About Lucky Wing

What? Info? On me? Ok, if you insist. Hi guys, Lucky Wing here! You can call me E if you want. I run the official AtV! I'm the chatty green-haired-but-not-really girl who's always all over the place with her comments! When I follow a blog, I comment on EVERYTHING. I love to write, If I'm not writing on the computer or in my notebook, I'm thinking up some plot line or story. I also love to draw, dance, (Not professional) sing, (DEFIANTLY not professional) read, act, and basically do whatever I feel like doing. Fangirling is also a huge part of my life, I fangirl Poptropica, (Duh!) Ninjago, (Majorly behind) MLP, (Also Behind) and Minecraft. Yes, I live on Astroknights. Between alien invasions and psychotic cyborgs, it's quite nice. i have a YouTube, check below, I've also made a blog for Poptropica and one for the rest of my bizarre life and Fangirl tendencies! Please check those out too! i'm a co-author on the Brainy Pop Blog! That one's a great one! I'm also an author on Clawtropica!! Dream jobs!! Plus i have me all-the-games blog i run with Red Rider, Clover Paws. Thank you for actually looking through the whole description, even though I'm not that interesting. I appreciate it! XD

We Have Freed the 15!

Still needs work.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Yeah, finally posting. Well, I have good news! We freed the 15 items for Poptropica Worlds! If you don’t have any clue what I’m talking about, here’s a link to PC’s blog post about it! (If I didn’t break it.) Anyways, instead of just the 15 items, they’ve given us 21! Some are:

  • A shark sculpture that looks like it came straight from Shark Tooth
  • A baseball (I ain’t sporty. That’s SB.)
  • Possibly a tropical-themed lamp?
  • A shower (Subtle hint creators.)
  • A microwave (for our Ramen, right?)
  • A mechanical thing that’s either a thermostat or weird gameboy for your wall.
  • A really fancy chandelier
  • A cool art desk. (Which I added. Cause I’m me)

Other items also include three wallpapers, two beds, two bedside cabinets, a window, an ironing table thing, a Skullduggery picture to hang on the wall (more foreshadowing??), an inguana pet, and a new modern cozy couch!

This is crazy cool. This honestly makes me think that they’re gonna update a heck of a ton more now! (Or they’re stalling. Oh hush little pessimist in my head!) Anyways, I bought the statue and was gonna put in my little art corner. The only setback was….


Ignore the hair, I had a dying incident. *Sigh*

It’s freaking huge. Into the corner with it! Where it will fit since I don’t do much on the bottom floor. Erm, anyways. So I would recommend going out and buying the stuff! And that’s it for now tonight! Lucky Wing signing out – bai guys!


March IotMs!

Hey guys! Lucky here, I’m doing a post about the IotM, like the title says. And this post will be better than the last one. (I hope) So the islands of this month this time around are…

Super Power Island and Galactic Hot Dogs!

It’s funny, they picked the fan-favorite Super Power and the fan-hated GHD. Well, they had to do it eventually, right? My honest opinion is, sweet! I can redo Super Power! It’s one of my favorites. And GHD…. Sort of a risky move. Most people around absolutly abhor the island. But hey, you can’t always be a crowd pleaser. It’s my least favorite, but i’ve never played it the whole way through… so… ye. They posted some videos in case you need a walk-through. (You can use mine for Super Power. I’m just saying!) Here they are:

And, you know, if you want a video a little more fun orientated… *cough cough*

Ye… Anyways. And there’s a new GHD book, but since that’s not Pop… So, I’m just gonna call it here. Hope you guys liked the post! Lucky is out, bai guys!

February Islands of the Month!

Sup Claws! Lucky here! (Did that intro suck? Hope not, though it probably did…) This is my first official post! It’s about, naturally, the IotM!

Reality TV was the Island that got voted back on January! And there’s Escape From Pelican Rock…

I have absolutely no preference. I already did Reality. Like, 3 times. And I’ve never finished Pelican Rock because…


Nah, I’m kidding. It’s a long story though, and i won’t bore you with the details. As usual, 500 creds for 1st timers, 300 for repeat-finishers.

Everyone has so many cwedits.


Ok, maybe I don’t know how to use hashtags, but I try! So that’s it! Go forth and be Lucky! (I’m trying!!) Lucky is out, bai!

The Luckiest of Wings!

*Walks in, trips on door frame* Oops! … I’m good!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here, and guess what… 😏 Dreams do come true!!!!

I’m the newest author on the Clawtropica blog! I have been secretly wanting to be in this blog ever since I became a blogger! This is amazing! I am speechless! I don’t know what to say!

She says in 3 different ways.

So how many blogs am i on now?… 6. Yup, I’m a busy person, and I like !!s. 😆

Anyways, a little about me, i’m Lucky Wing, aka Lucky, aka LW, aka E, aka E E E E etc, etc, depending on who is talking and where. I like Ninjago, MLP, Phineas and Ferb, life (sometimes) fries, pizza, Popcorn, Fangirling, the Frog Princess series, Ninjago, conspiracies(I like making them), making memes, blogging, Star Wars, and I hate… Uh… Never mind.


After the longest post ever, I must bid you all adu. Lucky Wing signing out, bai g- *trips in door frame again and falls out of door* I’m good!