Cars 3

Hi everyone! There is a new ad located on both the Original Poptropica and Poptropica Worlds! This ad is for the upcoming Pixar movie Cars 3.

I’ll start by introducing the Original Poptropica version.


Enter the room and go to the right until you reach a sign that says, “Get Back in the Race.” Click it to play a mini-game. In this game, you get to play as one of three characters Cruz Ramirez, Lightning McQueen, or Jackson Storm. Your goal is to avoid obstacles, get boosts, and make it to the finish line.

When you complete the game, you get two prizes a Racing Outfit, and a Lightning Power.

If you need help with the mini-game, check out the post, Cars 3, on my blog for a video walkthrough.
Now it’s time to introduce Poptropica Worlds’ version of the ad. The ad is also found on the T.V. in your home.


On Poptropica Worlds, it is just a video ad. Watch the video and you’ll get a Lightning McQueen Hat. Really matches my outfit since I chose a red hoodie for my beginning outfit.


Also if you check your home decor, you’ll find a Cars 3 Poster.
That’s all for today! Be sure to collect both sets of prizes. Until next post everybody.
-Hyper Gamer

Beauty and the Beast: Again?

Hi everyone. Yes, there’s yet another ad on Poptropica for Beauty and the Beast, making this the third one. This one is also a video ad like the other two.

Watch the ad and get a Beast Transformation, which is a Beast costume. Hope you liked these Beauty and the Beast items! Will there be more? Until next post everybody.

-Hyper Gamer

Snowpocalypse, Beauty, Beast, and Hands?

Hi everyone! Big news! Poptropica has a new mini-game called Snowpocalypse! It’s amazing! In the game, you throw snowballs at Poptropica villains. Try and stay alive as long as possible! You die when you’ve been hit 5 times. You can find the game in the billboard on Home Island. Click on that the game billboard to access the game.

There is also a new Beauty and the Beast ad. This one is a video ad.

Watch the video to get a Rose Transformation Power. When used, it changes all other people to Beauty and the Beast characters!

The creators have given us another preview of Poptropica Worlds! This time, they are showing us how avatars will change. Our new avatars will have hands! Poptropica fans have been super excited about this change! (Click the images to enlarge them!)

Here is a look at how our avatars will change!

Not only are our avatars getting hands, but they’re taller. They also now have joints, and feets.This is possible since Poptropica Worlds is built using Unity and Spine! Now we have more customization options for our avatars! 

That’s all the news I have for today. Until next post everybody. 

-Hyper Gamer

Tangled: The Series

Hi everyone! There is a new ad on Poptropica for Disney Channel’s upcoming series, Tangled: The Series based off the movie Tangled! This show premieres on March 10th at 8pm.

When you get inside, click on Cassandra to play a mini-game. In this mini-game, your job is to find items and Rapunzel.

When you complete the game you get two prizes a Tangled Braids and a Pascal Follower! Everyone, even males, can experience Rapunzel’s braids.

If you are having trouble with the mini-game, check out the video walkthrough on my blog post, Tangled The Series!

Until next post everybody.

-Hyper Gamer

Beauty and the #PoptropicaLove winners!

Hi everyone! There is a new ad in Poptropica for Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast. The movie premieres in theaters March 17th!

This is an video ad. Watch the video to get a Lumiere Follower. The Lumiere Follower is the first follower, that I know of, that comes with a special effect! Press space to see him glow!
In even more exciting news, the winners of the #PoptropicaLove giveaway has been chosen. This time, instead of picking who they thought was the best, they used to randomly select 5 entries from the entries submitted. Here are the winners. Each will receive a one-month membership!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Skinny Moon has also posted her Poptropica valentine.

Congratulations to all the winners and hope you enjoy the Lumiere Follower. Until next post everybody.

-Hyper Gamer

The trolls have come to Pop!

Well, hey Hop-tropicans! I’m back with a brand new ad! The ad is for the movie Trolls… let’s get started!

This ad has a building for it, and you need to check various islands for this ad, as there are many other ads. *Recommended Island: Spy Island

You’ll come to a mound (building) with Branch and Poppy standing outside. Of course you’ll walk in, right?


This advertisement building is none other than an amazing common room! Inside, you can find Hair Whip (which is next to Poppy), and a dummy with a costume depending on the gender. For boys: Branch. For Girls: Poppy.


I’ve been troll-ified!

Oh, and there’s this little guy who makes sparkles fall on your screen if you click him. 😛


Well, this was a quite trolly Poptropica ad! The colors, costumes, all that stuff, I’d give this ad an…


The readers: why is he rating an ad? 

Me: Because I can. I am now an… advertisement critic!

Well, uh, I guess this a bit of a weird ending. -runs away-

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life

Hi everybody! Poptropica has a new ad. You may already know about the ad for the movie Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life. This ad is for the release of the movie on DVD and on Blu-Ray on January 3, 2017.

This ad is basically the same ad as before, except the only difference is the prizes. When you get inside the school, click on the guy. You will be brought to a mini-game. The objective of the game is to outrun the principal.

When you complete the mini-game, you will get two prizes, a Slime Gun and a Tricky Chicken.

If you are having trouble with the mini-game, you can view the video walkthrough on my blog post here!

Until next post everybody.

-Hyper Gamer