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A new sinister menace has been discovered by Poptropica’s three top spies, but now the spies have vanished! You will need the skills of a cunning spy to rescue them and discover all the clues of the online virtual world, Spy Island. Get ready for gadgets, sneaky moves, and hair-raising adventures!

Video Guide

Island Guide

Walkthrough and screenshots by Lucky Joker.

As soon as you drop down from your blimp, head over to the right into the building called Headquarters. This is the building in which the spy agents meet up. Head all the way to the top of the room and speak with Director D.


After you are done speaking with him, you have just obtained your first item, which is the Decoder Kit. You won’t need it by the way. Lucky Joker is here to do all of the work for you! 😄Now, you can leave the Headquarters and head on over to the right. Enter the building called Spyglass Eyewear. Talk to Dr.Spyglass and take the eye exam. Be sure to pick all of the alternate choices during the exam, to ensure that Director D. has in fact sent you.


Pick all of the opposite choices.

When you are finished taking the exam, exit the building and climb the ladder outside. Enter the room upstairs. Once in the room, click on Dr. Spyglass to earn your Chameleon Suit!

Immediately, put on your suit, as you will need it in the next part of the island.

The Missing Spies

There are three missing spies that the B.A.D. Organization is holding captive. Each in a different location. The first one you will rescue is located at the docks. Run all the way to the left of the island until get there.

The Docks

As soon as you walk the docks, you’ll see a shadowy figure in a trash can.You won’t need to worry about, him or anyone else like this, for I am completely walking you through the island. All they do is give you messages to decode. Moving on, make your way up the building and into the secret entrance, not making yourself noticeable of course. TIP: Stand still when a guard is near you. Run when the coast is clear.


When you enter, you will see a few guard dogs. No need to be alarmed. They’re easy to get past. Same tips apply here as before. Just keep running and stopping, until you get to the bottom.


When you’re done with that, fall into the next room. Watch out for the guards of course. Hop up to the left hand side of the room. You should see the missing spy! Get into the safe through the top and simply click on him to release him. He will give you some information about B.A.D., and a laser pen — which we’ll use at Toupée Terrace! He also takes care of the guard for you, which makes exiting a lot easier. Just walk out through the door!

Next, run to the B.A.D. Bistro on Balding Avenue.

The Bistro

Enter and run right into the kitchen. Apply for the job as a chef! You will now have to pass a memory test. The chef will spoon a sequence of items in any given order. This part varies for everyone. TIP: Have a piece of paper handy, to write down the order. Just click after him three times, and voila! You’re now a chef! Run over to the table with the B.A.D. members, and politely take the man’s cup. You’ve just earned your next item! A fingerprint! Now head to the right, over to Toupée Terrace.

Toupée Terrace

Head over to the right side of the unnamed building and make your way up. You’ll need to dodge the shocking, yellow lights. TIP: Jumping takes a while, so jump when you think the light is just about to turn off. Not when the light turns off. Keep jumping up until you reach a barred window at the very top.

Click on the window, and you will automatically use your laser pen. Slice through the bars of the window, to create an entrance. Now, enter!

Head over to the left and click on the captured agent. Hooray! Our second agent rescued! He will you give you top secret information regarding B.A.D., just as the first agent did. He will also give you a Grappling Bow Tie, which is going to be a very important item needed to complete this island. At this point, you are more than half way done with your mission!

Now you are going to exit the building and head back to Balding Avenue.

The Rooftops

Once there, stand in between the lamp post and the camouflaged guy, and have your Grappling Bow Tie equipped. Click on the Bow Tie at the bottom left corner of the game for usage. Now click straight above (at the top of the screen) from where your standing, and you will latch yourself onto the tall building. Jump up to fling yourself up and onto the building. Now, just hop up to the Rooftops. Jump up a few steps more, put on your Chameleon Suit and get ready to grapple!

This next part is a little complicated. With that said, I will be providing step by step pictures.

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Enter the building through the tube like entrance. Now, run all the way to the right until you see the cherry bomb tree. Pick the cherry bomb off of the tree by clicking it. Next, try to get it, to the top of the room, where you’ll find the last, captured spy.  Use the Planatin Lillies (I think that’s what they are.) to bounce the bomb up to the top of the room. Watch out for the Venus Fly Traps too! You’ll have to move quickly, for the bomb can explode at any given time. Your goal is to have the cherry bomb explode in front of the cage door, so that you can free the last spy.

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When you rescue her, she’ll give you your last item — Ultra Vision goggles. Equip them and run past Toupée Terrace, and into the B.A.D. Control Center. You will need the Ultra Vision Goggles to see when the lasers go on and off. Without them, the lasers are invisible, and this next part would be pretty much impossible to complete.

B.A.D. Control Center

Run all the way to the right, dodging all of the lasers of course. Jump up to the next level and run to the left. Use the moving platforms to make your way left, then up. *Note: This will be difficult. Not everyone gets it on their first try, so don’t give up.* When you make it to the top, click on the door and finally use the fingerprint to get in.

Once, you make it in, run to your right and jump up on the mini platforms, until you see the control panel. Click it, and the alarm will go off. Luckily, Director D. comes in to free you from the cage the security system locked you in! After that is cleared, click the control panel once more and enter the passcodes.

  1. Laser
  2. Hair
  3. Removal


Director D. is BAD!?

Once entered, the passcodes will activate a teleporter. Follow the director inside, and ignore the evil laugh. lol. Once, you get in, you’ll walk into a cut scene and discover that Director D. is the brains behind B.A.D. and wants to vaporize all of the hair in Poptropica! He will then release a bot to shock you repeatedly. It gets a little annoying, but what you want to do is to get the bot explode by making it attach itself to the yellow orb. You will find the orbs in all four corners of the room. For the two at the top, use your grappling hook to get to them. Once you’ve killed all of the bots, Director D. will come after you himself! Just grapple to a wall or the ceiling, causing him to crush you. Don’t worry. You have no health bar. What your trying to do is to destroy his ship when he collides with the wall/ceiling. Once he has crashed it four times, he will surrender!


You will automatically return to the Spy Headquarters and a fellow Spy Agent will…hand you the Island Medallion! After that, you’ll be promoted as Director as seen below! 😎



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