and I love you guys! See you next time, Clawtropicans!

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A Poptropican Summer


Happy summer (and winter to those below the equator), Poptropicans!

Summer is a great season in Poptropica, with many events leading up to the school year. This is how to play, the summer way! As we go, I shall create some things related to summer, incorporating Poptropica. Let’s start the road trip!

Islands of the Summer

Many islands in the world of Poptropica contain vacation-like elements, such as the following: Reality TVShark ToothNabootiPoptropiConMonster CarnivalWimpy BoardwalkBack LotPoptropolis Games, and Skullduggery.

Reality TV- well, takes place on a tropical island? Doesn’t it just scream vacation to you? It also has a large mountain, which are common on islands, coconuts, and turtles. From statues to palm trees, RTV whips you into a televised vacation. In Shark Tooth… a shark. It also takes place in a tropical location, which gives the feel of traveling the world during the season. Shark attacks are very common at this time, considering it is the summer time. Moving on to Nabooti, it just gives me the feel of traveling the world again.

PoptropiCon, a decent episodic island, is also a good one due to being based off of San Diego’s ComicCon, which mostly commences in July, a summer month. Monster Carnival is also fitting because a good time for carnivals is usually during times of fun and sunshine. Simply, carnivals are select for midsummer nights. Also, have you noticed the beautiful sunsets in this island? Oh my gosh, they’re amazing along with the scenery.

Wimpy Boardwalk? It’s… a beach. Do I have to explain this one? Just a beach, a boardwalk, both are summer elements. Anyways, moving on! On Back Lot, we have more amazing sunsets, and that’s just about it there. Over with the Poptropolis Games, it’s very appropriate for the occasion of the Summer Olympics. Which, obviously take place at this time!

To finish it off. Skullduggery Island also gives the feel of traveling the world. And ships, boats, sandy shores, vast oceans? This is something alright! Also… you thought it was over, but there’s one last island: Crisis Caverns. A Poptropica Worlds island! (Yes, even more world travel.) Many Americans and others around the world head west to Yellowstone National Park, which Caldera State Park is mostly likely based off of, having geysers and supervolcanoes. To make this not long, moving on!

Sandy Store Cards

Many store cards also give summer feels, many of them. Poptropica Worlds also has some summer outfits, along with the original Poptropica’s.

Some things in the store for the summertime are an Ice Cream costume, Spray TanScuba GearMythology Surfer, Tiger SharkHammerhead Shark, several Pirate costumes, the Big Burger costume, the Hot Dog outfit, FireworksSilly Streams, the Poptropican-sized Beach BallMeteor Shower, a Pufferfish costume, a Diving Suit, the Burnt Orange Tan PowerHeat Wave, and the Beach Umbrella. These all represent our current season.

The Events

Oh, I said it. A great part in the community itself is our summertime events. Don’t you know what I’m talking about? Yes, yes, none other than the Poppies! The annual awards, hosted by the PHB! As you know already, the blog you’re reading right now, Clawtropica, was nominated for Best Active Fan Blog. Now that voting’s closed, we can only hope y’alls voted for us!

Oh, um, also, yeah, me, myself, G-Hopper, was nominated for Best MPIP! Thanks to all the nominators and all the support! Now consider the following:


Trash photo editing provided by a G-Hopper without a computer, outside of his home state. (We hope you did what the image said!)

New updated and probably more socially acceptable photo editing by Purple Claw, with Adobe Photoshop, inside his room.

Enjoy your summer (or winter), Poptropicans! We sure hope you have tons and tons of fun!

P.S: Sorry for the inactivity! This summer has been filled with family time, life and all. Let’s hope for more posts by me!

Pop 5: My Top Favorite Minor Characters in Poptropica

Poptropica is filled with different people, such as villains, friends, funny weirdos, or even minor characters that make the corner they’re standing on look better. This time, I want to take a look at these peeps that don’t do much, but they’re fun to talk to, or even look at. So, there you have it, a list for Poptropica’s top 5 best minor characters! Before I start, I want to let you know that this list is opinion-based, so if you disagree with it, it’s fine; it’s just my silly opinion anyway. With that said, let’s get right into the list!


  1. Gamer Guy (Zomberry Island)

Gamer Guy is a dear friend of mine (not really), and he’s a cool kid. He also has great grammar skills, and he likes spending time outside. Don’t worry, I’m just joking. Gamer Guy is a lazy person (just like me), he prefers to stay indoors (like me, again) and he’s a real cool pro gamer (I’m not a gamer). Also, if you didn’t know, his real name is Abe. I really like him anyway, and who wouldn’t?


  1. Balloon Boy (Counterfeit Island)

He’s just a lonely kid on a balloon, trying to find his way home… Poor little Balloon Boy… Well, even though his design might be really simple, the storyline and theories behind his are really interesting! Everytime I see a cameo of him from another island, I don’t know why, but I always laugh. Maybe I really am a mean person. 😦


  1. Sarah Snooty (Reality TV Island)

Yup, it’s her. Sarah Snooty is one of the best, the hottest and the coolest contestants from Reality TV Island. I really like her outfit, and what the community has done with her. May the snooty force be with you!


Read HL’s fan-fiction featuring Sarah Snooty here: https://tinyurl.com/ydfcn5wr

  1. Bucky Lucas (Reality TV Island)

How can you write a post about minor characters of you don’t include Bucky? Bucky Lucas was the first one to get voted off Reality TV Island, but he’s really dang famous! He only gives you a stamp throughout the Island, but even so, he doesn’t have any other major part on Reality TV.


  1. Shark Guy/Boy (Shark Tooth Island)

Ah, Shark Guy! He’s the half shark/half human being with a weird attitude. I really like his design and the whole mystery behind his ‘disappearance’ is quite interesting. In my opinion, he’d make a much better mascot than Dr. Hare, but hey, who am I to decide?


Maybe putting Shark Guy as number one was kinda predictable; but I can’t help it – I love him! He’s such a flowless person!

Anyway, thanks for having time to read this post! If you enjoyed it, please leave a like. And don’t forget to share your favorite minor characters on Poptropica, below, in the comment section! That was PC, signing out until next time!

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24 Carrot Island Review (Poptropica Worlds)

Hey there, Clawtropicans! If you didn’t know, 24 Carrot Island was released a few days ago! Well, actually, a remastered version of 24 Carrot released on Poptropica Worlds, and I find it a whole lot better than Crisis Caverns (sorry creators).


Anyway, please keep in mind that this post contains spoilers, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, I suggest you play the island before reading this post. With that said, let’s get started!

Continue reading

Thanks everyone!

Hey there Clawtropicans! Guess what. 😏


Believe me, I didn’t think Clawtropica would come that far this year, since there are so many new amazing active fan-blogs, that it seemed impossible that Clawtropica, a blog that just revived from the dead land could make it so far.


This is bad, I know. I did it in less than two minutes.

I’m really thankful for everyone who nominated us and everyone who’s going to vote for us this year. I know it’s cheesy thanking your fans like all the time, but I honestly don’t care. I love you guys with all my heart, because you guys are what keeps this litle blog alive.

Also, Teen Arachnid’s Meltene fan-fiction was nominated too! Woo-hoo!


Anyway, congratulations to everyone who got their content nominated, and good luck to everyone! ❤ And please vote for Clawtropica, if you feel like doing that! 😀

Thanks again Clawtropicans, and may the best blog win! 😀


Why did I add this here

-Purple Claw out!

vote for me for best PHB author pls

New Poptropica Worlds Island

Hi everyone. I am here to tell you about Poptropica Worlds newest island, 24 Carrot! It is basically the same island with a couple of tweaks. NOTE: Below has spoilers about Poptropica Worlds version of 24 Carrot. Do not continue reading if you don’t want to be spoiled.

On Poptropica Worlds, there is no multiplayer option so far. Therefore, the theater common room is replaced by a carrot museum. In Poptropica Worlds version, you will need to get a ticket from the museum to give to the lady in the diner in exchange for milk.

In this version, there is no Smelter Room. Instead, when you fall you are in a part of the vents where the Drone Ears is. One huge item that doesn’t exist in this version is the Carrot Transporter. Also, the hair colorizer in the diner is gone.

The biggest difference is the mini-game at the end of the island. In Poptropica Original version, you moved the rabbot to hit four meteors. In Poptropica Worlds version, the rabbot sends droids that you are to shoot with lasers from the factory.

Here is the trophy you get for completing 24 Carrot.
That’s all for today! Be sure to complete this island! Until next post everybody.
-Hyper Gamer

TMAOBN Fan-Fiction is coming back! Well, sorta…

I know what you’re all thinking.


Myron Van Buren: PC!! Wasn’t that fan-faction dead?!

Me: No! Well, yes…  But it’s coming back, so stop talking and let me continue… Also, why are you here?! Go away!

Myron Van Buren: Uh, fine. I only came back to ask you why I’m not the worst ever villain of Poptropica.

Me: Get over it.

Anyway, TMAOBN won’t just be continued, it will be re-booted. I’m sorry, everyone, but honestly, looking back at what I’ve written made me cringe so hard, that I honestly couldn’t release the next chapters.

I also had the idea of making a new fan-fiction which would be shorter than TMAOBN, but more promising.

For now, I have no idea of what should I do. Sooo, I’ll let you guys choose by answering a poll! Yaaayyy! 😀

Well, thanks for having time to read this short post and possibly answer my poll! That was PC signing off until next time!

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