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Some of the world’s most famous artwork is on display at the Island’s museum, but rumor has it someone’s out to steal it. Can you explore the dark and dangerous side of the online virtual world Counterfeit Island and save the day in the cracking canvas caper?

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Island Guide

Credit goes to the Poptropica Skunk Blog for this guide.

First thing’s first, go left and climb the Museum Fantastique, and grab the Torn Picture piece.


Next, go right and get the second Torn Picture piece on The Moldy Baguette Inn.


Enter the Web Browser Internet Café and grab the Page from French-English Dictionary on the table near the exit. It will be useful later on.


Exit the Café and go right, into Down Town and enter Bobo’s Clown Store. Grab a green balloon, which will make you jump higher, and exit the store.


Go right and click on the bin on the right. Dig through the bin, and you’ll find two Underground Tunnel Tour Tickets! (Phew, what a tongue twister!)


Go right into the Country Side and give the crying boy your green balloon. He will start flying away. Uh oh.


Go left past Down Town and into the Internet Café in Main Street. Balloon Boy will be on the news. Give the man your Underground Tunnel Tour Ticket, and he’ll let you keep one.


Exit the Internet Café and go right into Down Town. Use your Underground Tunnel Tour Ticket and enter the Tunnels. Go through the tunnels, and talk to the tour guide for information about the tunnels.


As you’re going through the tunnels, climb the wire to get a piece of the Torn Picture. Exit the tunnels, and you’ll end up in the City Docks. A shady man will call you over. Talk to him, and he’ll inform you that The Scream is going to be stolen!


You will have to apply for a job at the museum and meet him back at the docks at night.


Get the piece of the Torn Picture to the right of the shady man.


Go left and get a piece of the Torn Picture on the boat. Go right into Main Street and enter the Museum Fantastique. Talk to the security guard and apply for a job. Talk to the man standing in front of the Forgery Detection Lab.

He will ask you to swap the four pictures that are in the wrong place. Arrange the photos like this:

  1. Swap the right Expressionism painting with the middle Realism painting.
  2. Swap that painting with the Cubism painting in the middle.
  3. Now, swap that painting with the third Impressionism painting.
  4. Finally, put that painting in the empty space in the Expressionism gallery.

Talk to the curator and you’ll be hired! Enter the Forgery Detection Lab and talk to the curator to begin your job.

The first station is the magnifying glass station. Your first job is the X-Ray Device test. You will be shown five paintings of the same piece of art and will need to find the real one by using an x-ray device to see through the paintings.


The real painting is the the one that has a sketch underneath it.

Your second job is the Magnifying Glass test. You will be shown three paintings and will have to find the forgery, using a magnifying glass. Hint: Check the bottom right-hand corners of the paintings!


The middle painting is a forgery, because of the obviously forged signature.

In the third and final test, you will be shown a photograph and will have to find the clue that proves it’s fake.


Click on the moon, and you’re finished with the first station.

The second station is the easiest. All you have to do is click the colour the box turns to when the meter gets to it. Be quick, or you’ll have to do it all again.


After completing the jobs, the curator will give you the Supply Room Key.


Exit the Forgery Detection Lab and enter the Statue Room. Go right and enter the Hallway. Use the Supply Room Key to get the last piece of the Torn Picture.


Exit the Museum Fantastique, and it will be night time. Go right into the City Docks and meet up with the shady man. Enter the Underground Tunnels.


Go through the tunnels until you reach a ladder. Climb it and click onto the blocked entrance. Make the dragon look like this, and click the button. You will now be able to enter the museum!


Use the Supply Room Key to exit. Sneak past the Security Office and go into the Statue Room.


There will be security lasers everywhere. Hide behind the statues and plants, and quickly make your move to the gallery when the lasers clear.


Click on The Scream, and you will climb onto the light, making the alarms go off.


You will be arrested on the spot…


The next morning, you will have to do a lie detector test at the police station. Answer true and honestly, or there will be consequences. (Not really!)


Leave the Police Station and head left to Bobo’s Clown Store. Talk to the security guard from the museum, and he’ll give you his Timecard. Exit the store.


Go back into Main Street and enter the Museum Fantastique. Go into the Security Office and click on the monitor on the right. On the security footage, you will see the same shady man from the docks appear on the screen!


Click the print screen button, and you will receive a Surveillance Video Screen Print.


Show the print to the investigator. She’ll ask you to show to print to people in town. Exit the museum and go right into Down Town. Go right and show the print to the mime, and he’ll signal you to go the the Jazz Café.


Go right and enter the Jazz Café, and confront the shady man at the stage.


He will exit the Café. Follow him! There will now be a chase scene, like in Big Nate Island. Jump the ramps and avoid everything else, otherwise you’ll lose him. Touch a pot hole, and you’ll have to restart!


After that, the shady man will scoot into a speedboat and drive away. Yes, he’s THAT metal. Fortunately, he will drop his Key Card.


Go right into Main Street, and enter the Museum Fantastique. The curator will give you a package containing a fake Van Gogh’s Starry Night.


Examine the painting, and there will be a secret message.

Meet me at the museum on Early Poptopica Island.

Tell no one.

You’re being watched.

-The Curator

Eerie, isn’t it?😛


Go on the Poptropica Blimp and fly to Early Poptropica Island. Once there, go into the Pop Art Museum and talk to the curator at the bottom left-hand corner of the room.


She will warn you that you’ve been caught up in something big, and give you a Key.


Exit the Pop Art Museum and go on the Poptropica Blimp, back to Counterfeit Island. Go right into the Country Side. On your way, Bob Ross the Create Your Own Masterpiece! artist will tell you something suspicious and strange about the investigator.


Go right into the Country Side and use the Key to enter Inspector Veuve-Noire’s cottage. (Hm… Veuve-Noire means black widow. Could it be?)

Jump to the second floor and click on the peeling edge of the painting.


The peeled painting is actually… The Scream!


The lights will turn off, and someone will beat you up! You’ll end up somewhere on earth, and the Black Widow, who’s actually the inspector! Now that’s some foreshadowing.


She’ll leave the room, and the shady man will be there as well. He was the Black Widow’s handy man, but she betrayed him!


He’ll help untie you, but you have to move left and right to get up to him. If you move too quickly, you’ll fall over and will have to restart.


After the shady man unties you, go right to the exit. Go to the left and climb onto the next floor. Jump onto the boxes so the security guard doesn’t see you.


Jump onto the right ledge and follow the guard, and quickly jump onto the couch, landing on the left ledge. Use the Key Card to open the door.


You’ll now be in Black Widow’s private gallery. Walk left, and there will be a short cutscene. You will have to defeat the Black Widow!


In order to stop the Black Widow, you will need to catch the art she drops, while pulling the lever to make the shady man go higher. After saving enough art, the Black Widow will get mad and throw a bomb. Avoid it, or you won’t be able to save any artwork! If the Black Widow destroys a million dollars worth of art, you’ll have to retry.


After that, the shady man will push the Black Widow, and she’ll be arrested.


You’ll now be back at the Internet Café, and the curator will tell you to meet her at the museum. Go to the museum and talk to the curator, who will be found at the bottom right of the museum. She’ll reveal that the museum is actually a secret storage area for the world’s greatest art. After that, you’ll get an Island Medallion and 150 credits! Artistic!



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