Halloween Special: Poptropica’s Spookiest Moments

BOO, Spooptropicans and Happy Halloween! We’ve prepared this post for you guys, and I hope you like it! 

Poptropica’s a happy game, most of the time. You go on adventures, meet new people, and do all that jazz, but today we’re going to take a look at some… spooky moments in Poptropica that almost made us jumpscare from horror and made our parents wonder what kind of game this is.


Some of these ideas were given to us by some cool peeps over at the Clawtropica Chat, but more on that at the end of the post. Let’s begin with the post… if you dare, that is. 🎃



Big Blue scared me so much when I played this island. Sure, Zomberry may be creepy as a whole (I mean, it’s supposed to make you feel like you’re wandering in a ghost town), but nothing on this island is even close to being as scary as Big Blue. He’s absolutely addicted to blueberries/blueberry smoothies, that he’d be wiling to use his huge body as a shield to keep his precious berries safe. But, I have to admit, he’s really good at what he does, so let’s all applause for him.



Let’s all admit it: all the creatures in Twisted Thicket are terrifying in some way (even the Dryads, they come in packs and get stuck on your skin and take you with them), but the winner of them all was the Nokken. While I do think he’s adorable while sleeping, during the gameplay, this guy jump-scared me COUNTLESS times. But, to be honest, once you get used to him popping outta nowhere, you can relax and enjoy this island as a normal person.




No, but seriously, what was the point of this guy?! It’s pretty much the same issue with Nokken, only that the Puppet Man will haunt you for the rest of your life. You’re already in the creepiest part of this island, you go into a terrifyingly dark maze filled with monstrous wax figures, and when you think you’re all safe… THIS GUY APPEARS. No, no, just no. Stop it.



”uh hello I’m a literal demon-dinosaur thing, sup”


Do I have to add anything else? (I will just for the sake of it, lol).

Jersey Devil is… yeah, terrifying and pops out of nowhere (he’s probably the scariest monster in Poptropica), but at least he doesn’t completely ANNOY you like the previous peeps. But this list is for spooky moments… so… ‘nough said.



Ghost Story is probably the best island in Poptropica (even though I’ve only played it once) and everything about it is just spectacular: it has a realistic story and the characters aren’t just one-dimensional (it’s funny because they’re completely flat), they feel like real people, but I’m not here to talk about that (not yet)…

This moment was absolutely traumatizing when I first-played this island, since I didn’t expect any sound, let alone people talking, and boy, was it on the worst moment possible. You’re sneaking around in a kinda abandoned house, and look through the telescope, but after a while of doing that, the spirits from the underworld have come to haunt you… or not. Still though, it’s a pretty creepy scene, even though Fiona is the purest Poptropican ever. ❤



You thought there was going to be a post about spooky moments in Poptropica and MVB wasn’t going to be in it? Well, think again! Because he totally deserves to be on the list.

He spends the first two episodes spying on you, hiding behind a screen. He knows where you are. He knows what you’ve been doing. And yet, doesn’t do anything until you send a signal. A little suspicious, don’t you think?

He brings you to his Cabin, and puts you to sleep, and afterwards locks you up in a room that looks like a cage (hint: because it is one!), where you can easily escape from, but then you’ve got to find your way out of the Cabin, and, guess what? You do! Because you’re about to become MVB’s new trophy!

While this moment is pretty frittering, even as a game, it brings a message to Poptropica fans to see the cruelness of the world today. Life isn’t always sunshine and happiness, and by showing the story of a man, who realizes that hunting animals and turning them into trophies is not enough, and which decides to haunt down a human being…



Vampire’s Curse is such an interesting island, yet, such a creepy one. You’re wandering alone in Court Bram’s castle in the dark, visiting dark rooms, and seeing more and more about him, but this feeling of unsureness is always with you…

But, in my opinion, the creepiest part doesn’t start until you meet Katya, the village girl Bram’s kidnapped thinking that she’s his wife. She’s trapped in a cage, and once you manage to get her out of there, guess who appears? Yup, Court Bram. And he’s furious. (and also tries to kill you multiple times).


But, of course, as a hero, you’ve managed to get through all of these scenes, and isn’t that what Poptropica’s all about? Every game needs a little spook here and there, and the Poptropica Creators have done a terrifyingly great job at it. Hehe, get it?.. No? I’ll leave…

In other news, it’s Halloween tonight (or today, for you, probably)! I kept this post for this special day, and I really hope you guys enjoy it! Have fun on this special day, Sp00ptropicans, and don’t eat too much candy! Heh, just kidding, do whatever you want. 😉 Don’t forget to join our discord chat, to participate to all of these cool conversations!

Poptropica’s also doing a great discount for Halloween outfits and you can learn all about it by reading this blog post. Oh, and it’s also Happy Lobster’s birthday, so make sure to wish him a spoopy birthday!


Wow, I’m done with another post. I’m really exhausted right now, but really happy at the same time. Please show support by commenting on our posts, because that motivates us to write more and more for you. I’m going to pass out for the day… Bye.

Claw of Wizardry out!


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