Are you searching for a look that will impress everyone else? Are you looking for an outfit so flashy that people will be blind from the brightness? Well, no need to buy all the expensive store items, because we’re here! Below you can find a few amazing outfits made by a few awesome Poptropicans!

The Blimp Adventurer

  • Hat: Get the aviator hat from the pilot in Nabooti Island.
  • Makeup: Get the makeup from the Zaggy Moondust costume.
  • Mouth: You can get a smiling mouth from pretty much any Poptropican walking on the streets.
  • Jacket: Customise Purple Claw’s (donatloul) jacket by adding him as a friend.
  • Clothes: Get both the shirt and pants from the Bigfoot Fanatic costume, which can be bought at the store.
  • Backpack: Use the PHB’s Avatar Studio Glitch to get the owl backpack (AnimalASG).


The God of Dead Waters (By Comical Mosquito)


Crown and Trident: On the middle of your playthrough through the island Hades gives you his crown and Poseidon his trident.

Poseidon’s Parts: Take his neckless, pants and change your hair color.

Hades’ Parts: Take his belt, his shirt his cape (optional) and change your skin color.

Mouth: Get the mouth from Hades.

Hyper Gamer’s Outfit (By Hyper Gamer)2

  • Hat from 24 Carrot- From guy standing in front of the gas station.
  • Glasses from Shrink Ray- From a randomized NPC standing in front of the school.
  • Camera from Home Island- From girl standing in front of the photo booth.
  • Shirt and Pants from Night Watch- From guy standing in line next to water cooler.
  • Music Pod from Lunar Colony- From boy standing next to Final Frontier Gift Shop.

Headless Zombie Pirate (By Hyper Gamer)

  • Hyper_Gamer_Halloween_Costume.pngPumpkin head from Pumpkin Head card, middle one.
  • Zombify from Haunted House mini quest.
  • Cape from Capes ‘n’ Cowls card, middle one.
  • Shirt and Belt from Skullduggery Pirate card, blue color.
  • Pants from Skull Pirate card.
  • Sword is The Bolt from Legendary Swords.

Lucky Wing’s Outfit (By Lucky Wing)

  • Hair: you can find both the ponytail and the bang at the New You.Capture.PNG
  • Shirt: This shirt is on the Mystery of the Map photo booth which appears occasionally, but I’d it’s not there, you can customize it off of someone else.
  • Pants: standard black pants, you can find these anywhere really.
  • Wings: Angel Costume.
  • Hair Color: Go on Home Island>New You>Colorizer and change your hair color to green.

For more fun, check out our Other Stuff page!🐾


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