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Lights, camera, action! If you like acting, Back Lot Island is the island for you. Now you can finally show the world how much of a star you are! So get out there and make me proud, darling. You’ll get an Island Medallion, 150 credits and 4 photos (5 if you took a picture with Kirk Strayer on Night Watch Island) from completing this island.

Video Guide

Island Guide

Walkthrough and screenshots by Shaky Skunk.

At the start of the island, you will be greeted by the paparazzi until they realise that you aren’t famous. (Um, hello? You’ve been helping people all around the world!) They see former child star Willy Bingleman go into Queequeg’s Coffeehouse. Go right and enter it.


Once in there, talk to the stressed man. It turns out he’s Willy Bingleman! He gets shocked and upset when you don’t realize it’s him.


After talking to Willy, leave the store and go left to the One-of-a-Kind Talent Agency. In there, you will see some kids that don’t want to be there. It’s… very depressing.


Talk to the lady behind the counter, and she’ll say you look like a star, but you’ll need a thousand dollars. What?! You don’t have that kind of money! Luckily, you can go to Harvey Scopes to get money.


Leave the store and go right to the Walk of Fame. Click on the pavement under The Hobo sign, where it will have Carson Willis’ name. Keep walking until you see a guy with sunglasses and a turtleneck striped sweater. Talk to him. He’s Harvey Hoops, an investigator and he needs your help. He’ll give you a Telephoto Camera.


Use the camera, but then you’ll realise that something’s wrong with it. Go left back to Main Street and talk to the man with a camera in front of the Celebrity Wax Museum. Use your camera and the man will give you Camera Film. Use the Camera Film to fix your camera.


Now go right back to Sunrise Street where Harvey Scoops was and use your Telephoto Camera. Stand on the blue building to get a better vantage point. Move your camera and take a picture of the man standing behind the gate.


After you take the picture, there will be an earthquake and your Poptropican will fall into the studio. A dog will wake you up, and you’ll now be in a beautiful movie set!


After that, go right to the recording area. A lady, Sofia will come out. Talk to her, and she’ll say that the crew are secretly making a movie. Enter the building and go left on the stage. You’ll then ruin Kirk’s shot, and he’ll storm out of the room. Follow them outside and talk to Sofia. She’ll ask you to try to get Kirk out of his trailer, and you’ll get to drive a sick cart!


Ride the cart and drive down until you reach a wall. Then go right until you see the first opening and go up it. You should now be in front of Kirk’s Trailer. Go inside his trailer.


Knock on the door and Kirk will ask for a Half-Caf Leviathan Latte-Expresso on the double. He will throw his cup out the window. Pick it up. Go on your cart and go back to Soundstage 1. Go out the gate and go left back to Queequeg’s Coffeehouse. Talk to the worker and he’ll tell your he’s all out of half-caf leviathan latte-expresso. Order an Infant-Sized Decaf Expresso instead.


Go left to the other Queequeg’s Coffeehouse and order an Infant-Sized Full Latte.


Now, use the Coffee and pour both cups into the larger cup. You now have a Half-Caf Leviathan Latte-Expresso. Genuis! Now that you got Kirk’s coffee, head right back to his trailer. Knock on the door and hand over his coffee. He’ll now go back on the set.


Drive back to Soundstage 1 and go in the recording room. The cameraman will walk out of the room. The director will then ask you to record for him. Go up the stairs and click on the camera. Make sure Kirk is in the centre of the shot at all times otherwise you’ll have to start all over again!


Ride in your cart again and go all the way to the right until you reach Soundstage 2. Enter the recording room and talk to Sofia. She’ll tell you to find Goldie, who has the script. Drive back to Soundstage 1 and talk to Goldie, who’s on the roof. His script will then scatter over Sunrise Street. There are four pages of the script you must collect:

  • There’s one on the antenna on the blue building left to the studios.
  • Another page is on the roof of the theatre. Bounce on the red sides of the roof to reach the roof.
  • Go left back to Main Street to the first Queequeg’s Coffeehouse and there will be a page on the sign.
  • The last page is on the left of the roof of the Celebrity Wax Museum.

Now that you have all the pages, go back to Soundstage 1 and give Goldie the screenplay. The third page should be first, the fourth should be second, the first one should be third and the second one should be fourth.


Go to Soundstage 2 and give the script to Sofia. It turns out the lead actress never showed up. She will give you an Actress Headshot, and you’ll need to find someone that looks like Lacey Williams.


Go back to the One-of-a-Kind Agency in Main Street and use the Actress Headshot. The lady at the counter reveals that she’s actually Lacey Williams!


Head back to Soundstage 2. You will play the role of the navigator. Change into the costume and say the following lines:

  • “But-“
  • “(Offer her a compass)”
  • “Safe journeys! I’ll never forget you!”
  • “Noooooo!”


Leave and go to Soundstage 3, which can be found at the bottom left-hand corner of the map. Enter the recording room and talk to Sofia, who will ask you to build a prop train, in the form of three puzzles.


After completing the puzzles, Sofia will give the train a paint job. She’ll ask you to find actors. Grab the black and white cowboy hats and head back to Queequeg’s Coffeehouse. Use the Black Cowboy Hat on Willy Bingleman.


Exit Queequeg’s and go to left to Digital Dreamscapes. There will be a man wearing a motion capture suit in front of the green screen.


Use the White Cowboy hat on the man.


Go back to Soundstage 3 and talk to Sofia. You’ll be the stunt coordinator. You have to press which button the director says to. (A tornado, villain (hat) or buffalo).


Exit Soundstage 3 and go to Soundstage 4, which can be found at the bottom right-hand corner of the map. You will see the director and Kirk talking. Kirk will say he doesn’t want to be a gorilla, and throw the gorilla suit on the ground. The director will offer you his role. Naturally, you say yes. Put on the gorilla suit, and go on the stage.

Your goal is to climb the rooftops and get the red balloon. You’ll have to pop all the green balloons on the way and avoid attacks by jumping on army men and tanks. When you get the red balloon, you’ll have to put up a fight and let the airplanes shoot you down.


After that, leave the Soundstage and go to the Post Production suite, which is to the left of Soundstage 4. Enter the building and talk to the director. Go left to the film editor and use the razor cut out the three mistakes.


The three mistakes are the banana in the cowboy’s pocket, the boom mic and the wires coming out of the bear, all pictured above.

Next, go right and talk to the director. He’ll tell you to edit the sound. When the indicator flashes, you must press an object to make a sound effect at the right time.

Scene 1

  • Rain (Plastic bag)
  • Thunder (Metal sheet)
  • Balloon popping (Balloon)
  • Balloon falling in water (Cup of Water)

Scene 2

  • Fireplace (Match and spraycan)
  • Plates moving (Plates)
  • Bear growling (Bear)
  • Ghost moaning (Ghost)

Scene 3

  • Buffalo (Buffalo)
  • Horses galloping (Coconuts)
  • Train (Brushes and whistle)
  • Punch (Paddle and meat)

Scene 4

  • Airplane (Fan)
  • King Kong jumping on building (Box and anvil)
  • Gorilla sound (Gorilla)
  • King Kong falling off building (Bottle)

After that, talk to the director and he’ll give you Film Reels. Take it to the theatre back on Sunrise Street.


Talk to Sofia, who’s outside the theatre. Enter the theatre and go to the top left-hand corner. Use the Film Reels and the movie will be inserted into the projector.

After that, talk to Sofia and she’ll give you an Island Medallion and 150 credits! Cool!


Bonus Quest

But wait, there’s more! Talk to Sofia, an she’ll say she left a camera on in Soundstage 1. Go inside and turn off the camera. The security will spot you and chase you.

Your goal is to avoid and outlast the security for 2 minutes. Collect rockets for a speed bonus and green orbs for extra protection!

After that, you’ll get a Movie Camera.

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