Early Poptropica Island Guide



Poptropica’s oldest inhabitants have a problem: someone’s been stealing their stuff! To return what’s rightfully theirs, you’ll explore creepy sewers, pitch-black caverns, and even a giant’s garden in the clouds. See how it all began with the very first Poptropica Island.

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Island Guide

Walkthrough and screenshots by Young Singer.

Welcome to Early Poptropica! When you arrive, go right until you see a sign that says “Early Poptropica”. Keep going right and when you see a well, go in it. Go to the top, left-hand corner by pushing boxes, climbing ropes, and balancing beams. Once you get there, you’ll find a glowstick. Pick it up.


For this part, I hope you’re not afraid of spiders! Exit the well and go left until you see a manhole, why not go in it? I know there is a lot of reasons not to, but do it anyway. Go all the way down until you see a giant spider and a pig. Dodge the spider and grab the pig.


Now, all you have to do is go left into the Dark room. Your glowstick will equip automatically. Go left, climb the rope, go to the far right, climb the rope, go left & climb, and the egg should be on your right. Pick it up.


Climb the ropes to exit the manhole tunnels. Use clotheslines, windowsills, and rooftops to get to the rooftop of a purple building with a vine. Climb up! When you get up in the clouds, click on the giant’s feet. This gives him the golden egg and he lifts up his club to let your poptropican by. And, he does a nice little rhyme!


Go right until you get into the Giant’s garden. Climb shovels, vines, fruits and vegetables and grab the bucket. Go right again. Once you get to the airplanes, ride the propellers over them and grab the jetpack. Go all the way left to where the vines are in the garden while wearing your jetpack.

See where the arrow is? Go down there and exit the Garden. Don’t worry if you can’t do it the first time. Just keep trying! Then, you’ll land on the roof of the Poptropica water tower. Grab the flag and head right.


Once in Early Poptropica, return the Pig to the third man, the bucket to the fourth, and climb up the rope on the right to return the flag to the fifth. Once you return all the items to the Poptropicans, go right to find a man on a boat. Click on him, and he rewards you with an Island Medallion!


Congratulations! You have completed Early Poptropica Island!

clawtropicas-icon-2For more guides, check out our Island Guides page!clawtropicas-icon-2


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