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A malfunctioning time machine has messed up history! It’s your job to go back in time and set things right in this online virtual world. Because if you don’t, who knows what the future will hold?

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Island Guide

Credit goes to the Poptropica Skunk Blog for this guide.

Walk right to Pendulum’s Lab, and you’ll be stopped by one of Professor Pendulum’s trusty lab assistants. She’ll tell you that something happened to the future, and now it’s in peril.

Follow her into the lab, and she’ll give you the Mission Printout.


To operate the future machine, push the power plugs (at the bottom of the room) together.


Hop into the future machine, and you’ll find yourself in a barren wasteland, or the possible future… Talk to the man/woman next to the sign, and they’ll reveal that they’re actually you, but 50 years older. They’ll give you a Time Device, which allows you to travel back in time and restore the future.


To use the Time Device, click the clock icon on the bottom left-hand corner, select a time period, then press the knob.

Mount Everest – 1953 AD

Start climbing up the mountain, and make sure to avoid thin spots like these:


Jump on the ledges, then climb up the rope to go up even higher. Walk past Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, and go up even more higher. Keep on climbing, but be wary of the falling icicles. You’ll now be at the top of Mount Everest!

Grab the Statuette of Liberty, and travel to the next destination: France.


France – 1882 AD

Climb to the top of the construction site, and make a leap of faith to the ledge on the far 8
left. If this is done correctly, you should get the Notebook.

Jump off the ledge, and enter the building with a sign that reads “Gaget, Gauthier et Cie”.

Give the study model to Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, sculptor of the Statue of Liberty. He’ll thank you, and the time period will be restored.

Da Vinci’s Workshop – 1516 AD

Walk left to go to Leo’s Workshop, and climb up the rocks on the waterfall. Continue walking, until you reach three platforms attached to some rope. Jump on the platform on the left to make the platform at the bottom move towards the medal, and jump on the right to make it move backwards.

Move the platforms to get the Peace Medal.


Now, enter Leo’s Workshop. Leonardo da Vinci will be on the top floor, painting the Mona Lisa. Return his Notebook, and he’ll give you a prototype of his latest invention: the Glider!


The time period will then be repaired.

Lewis and Clark Expedition – 1805 AD

Give the Peace Medal to Captain Meriwether Lewise, the guy holding the rifle, and the time period will be repaired.


Climb to the top of the tree, and get the Stone Bowl from the beaver’s head.

The Great Wall of China – 1593 AD

14Upon arriving in China, go right, and follow the trail of gunpowder. Grab the barrel of Gunpowder, sitting on the pile of bricks.

Jump on the brown platforms, and you’ll now be in the construction zone. Watch out for falling bricks!

Go to the right side of the wall, and talk to the man leaning down on the pile of bricks. He’ll offer the Amulet around his neck, if you can beat him in a simple memory game.


To beat the memory game, you have to remember the position of one of the eight tiles shown at the top.


The man will shuffle the cards, so make sure to keep your eye on the correct card. If you pick the right card, he’ll award you with the Amulet. If you fail, you’ll have to retry.


Jump to the higher platform on the left, and climb up the rope. Fall down to the left side of the wall, and give the stone bowl to the guard. The time period will now be repaired.


Vikings – 831 AD

You’ll find yourself on a stormy island near the sea. Give the Amulet to the elder of the Vikings, and they’ll set sail first thing in the morning. The time period will now be saved.


Run right, and climb the mountain. Optionally, you can use your Glider to get the Viking Suit on the right ledge.


Click on the rocks blocking the entrance, and the gunpowder will explode them.


Enter the cave. You’ll have 30 seconds to get the Golden Vase inside the cave. Use the route shown on the map below. Click to enlarge the image. Thanks, Fierce Moon!


After the 30 seconds have passed, you should get the Golden Vase. Avoid getting the torch wet or exceeding the time limit, or you’ll have to restart.

Exit the cave and move on to the next time period.

Delphi – 328 BC

Give the Golden Vase to the bearded guard and as an award, he’ll let you speak to the Oracle of Delphi.


Go right, and use the mini ledges to jump on the roof of the Temple of Apollo. Jump left, and you’ll now be on the Stoa of the Athenians. Then jump on the head of the statue, and finally, go on the roof of the Treasury grabbing the Phonograph. If you play it, you can listen to the original recording of Edison singing Mary Had a Little Lamb.


Thomas Edison’s Workshop – 1877 AD

Walk left, and ring the bell on the motor wagon. This will make it move to the right.


You will now be able to climb the tree. Jump on the branches, and go on the roof of the house. Get the Piece of Stone located on the chimney.


Enter the house, and find Thomas Edison on the top left floor. Return the Phonograph, and the time period will be restored.


Aztec Empire – 1519 AD

Run past the skull rack and statue, and immediately jump over the guard, and onto the stairs. You’ll want to avoid the guards.


Walk up the flight of stairs, and give the King of the Aztec Empire the Sun Stone piece.


Jump right, avoiding the guards, and climb onto the next platform. Talk to the retired guard, and he’ll give you his Warrior Headdress.


Put on the headdress, and go back to the guards. Talk to the guard wearing Edmund’s Goggles, and he’ll give them to you.


Teleport to the Graff House – 1776 AD, and grab the bag of Salt Rocks on the chimney of the red house.


Now, go back to Mount Everest – 1953 AD.

Returning the Goggles

Climb Mount Everest once again, avoiding obstacles along the way. Talk to Edmund Hillary, and return his Goggles.

The time period will be repaired, and Edmund and Tenzing will finally reach the peak of Mount Everest.

Timbuktu – 1387 AD

Climb the houses, and talk to the poor trader on top of the roof. Give him the Salt Rocks, and the time period will be repaired.


Go right, on the tower, and jump over the wall. Enter the Timbuktu Inn. Talk to the bearded man on the top floor. He’ll offer to give you the Declaration of Independence, on account that you piece together the portrait of the great King Mansa Musa.


When pieced together, the portrait should look like this:


As promised, the man will give you the Declaration of Independence.


Go to your final destination: the Graff House – 1776 AD.

The Graff House – 1776 AD

Enter the Graff House, but watch out for porcupines! Talk to Thomas Jefferson, the man next to the smelly bed, and return the declaration.

Now, all of the time periods will be repaired. Go to the flashing ‘Lab’ section to go back to the present.


Enter Pendulum’s Lab, and talk to the female assistant. Operate the machine, then hop on into the Future Machine.


You’ll now be in the utopian future! Go right, and swim through the pond.


Enter the air tube, and you’ll land at the monorain stop. Wait for the monorail to come, then ride it to the next stop.

Use the fan at the top of the monorail to catch the second monorail. You’ll now be near the Solar Tower.


Jump on the hover platform to go up to your future home. Enter your home by going down the air pipe. Talk to your future self, and they’ll give you the Island Medallion and credits. Awesome!


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