If you think that collected every island medallion and you think there is nothing left to do on Poptropica, you are so wrong! Poptropica isn’t only about island adventures! There are tons of Poptropica-related stuff to do!

  1. Start your own Poptropica blog.
  2. Chat on a discord chatroom. (Like PHC or ECCPC)
  3. Play ”Poptropica English: Our Discovery Island”. (The educational version of Pop)
  4. Download the Poptropica App.
  5. Download iPop. (The best software to modify your Poptropican)
  6. Get a Poptropica membership. (There many stuff to do with membership!)
  7. Replay every island. (What’s better than remembering the good old times?)
  8. Read Poptropica fan blogs.
  9. Write a fan-fiction.
  10. Buy Poptropica merchandise.
  11. Play Poptropica Realms.
  12. Create your dream house on realms.
  13. Make level courses on realms.
  14. Visit public realms.
  15. Write a Poptropica fan-fiction.
  16. Personalize your outfit.
  17. Play hidden games. (Poptropica has a lot of hidden games!)
  18. Play a minigame. (Like Sudoku)
  19. Visit a common room.
  20. Join a multiverse party.
  21. Create your own multiverse party.
  22. Play head-to-head games on a common room.
  23. Choose a tribe.
  24. Visit your tribes common room.
  25. Play all the bonus quests.
  26. Make Poptropica related theories.
  27.  Watch Poptropican YouTube til you’re laughing to hard to keep going.
  28.  Read archives of blogs.
  29. And more to come!

clawtropicas-icon-2For more fun, check out our Other Stuff page!clawtropicas-icon-2

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