Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Guide



After years of silence, Willy Wonka’s magical chocolate factory is re-opening, and you’ve got a Golden Ticket. But when a group of misbehaving kids threaten to destroy Wonka’s candy creations, he needs you to save the day. Prepare to untangle a confectionary conundrum that’s full of sweet treats and sticky situations!

Video Guide

Island Guide

Walkthrough and screenshots by Lucky Joker.

Golden Ticket Pandemonium:

As soon as you land on the island, click on Charlie Bucket and follow him to the next screen. Poor little Charlie wants a chocolate bar, so we’re going to need find him some money. Once at the next screen, run all the way to the left and click on the last payphone. You will obtain a coin from doing so. Run to the right and you will activate a short cut scene. After, go back to the right and head into the Corner Shop. Use your coin and Charlie will use it to buy himself a chocolate bar. He will ask you to open it for him, because he is nervously excited. And what do you know?! We got a Golden Ticket!😀

Don’t get to excited yet. Some tenacious old people will walk in and try to persuade Charlie to trade his ticket for cash or a new bicycle. Go ahead, and push them out of the way and Charlie will escape. Exit as well. This next part is pretty challenging and fun! All of the annoying, jealous kids on the block will attempt to steal Charlie’s ticket! It is our job to protect him. Follow these instructions to beat this mini-game successfully.

After this, you’ll be directed to a cut-scene. Then we find out that there is a sixth ticket to the factory! After the cut-scene, run left to the next screen as we did before. The ticket will be floating around, and your goal is to chase it to the top of the building until you finally get it. After that, return to main street and enter the gates of the dazzling factory!

The Factory: 

Now talk to all of the parents and children. It’s required to progress in the island, strangely. They all say some pretty comical things though. Another cut-scene will play, where all of the children, including us, will give the tickets to Mr. Wonka.
6.png Now, enter the factory. Yet another animation segment will play on. The bratty children will begin to act in a euphoric manner and wander off. We are going to have to find all of them and stop them from causing any damage. Willy Wonka will ask you to grab his cane, before you do anything else. Just run to the left to find it. Once you’ve grabbed his cane, he and Charlie will have disappeared. Now, head left and drop down.


You will fall next to a sign with a list of rooms in the factory. 7.pngAll you have to do is click the room you’d like to go to, and follow the hands to find the room. They will point, the direction to walk and drop to.  You can visit the rooms in any order for it will not affect the island’s ending. Every time you solve the problem each room holds, you will need to return to the sign. Here is how to “solve” each room:

The Chocolate Room

When walking in, a cut-scene will commence. Augustus gets himself stuck in the pipes, and we need to get him out. Go around the room and turn all of the green wheels along the tubes to do so. Again, no certain order needed to complete the island. After that, watch the cut-scene and enter Fudge room. This part gets a little tricky. Augustus is trapped in the chocolate processor, which isn’t good. Head over to Augustus, and turn the green wheel. After that, run to your left and press the red, blue and green switches. Then drop down two levels, and press the purple button. Keep running to your right and press the blue button. After that, press the red button at the very end of the middle level, just before Augustus can reach the flames. Drop to the last level and alternate by pressing the orange buttons to where he does not get burned.


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