Escape Cryptids with the #FreeThe15 Challenge

Hey there, good players of Poptropica!

It’s me, Purple Claw, with some interesting news — the unknown Creators are hosting another challenge (there was also the visitors’ center challenge that we didn’t post about, but you can check it out here) that you should all know about! Let’s get started, shall we?

FreeThe15_1080x1350 (002).jpg

So basically, the Creators are releasing 15 new house decor items, and we have to be the ones that have make that happen, through the power of social media!

Random Viewer: Um, Purple Claw, what do you mean by that? We’re just plain fans! And why don’t you post more often?!

I’m glad you asked! Well, the Creators are giving us an opportunity to release some new sweet house decor items, but what we have to do is… uh… post pictures of the Ice Cream Machine inside our houses for some reason, by using the hashtag #FreeThe15. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Poptropicans must post a picture of the Ice Cream Machine from the Home Decor Store placed into their Pop Worlds Home.

Step 2: Don’t forget to use the hashtag #FreeThe15 in your entries so we can find it.

Step 3: Tag your friends and get them to post! We only release the 15 items if we get enough people to share their Ice Cream Machine in their Home and tag with #FreeThe15. The more people who enter, the greater the chances of unlocking these items!

Remember, this is a race against the clock- we need enough people to post with the hashtag by Monday to unlock all 15 items. The more Ice Cream Machines you have & pictures you post, the better! These items would be available for ALL PLAYERS, and we need EVERYONE to participate! Good luck, Poptropicans!

There’s a positive and a negative side to this. First of all, it’s free items, baby! Everyone loves ’em! But on the other hand, it kinda popped out of nowhere… Don’t get me wrong; I love Poptropica challenges but this one just felt so… random. In my opinion, I think that they should’ve just added them without making this contest, but maybe the Creators want to increase the activity on social media, so there’s that.

If you want those items to be added, please post the picture of your ice cream machine along with the #FreeThe15 hashtag on your social media pages, or if you don’t have any social media, I can share yours on my twitter page, if you just DM me on Discord.

Yesterday, another post was published on the Creators’ blog, talking one of Poptropica’s most popular Poptropica islands, that being Cryptids island. It’s well-known for its mythical creatures and its extraordinary adventure. The post was pretty interesting, but the thing that stood out the most was this little drawing of Nessie:

Cryptid_Island_1200x627 (1).jpg

It’s really nice, I really like the detail on the ocean (I wish I would draw like that), but it doesn’t quite look like the ordinary Poptropica style. Hmm…

Anyway, Cryptids is one of my favorite islands, and I really want it to be remastered for Poptropica Worlds, so I kinda hope (even though the chances are really low) Cryptids will get remastered for Poptropica Worlds. So I guess #CryptidsForWorlds..? I don’t know. XD

Anyway, thanks for reading this post! I’ll try to post more and stop being too lazy – but until then, I’m out!

🐾 Purple Claw 🐾


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