Super Power Island Guide



A giant meteor has crashed into the virtual world’s prison, freeing hardened criminals and giving them super powers. Now they are wreaking havoc on the Island. Only a true superhero can stop them and save the day.

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Island Guide

Credit goes to the Poptropica Skunk Blog for this guide.

When you first arrive to Super Power Island, go right into the Comic Shop and talk to Ned Noodlehead, and he’ll give you The Superhero’s Handbook. It will teach you all the basics of becoming a hero! First, you’ll need to get a Superhero ID card.


Go right to the Masks & Capes store and talk to the man at the counter. He will give you a Superhero ID. If you’d like, you can pick out a costume. I would, but I’m my own hero.😎


Exit the store and go left to the County Prison. Talk to the prison warden and the scientist to get the Super Villain Files and Anti-Power Handcuffs.


Go right to Down Town and go in the bank. Inside will be Copy Cat. You will have to catch all of Copy Cat’s copies before you can get the real Copy Cat, who will be at the top left-hand corner. But if you’re not quick enough, the room will be filled with gas and you’ll run out of air! Copy Cat will now be in jail!


Go back to Down Town and go down the subway. Speeding Spike will be there. You must lure him to the wet floor by jumping over him. Make sure he doesn’t hit you or you trip over the wet floor, or he’ll run back.


You’ll teleport back to the County Prison. Go right past Down Town and into the City Park. Sir Rebral will be on the statue. Talk to the man at the hot dog stand to get a Hot Dog. To stop Sir Rebral, jump besides him so he hits himself with the rock. Next, push the boulder underneath him and jump above the boulder. He will raise the boulder from the ground and hit himself.


Go right back to the City Park and go inside the toilets. Go down the sewers. Turn the wheel to make the water go down. Turn the wheel at the bottom right-hand corner to make the water go up. Then turn the wheel in the middle. Go left and enter the door. Ratman will be on the pipe. Jump up the pipes and turn the wheel on the top left-hand corner to stop him. His flies will try to sting you.


Go right past Down Town and the City Park into the Junkyard. Crusher will be standing on a broken car. Jump often to avoid his earthquake attack. Climb up the crane at the left and flip the magnet control switch. Crusher will now throw oil barrels at you. Go back up the crane and flip the switch once more.


Go right and click the phone booth. Answer the phone.


You’ll now have the ability to fly! Go right back to Down Town and go up the building covered in police tape.


Betty Jetty will get off the building and fly up into the sky. Follow her. All you have to do is avoid the green orbs she throws at you.


After that, Betty Jetty will laugh at you, and then Ned Noodlehead will attack her and save the day.


The prison warden will say that he gave Ned Noodlehead the island medallion! How ungrateful!😡 Head back to the Comic Shop.


Luckily, Ned Noodlehead would be willing to trade the medallion for a… measly hot dog. Say yes, and you’ll get the Island Medallion and some credits! Super!



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