A Spooky Blog for a Spooky Month – Happy Halloween!

So… I was going to post this on Friday the 13th, because it would be the perfect day to start this Halloween thing, but my lazy brain just though ”oh why don’t I just do this tomorrow (but I didn’t do it tomorrow) and ruin a perfect way to introduce a darker version of our blog BECAUSE I LIKE MISSING PERFECT OPPORTUNITIES AND FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT FOR THE NEXT TEN YEARS”. So… blame my brain, not me.

Ugh, let’s just continue with the scheduled post, shall we?

Boo, Clawtropicans! Welcome to Clawspookica, the Poptropica blog of horrors!


Yeah, I know this intro is really cheesy, but what better way to start this post than getting in the spoopy spirit, am I right?

So, you may have noticed our Halloween-themed makeover we had for our blog, that is, if you’re not reading this post from your WordPress.com reader. What I came up so far is pretty simple (and not at all cringe-worthy), and improvements will be made, but I believe we can settle with this for now.


Since it’s Halloween, we’ll have many fun things over here at Clawtropica, so I sure hope you enjoy what we have in store! There’ll be top 5 lists, reviews, interviews, and many more (and maybe even a Halloween party)! Oh, also, the long-waited answers to your questions for Sarah will also be answered soon, so that’s something to look forward to. 😀

Thanks for reading! We also have a contest coming up, so stay tuned! 🙂


PC out!


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