We Have Freed the 15!

Still needs work.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Yeah, finally posting. Well, I have good news! We freed the 15 items for Poptropica Worlds! If you don’t have any clue what I’m talking about, here’s a link to PC’s blog post about it! (If I didn’t break it.) Anyways, instead of just the 15 items, they’ve given us 21! Some are:

  • A shark sculpture that looks like it came straight from Shark Tooth
  • A baseball (I ain’t sporty. That’s SB.)
  • Possibly a tropical-themed lamp?
  • A shower (Subtle hint creators.)
  • A microwave (for our Ramen, right?)
  • A mechanical thing that’s either a thermostat or weird gameboy for your wall.
  • A really fancy chandelier
  • A cool art desk. (Which I added. Cause I’m me)

Other items also include three wallpapers, two beds, two bedside cabinets, a window, an ironing table thing, a Skullduggery picture to hang on the wall (more foreshadowing??), an inguana pet, and a new modern cozy couch!

This is crazy cool. This honestly makes me think that they’re gonna update a heck of a ton more now! (Or they’re stalling. Oh hush little pessimist in my head!) Anyways, I bought the statue and was gonna put in my little art corner. The only setback was….


Ignore the hair, I had a dying incident. *Sigh*

It’s freaking huge. Into the corner with it! Where it will fit since I don’t do much on the bottom floor. Erm, anyways. So I would recommend going out and buying the stuff! And that’s it for now tonight! Lucky Wing signing out – bai guys!

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Uh... Hi? I'm LuckE, the author of the Lucky Wing's Blog O Fun blog, as well as Luckily Bizarre, the weird 18 year old behind Ask the Villains. I have a love of Poptropica, as well as other things, like Ninjago, Megas XLR, and the such. I'm a total nerd and really, really tired at this point. I love acting, writing, drawing and singing, even though I'm not very good at any of those. I've got a YouTub channel, but unfortunately, it's on a sort of hiatus until I can get my life in order. So we'll see, I guess. I have a Poptropica blog, Lucky Wing's Blog o Fun, that's also a Q&A blog for the AtV, that's my main blog. I have another one that's for me and my normal life and stuff, but that one isn't all that active, Luckily Bizarre. I'm co-author on 4 other blogs, but I'm not very active on them and a few of them have ended. So... Yeah. That's me in a nutshell, I guess. Thank you for actually looking through the whole description of my stupid self.

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