When you play Poptropolis Games, you will have to select a tribe out of the eight to represent. Which tribe of Poptropica will you choose?


About the Tribes

There are eight tribes in Poptropica. Each one is unique and beautiful its own way. Every tribe also comes with an exclusive common room to be shared only with other members of the tribe. So lets take a look at those tribes:

flyingsquid2.pngFlying Squid (official tribe colors: green & black)

This tribe hopes to have more than an inkling of victory in the Poptropolis Games.

seraphim2Seraphim (official tribe colors: gold & black)

This tribe will rise and fall on the wings of their dreams. Maybe you can help them achieve such great heights!

blackflags1.pngBlack Flags (official tribe colors: black & white)

This tribe intends to plant the flag of victory in the heart of Poptropolis – and we suspect they’ll stop at nothing to do it!

nightcrawlers3.pngNightcrawlers (official tribe colors: blue and white)

The Nightcrawlers might look like pushovers, but they’re used to being used as bait. Watch out they don’t hook you!

nanobots2.pngNanobots (official tribe colors: pink & white)

Proving that good things come in small packages, the Nanobots are programmed for victory. Will you help them execute the gold-medal download?

yellowjackets2.pngYellowjackets (official tribe colors: black & yellow)

Usually when you call somebody “yellow,” you’re calling them a scaredy cat, but this tribe takes it as a compliment. When you see yellow, you’d better run!

pathfinders4.pngPathfinders (official tribe colors: blue & yellow)

There’s only one route to the gold medal, and this tribe thinks they know which way to go. Maybe you’ll help them get there!

wildfire3.pngWildfire (official tribe colors: red & orange)

Winning a competition as tough as the Poptropolis Games takes more than talent. It takes a burning desire to win. Do you have the fiery passion to join the Wildfire?

Choose a tribe

To choose a tribe, all you have to do is go to your Friends profile page, and then click on the ”Tribes” option( the one with a purple spiral background with the word ‘Tribes’ in capitals).

If you’re already in a tribe, click on your Friends profile page, and then click ”Change Tribe”.


Tribal Common Rooms

Each tribe comes with its own common room, to be shared only with members of the same tribe. Check ’em out below! (Credit goes to Poptrickia for the common room images, by the way).


Thanks for reading! In which tribe do you belong? Show other people how awesome your tribe is in the comments! But remember: Don’t be rude to others!

For more fun, check out our Other Stuff page!🐾


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