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In the dead of night, a caravan rumbles into town. The traveling carnival has returned! But this is no day at the park. Behind the lights and the laughter, the carnival harbors a dark secret. Buy a ticket if you dare, but beware — once you enter, you may never be able to escape the Monster Carnival!

Video Guide

Island Guide

Walkthough and screenshots by Purple Claw.

As you land to the main street of the island, run to your right and you will talk to a boy named Edgar. He will tell you that the carnival won’t open in time because there are so many things to do! And of course you will offer to help him. Then exit main street on your right, and you will go to the carnival! Cool right? Nooo… work is waiting for you! As you go to the carnival and talk to the carnies at the food stand and duck game.

The guy at the duck stand needs a hose, and the woman at the food stand wants sugar. “But none of that store-bought stuff. Here’s the recipe. See if you can find a chemistry set and whip up a batch.” she says. Thank you sis! That’s all I needed!😡

Then exit the screen to your right again, to the Carnival Rides. There you will see a guy near a broken, very-dangerous-to-ride carousel. He will tell you to find a new lever for the carousel.


So exit this area to the right (again), and you will see yourself in the woods. But wow, there is a lever on the ground! Pick it up!


Now go left, back to that carousel operator again, and give him the lever! He will tell you this:


Now go all the way to the left on the main street and step inside the shop called Apothecary, and talk to the old man and select the third option:


He wants you to make a salt recipe. Go upstairs and click those…umm…things on the shelves, I guess?


And then click that oven-thingy, and you are ready to do the recipe! You have to break those stuff in pieces and put them together to make them like these:


Talk to that old guy at the desk again, give him the salt, and then talk to him again to make the sugar on his lab. He will accept! But beware:


Go upstairs and click these chemical things:


You have to break pieces, put them together, and make them like these (again):


And that’s how you get sugar!

Then get out of the shop, and step in The Honest Gabe’s car repair shop. As you step in a girl will come to you if you’ve got car trouble. Click the second option and then go and grab that hose:

Now you got everything you need to make the carnival open! Exit the screen to your right and talk to the duck man and the baker woman. (They sound like superhero names!)

They will thank you. The baker woman will give you some fried dough, and guess what? The carnival is finally on!

Now, go to the game called Pop The Balloon, and talk to the fat boy with the strange hat. He will tell you that he can’t pop the balloons, and he will give you the dart he used to pop them. Go to main street and step inside Honest Gabe’s once again. In there, use that dart, and with the help of a sharpener, you will get a sharpened dart! Then go back to the carnival, and click on the game Pop The Balloons. All you have to do is pop a balloon with one click! Easy, right? Edgar, as a reward of popping a balloon, gives you a souvenir cup.


Then go to the Weight Guessing game, and talk to the carnie with the glasses.


He guesses your weight right, and you want to fool him to get the prize. To do that go to main street, and enter the Apothecary shop. The old man will tell you that you can borrow anything from his store. (What a nice guy!) So, click the boxes on the right of the old man, and go and grab the Vial of Osmium.


Go back at the carnival on the weight guessing game. Talk to that carnie once again, and he will guess your weight wrong! You will get a bouncy ball as a reward. Go over to your left on the carnival rides, and you will see a game called Test Your Strength. Use the bouncy ball, and then the game will look like this:


So go to the baker woman, and use the souvenir cup. You will ask her to fill it with fry oil, your favourite! She will fill it, telling you that “you can eat what you want!’’ So, go back to the carousel carnie, talk to him again, and then use your cup filled with oil. And then, the couple goes on the Tunnel of Love ride.

Outside of the ride, you will meet a person. I think that he is jealous of the couple. He will tell you to go on the haunted lab and get a mask, and he’ll give you a flashlight to see in the dark.


(Don’t listen what he says! HE IS JUST JEALOUS!)

So, step inside the haunted lab and equip that flashlight. Go over to the top of the room, and get the human-fly (superhero) mask.



Get out from this auful place, equip the mask and go inside the Tunnel Of Love.

Everything there happens automatically : You will scare that lovely couple with your freaking mask!


As you go out, some people will tell you to check the woods, because every carnie has vanished!

So go right to the broken carousel, and then go left one more time… Here is the hard part!

You will notice that there are thrown stuff on the ground! Follow them!


Keep following them until you reach… this literal monstrosity:


Go to the carnival rides, and you’ll see Edgar! He will tell you to go to the ringmaster and see if he has a cure to unmonsterize the carnies. And he has one! Well sorta.

Go to the carousel and use the hammer to knock down that monster that has a secret message for the formula. Now go over to the haunted lab to get a blacklight. The blacklight is in the haunted lab on the top floor.


Use your black lightbulb, and your flashlight gets turned black!

Then, play the duck game, (with your flashlight), and fish those ducks in this order:


You will get the mystic formula. Go left to main street. The old man’s shop is closed so you have to find a way to go in. So go to Honest Gabe’s, run to your right, and go through the vents like this:

That way, you’ll get in the old man’s shop! So, to make the formula, use the chemical things.


When you make the formula go back to the ringmaster. Oh no! The ringmaster is the one that made the carnies monsters! He just hypnotyzed Edgar! And now Edgar wants to hypnotize YOU! Quickly open your inventory and use the fried dough! The hypnotizing  spell is over to Edgar, because of the smell of that fried dough!

But the ringmaster still has the formula! He will go to the mirror maze, and you will go automatically there too. Now, he is hiding in mirrors and you have to break the mirrors with your hammer! Equip it!


Yeah dude. Sure.

Anyway, he will hide into different mirrors, until he gives up and hypnotises himself. He will become The Chicken Man! (Or something like that…)


So yeah… The next day, go right and talk to Edgar. He will thank you, and stuff… And guess what?! He gives you the island medallion!

Bonus Quest

But wait, dearest members! Your quest isn’t over!

So the old man in the lab is missing, and you have to find him! Go to the woods, and you’ll see the old man. He’ll say “stay back”, and climbs on the rollercoaster. Follow him, and he’ll tell you he became a monster! He gives you a recipe for the formula that is going to cure him! You’ll need these:

(Credit goes to Thinknoodles for these pics)

Make the formula, (Chemical X), and go to that broken rollercoaster. The old man will drink it, and he will become even more of a monster! But people like him that way too! So he is fine, and the bonus quest is over! Yeah! And as a reward you get is Chemical X, so you can become a monster too!

You’ve finished Monster Carnival.

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