Poptropica is a popular game, so the creators are always finding ways to expand its world — comics and graphic novels are one of those ways, and boy, aren’t they great? Check below for different types of comics — all made by Poptropica!

Poptropica – The Comic Strips

Jorge and Oliver and stuck in the world of Poptropica and want to get back home. This will lead to a quite goofy journey exploring the world of Poptropica and feeling more and more like home. Maybe their journey is just a way to… make them bond with each-other?


Mystery of the Map

The siblings Mya and Oliver are stuck in the world of Poptropica, along with their friend, Jorge. Will they be able to survive? Will they stop Octavian’s evil plan? Will they learn the history of our world, Poptropica? There’s only one way to find out!


For the full version, order your own copy right here.

Super Hot Dog Boy

You got the island medallion — but Ned Noodlehead is still fighting crime! Such as… ugh… protecting hot dog stands! For the name of justice!


Zomberry: Day Zero

How did this whole Zombie apocalypse thing on Zomberry Island began? What started it? What happened before YOU showed up?? Find out in the comic below!


Virus Hunter: Pandemic Panic

Somewhere in Canada, the PDC team has tracked and imprisoned the world’s deadiest virus in the world and saved it in a jar. But… this whole thing is going to flop, isn’t it? Find out in the comic below!


 For more fun, check out our Other Stuff page!🐾


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