Big Nate Island Guide



Get ready for a whole new type of online virtual world adventure on Poptropica. Enter the comic strip world of Big Nate – a wisecracking kid who holds the all-time record for detentions at this school. You’re on a mission to find a long-lost time capsule which, if found, can save the school from demolition. You’ll need help from Nate and his friends to complete your online virtual world quest!

Video Guide

Comic Strip Frames

By Lucky Joker.

  1. Klassic Komix – talk to the man to receive the frame.
  2. Pop-In Shoppe – on the green couch, on the top floor.
  3. Photo Studio – on top of the light, to the right.
  4. Main Street – on a telegraph pole, to the very right of the street.
  5. Inside the School – on a speaker, on the top floor.
  6. Science Lab – on the Planet Mobile, to the left.
  7. Outside the School – on the wooden scaffolding, to the right of the school.
  8. Playground – floating in the air, on top of the climbing wall.
  9. Puffin Point – on top of the lighthouse.


Island Guide

Credit goes to the Poptropica Skunk Blog for this guide.

When you first arrive on Big Nate Island, Nate will ask if you’re joining the search to find the time capsule, that was buried a hundred years ago. Being the eager kid you are, you join the search!

Go to the Pop-In Shoppe, and grab the comic strip frame, which is on the green couch on the final floor.


Exit the Pop-In Shoppe, and go into the Klassic Komix store. Talk to the man to get the first frame of the Big Nate Comic. If you find all the eight missing pieces, he will give you a reward.


Go to the Photo Studio, and grab the piece of the comic, which is on the camera gear. Leave the Photo Studio, and climb the utility pole beside it to get another piece of the comic.

Walk right, into the next area. You’ll now be in the School Zone. Climb on the wooden platform to get the comic frame.


Now, enter the School. Climb up the staircase and collect the next piece of the comic, which is on the broken loudspeaker.


Enter the Science Lab, and run to the left of the room. Get a panel of the comic on the model of the solar system.


Now, click on the chemistry set next to Francis. First, turn the knob to 4. The heater will now be on full blast. Next, fill the flask up halfway with the blue liquid. Fill up the rest with the yellow liquid, and it should turn into a nasty green colour.

You will now end up with a Stink Bomb. It may stink, but it will be useful later!


Exit the School Zone, and go right, and you’ll now be in the Playground. Make your way to the top of the climbing wall, and get the comic frame flying above it.


Next, go inside the Kid’s Only Clubhouse. Play the Go To Jail game, and you’ll win a box of Peanut Butter Crackers. The gameplay is just like Hangman.

If you want, you can also play Table Football. The prize is a three page booklet labelled Big Nate’s Practical Jokes. Go back outside, and go right, into the Puffin Point.

Climb the lighthouse, and jump off, to catch the Old Photograph.

Look through Mr. Rosa’s telescope, and you’ll spot a weird scroll under the rock. While you’re up there, get the final piece of the comic strip, on the top of the lighthouse.

Examine the Big Nate Comic, and arrange the panels so the hidden message says “Locker Combo: Nine Three Zero Five”.


The comic panels should be in this order:

  1. Uh… excuse me… | Hm?
  2. I’m new here, and… um… I’m sort of lost. | Ah! Nate Wright at your service, dude! Where do you need to go?
  3. I’m trying to find the art room. | Art room! Gotcha! Stand here!
  4. Uh… here? | Right there! And don’t move!
  5. But… | Klik!
  6. FOOOMM!
  7. Well? | You overshot. He reached the nurse’s office.
  8. DANG! | …Which is probably a good place for him to up end up.

Go back into the Camera Studio, and trade the Old Photograph for the Scuba Gear.


Go to the Klassic Komix store, and show the finished Big Nate Comic to the man. He’ll give you a Pack of Stale Gum as a reward.


Exit the Klassic Komix store, and enter the School. Go to Nate’s locker, and enter the combination 9305.

Your character will go flying to the other side of the room! In the trash pile of Nate’s locker, you will find the School Blueprint.


Chew the Pack of Stale Gum, and Mrs. Godrey will give you a detention.


Use the Stink Bomb, and Mrs. Godrey will be disgusted, then leave the room.


Open the file cabinet, and go down the ladder. Push the power lever to turn on the lights. Grab the Bell Clapper swinging above the workbench.


Walk back to Puffin Point, and put on the Scuba Gear. Dive into the Oyster Beds. Swim to the bottom right-hand corner, and you should obtain the Lobster Trap. Do this quickly, or you’ll run out of oxygen.


Give Cap’n Salty his Lobster Trap, and in return, he’ll give you a Lobster, and even lend you his Jet Ski Keys!


Ride the one of the jet skis, and Nate will challenge you to a race. Jump over any obstacles in the water to win. To beat him, keep your mouse at the right side of the screen.


When you arrive there, push both of the seals at the left side of the rock. Then, grab the Map to Capsule that was wedged between the two rocks.

Go back to Puffin Point, and climb the lighthouse. Use the Lobster rotate the light to the opposite direction. The light will scare off the seagull.


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